The Abyss

Raven knocked on Kaomi’s door, mere hours after his final exams ended. Kaomi. It’s time.” He stood in his black trench coat. He wore a white shirt and white pants under it. The coat remained un-buttoned. Since it was a mild summer, he imagined this wouldn’t be too massively uncomfortable.

Kaomi walked out wearing a sleeveless shirt with her shorts, “What?” she said as she emerged from the doorway. She looked over Raven’s shoulder to see Wesley Whyndam-Pryce sitting in a car waiting for them, “Oh, that. Right. One second.” She ran into the house. A moment later she came out with her Duel Disk, “Let’s save the world.”

“Yes. Let’s.”

As the car pulled off, Wes handed Kaomi and Raven a list, “Mr. Sevanos says that there are twenty leaders of this ‘Abyss”, plus Illarya. Illarya will be well protected, so it’s best to hit the others hard and fast and then go after her once their organization begins to crumble.  That list is the list Mr. Sevanos prepared of our ‘solders’, so to speak. We hope to round them all up to help us fight the Abyss.”

“Let’s see.” Raven read the list aloud, “Raven Vaniver, Kaomi Itai, Sevanos Otaga, Aura Leathe, Cid Orlandu, Shuyin Beolve, and” he paused “That’s it. That’s six. It says each duelist will need to eliminate two leaders. It doesn’t add up.”

“We need four more.”

“Ah, great,”

“We have tried a lot of people. Most turned down our offer.”

“Any Stars willing to do it?” asked Kaomi.

“Maybe Barbas and Opaka, but I doubt it.”


“Tried him. His assistant, Mr. Cellophane, turned us down.”

Arkith?” she suggested.

“No answer to our calls.”

“Damn.” She closed her eyes in thought.

“Right. We’re contacting some of our global branches. But so far, the only response was from our New York area branch, who promised to search for us.”

“Damn.” Raven said, disappointed.

“It’s only four, Lord, you two need not worry.”

“Wes, is something wrong? That was a little impersonal.” Kaomi shot him a clod glare.

“Should it be personal?” Wes looked puzzled.

“Don’t you remember the time the three of us shared before the tournament?”

“Should I?”

“Looks like that memory thingy did a number on him.” Kaomi whispered to Raven.

“Looks like it.”

Alan-Tax met them at the door, “Ah! Raven, Kaomi, please come with me to Ops Level Red.”


“Ops Level Red?” Raven cocked his head.


“Yes. Classified operations, high priority. Floor 27.” Alan explained, “High clearance only.”


“Hey, this means we have high clearance and aren’t even in the organization.” Kaomi smiled, overjoyed at this fact.


“You are now.” Alan explained, as he walked toward the elevator.




Cid stepped onto the busy street, walking downtown in Domino, no real rhyme or reason. A black car pulled up to him. Wes sat inside, “Get in.” Wes called to Cid.




Raven, Kaomi, Sevanos, and Alan stood in the room lit by pale red lights.


“Cid, Aura, and Shuyin are on their way. I assume Wes apprised you of our shortage.” Sevanos said after a lengthy silence.


“Four needed.” Kaomi sighed.

“Yeah.” Alan nodded.


“Any word from the other branches.”


“Not anything to speak about. Any ideas?”


“Alan, how about you?”


“’Fraid I’m working with Barbas and Opaka here at our Central Command. Make sure everything runs smooth.” Alan responded.


Sevanos thought for a moment. “Send a message to Dr. Colbert.”


“Who?” Raven raised an eyebrow.


“Dr. Ian Colbert. He’s s professor of archeology, and of Egyptology, and he’s a duelist. Since he’s an Egyptologist he should be interested to see my back office, let alone the Shadow Games. He’s good, don’t worry.” Sevanos assured Raven.


“How about Rebecca Hawkins?” Kaomi suggested.




“Any of the Battle City finalists?”


“We can’t seem to get a hold of them. The only ones we have tabs on are Marik, Odion, and Ishizu, thanks to our Cairo branch. They’re otherwise disposed, what with tomb keeping and all.”


“We need three good duelists, how hard can it be? Contact Keith! Contact Underwood! Contact Pegasus!”


“No response, flat our no, and Pegasus says he’ll come if his Industrial Illusions duties permit.” Alan reported.


“In other words, no.” Sevanos scowled, and sat at a computer. “Come on, Ian…”


“Do we have anything? Anything at all?” Kaomi asked.


On the computer screen, a cartoon rabbit danced and an image of Pegasus appeared on the screen. “Afternoon, Sevanos! Is this the up-and-comer, Raven?”


“Yeah, that’s me.” Raven smiled, approaching the computer.


“I hear you’ve developed your Shadow Powers well.” Pegasus complimented, “Well, down to business, eh? Sevvy-boy, I can’t come and help you. I’m far too busy right now; I have over three hundred new cards that need to be ready for circulations soon, and three that need to be ready for their fated owners soon. Plus I’ve heard tale of some organization seeking a meeting with me about a field spell card. Way too booked to save the world this week. But I still think of you as a dear friend, Sevanos, so I’ll send you a student of mine. A young duelist by the name of Ardrea Amun. She has studied my style. She’s pretty good, though isn’t much substitute for the original. An Industrial Illusions helicopter will land at your HQ within the hour. Oh, incidentally, how did those advance packs of the next sets do at your tournament?”


“Sold like mad.” Sevanos reported.


“And how goes Project Iron Star?” Pegasus asked.


“Given the whole Abyss situation, my best people are on this project now, but we only expect a delay of about a month.” Sevanos reported.


“Good. In that case, it’ll be done according to my schedule. May fortune favor the foolish.” Pegasus disappeared.


“Dr. Colbert is on his way.” Alan reported, as he and Kaomi looked at another computer.


“Two left.”


“We just got word from our London branch. England’s top duelist, Gregory Marshal, is ready to catch a flight to L.A. to meet us.” Alan followed up.


“Don’t we have an operative from the L.A. branch here?” Sevanos asked.


“Serenity Tesconé? L.A. Branch Manager?” Alan asked, “Yeah, so…”


“How can you even wonder? Call her up here. We leave for Los Angeles tomorrow morning.” Sevanos laughed, “You two,” he gestured to Raven and Kaomi, “Resident Rooms 4 and 5 on floor ten. Call them your summer home. Anything you need will be provided.”


“Sounds nice.” Raven nodded, and he and Kaomi left.


“Meeting in the Rose Room at 0900 hours.” Sevanos called after them.


“I wonder if they know 24-hour notation?” Alan asked


“God, I hope so.” Sevanos sat back.




Raven lie awake in his bed. It was getting late. Somehow this made him more wakeful. He looked about him.


“Oh, you are brave, Raven Vaniver.” Shadi’s voice rang, as he appeared at the foot of Raven’s bed.


Shadi.” Raven almost flew out of bed.


“So, you denied fate.” Shadi closed his eyes, “You are an unpredictable force, Lord Vaniver.” he sighed, “This is your advantage. You cloud all essences of fate and destiny. That’s useful. So, you have a job to do.”


“I’m sick of fate.”


“Good. It’s just that that makes you useful. Illarya can sense one’s fate if it intertwines with her own, to an extent. So, your strength to fight fate may protect you and the others. This is your task.” Shadi walked away from Raven, as he stepped away as he vanished into eventual nothingness.


“Oh, good. Another charge from Sir Ancient Egypt himself.”




“Let’s rock, people!” Raven entered the Rose Room. All were in attendance, save Marshal, who was connected via satellite-streamed video.


“Well… we have a great crusade. We will cause this ‘Abyss’ to crumble about Illarya, and then Raven and I will take her out.” Sevanos explained. “Once in L.A., we’ll assign the leaders we’ll terminate.”


“Terminate?” Kaomi shot an odd glance.


“We’ll banish them to the Shadow Realm after our victories. It’s the only way to distress Illarya enough to make a victory on her home turf possible.” Sevanos explained.


“Are you sure?” A woman with red hair, Ardera Amun, asked, “Master Pegasus said a loser of a true Shadow Game is banished forever to the Shadows. Do we really want to risk it?”


“Well, I’m not a master of the paranormal,” Marshal chimed in, “But I think it’s worth it. We want to save Earth, right?”


“Let’s go.” Raven suggested.


“Agreed.” Kaomi stood.


“Alright.  Follow me.” Sevanos shut down the satellite link-up and walked out.




“Say ‘Hello’ to the Star Aeronautical Vehicle Mark I, or, as we have affectionately dubbed it, the Star Wind!”  Sevanos opened a large door, revealing a jet, big enough for about ten people, the size of a stealthy air-transport vehicle. A “Stars of Destiny” logo on either side, “Pile in.” Another gigantic door opened, revealing an underground landing strip. This was the sealed off Basement Floor Four.




The jet soared for some time, to land in a similar fashion at another landing strip in Los Angeles. “Welcome to L.A.” Marshal met them at the subterranean docking platform.


“Thank you, Mr. Marshal.” Sevnaos jumped out. The crowd of ten then proceeded to the elevator.




“So,” Sevanos began. He stood in a Red Level just like the one back at the Central Office. All the branches were alike, to the exact, save the staff and the room behind Sevanos’ office. The general district managers did not earn this privileged room, “We begin today. We have for you the twenty-one target locations. Yours are highlighted. They’re all within this area, somewhere. Try to take out the targets by sunrise. Remember, take no prisoners, just let them initiate a Shadow Game and defeat them.”


“Nothing too fancy.” Raven commented, “ We’re going for the idea of a swift, slashing, blow. Multiple fronts; confusing and disorientating. We then will be able to confront an unsupported, drained, and confused Illarya. She knew last time she was not ment to succeed, and gave us a gift. But from what I’ve read, what Sevanos and I saw was a fragment of her full force, so the confusion of the slashing blow will get to her. We also plan to attack her directly early, catching her off-guard. And Sevanos and I will hit her at once, further straining her. This gives us the advantage. But, if she’s near as powerful as we’ve heard, that means nothing. We must still pray for a miracle here.”


“Anyone on good terms with God here,” Serenity spoke quiet, with a sense of fear, “best put in a good word for the rest of us.”


“Out of curiosity, what if we ignore this threat?” Marshal asked.


“Easy.” Raven replied, “The Abyss gets their hands on enough power to bring about the end of the world. And they’re close now. There has been a soar in Missing Persons reports here in the last ten months, if that’s true; they have a ton of power already. We’re against the clock here. We have a month, tops, before they are ready to go. We have to move now.”


“Joy.” Marshal replied.


“Ready to move out?” Sevanos asked. The group nodded in reply, “Let’s be heroes.” Sevanos led the group out.




Kaomi and Raven walked through the city. They went down streets and through alleys to reach a rather shady store.


“You’re sure about this info?” Kaomi asked.


“Star Intelligence Net rivals the CIA and NSA combined. I’m sure” Raven replied, “It’s a bit dark.”


“Agreed.” Kaomi felt the wall for a light switch. She flicked on a ceiling lamp. The room this lamp revealed was that of a run-down pawnshop, no doubt front of some sort of black market endeavor every now and then.


“Hello?” Raven called into the shop, “Don Domascus?”


“Yes?” The voice of an aged man filled the room. He wasn’t visible.


“We are here, Mr. Domascus, to see you about your agency. The Abyss.” Raven stood, straight and professional.


“What of it?” the voice asked, now being accompanied by a body of a man, apparently forty-five. He wore the black metal cube pendant that all in the Abyss wore. He had some distinguished gray in his hair.


“Time for it to fall.” Raven launched his disk.


“Is this a Shadow Challenge? Why, then, I accept.” The light no longer mattered, for a world of darkness engulfed them. Kaomi, who stood next to Raven, was thrown from the store.


“For your sake, I hope she’s alright, or you’ll beg for the Shadow Realm.” Raven drew. “Pot of Greed!” Raven examined his hand, “I play Manju of the Ten-Thousand Hand, allowing me to get my Incandescent Ordeal magic card from my deck, and then I’ll play it, sacrificing my Dark Magician from my hand to summon my Legendary Flame Lord. Now I play two face-down cards. Go.”


“Card Destruction!” Ordered the Don.


“Idiot! My Despair form the Dark is instantly summoned!” Raven laughed.


“Monster in defense mode, and two cards face-down. Go.”


“Despair, attack!” ordered Raven.


“Mirror Force!” called the Don.


“Zero Gravity!”


“Dark Mirror Force!”


“Crap.” All Raven’s monsters vanished.


“Now, sacrifice my defensive monster for Jinzo! Jinzo, Direct Assault!” A disk of energy slammed into Raven, lowering his Life Points to 1600, “And that Trap is useless!”


“I play my Card Destruction!” Raven tossed out his hand. “Offering to the Doomed will destroy Jinzo. With that done, I can play Sangan in Defense Mode.”


“Summon Slate Warrior! Slate Warrior, attack!” the man ordered.


“Not so fast, Negate Attack!” screamed Raven,


“Ah, so I am halted!” Domascus laughed. “By the way, in case you were wondering, your friend is fine. She’s still here, with us.” He motioned behind him. Kaomi floated in the dark world. “What a shame, her precious mind is going. Slipping away. Say goodbye, friend, because she’s ready to slip out!” Kaomi slowly faded.


“Big mistake.” Raven began to glow. His hair drifted upwards and an Eye of Anubis appeared on his forehead. His eyes burned with fires of determination. “My turn. Because of my Spell card I cannot draw, so I’ll sacrifice Sangan,” A smile swept his face, “To summon my Blitz Knight!” Raven laughed, “I then play Replenish, allowing me to draw each time I discard. And my Knight’s effect allows me to discard a monster to attack again.” Raven laughed, “Destroy Slate Warrior!” The warrior drew his emerald blade and slashed through the stone warrior.


“My Warrior takes 500 of your attack. Your monster has 1800 left.”


“More than enough. Discard Barrel Dragon, and attack!” the knight slashed at Raven’s opponent. Raven drew, “Monster Card: Breaker the Magical Warrior. Discard and attack.” Raven drew again, “Draw. Monster Card: Kelbek! Discard and attack!” Raven drew again,”Tyrant Dragon! Discard and attack!” He continued to draw as the shadows faded, “Marie the Fallen One.” He threw the card into his graveyard, “Attack!” He drew again, “Gale Lizard, discard and attack!” He drew again, “Twilight Dragon, discard and attack!” He drew again, “Thunder Dragon!”


Kaomi ran in, “STOP!” she drew the Thunder Dragon from her deck, “Raven, as these two dragons fuse to from a great beast, we form the best duelist ever known. But to do that, the one dragon must keep the other in check. If you totally shred his body and spirit, you’re no better than him. Please listen to reason!”


Raven shut off his Duel Disk. “Thank you, Kaomi.” He looked down, “Something snapped.”


“I’ll say.”


“Maybe it’s this Yami thing. The idea of another’s spirit in my body… maybe it wields too much power.” Raven fell to his knees.


“It’s your body, Raven. Remember that next time.” Kaomi turned to leave the store.




“Hello?” Marshal yelled down the alleyway, “Mr. Lantash?”


“Hello, Mister Gregory Marshal.” Lantash replied, in a deep, inhuman harmony of two voices, “I know why you’re here. So let’s begin our Shadow Game.”


“Let’s duel!” Marshal launched his Duel Disk, “First, I’ll summon my Mystical Shine Ball in defense mode and set two cards face-down. Go.”


“A fool’s move. I summon Vampire Lady. My creature of the night will destroy your Shine Ball.” The pale woman sank her fangs into the ball, shattering it.


“My move!” Marshal drew, “Yes… Summon forth my Pharaoh’s Servant!”


“It’s curtains for your servant! Summon my Witch of the Black Forest. Witch, attack!” ordered Lantash, “And do direct damage with Vampire Lady, forcing one of your Traps to go to the grave as I set a Trap of my own!”


Marshal gritted his teeth, as he tossed his Bottomless Shifting Sands into his Graveyard and watched his Life Points fall to 2450. “That matters not, for now I remove my Pharaoh’s Servant and Shine Ball from play-“


“No, you don’t! I activate my trap, Lightforce Sword! That card is gone from your hand!” The sword impaled Marshal’s Envoy of the Beginning.




“Now is your end! I play Share the Pain, destroying my Witch to destroy your monster. And by the effect of my Witch, I get my greatest monster, The End of Anubis!”




“Now, I sacrifice my Vampire Lady to summon my great End of Anubis!” A great fiendish being rose on Lantash’s field, “That Envoy I removed it rendered useless by my Anubis’ effect. In fact, a lot is rendered useless by it’s effect, but we’ll show that as we go. Anubis, attack!”


“Negate Attack!” Marshal revealed, and then drew, “Let’s go for it. Card Destruction!” He threw his hand away.


“You forced my great Serpent Night Dragon to the grave.” Lantash laughed.


“And activate Monster Reborn!”


“Anubis, teach him a lesson!”  Lantash’s chorus of voices screamed. The great monster reached out and destroyed the Monster Reborn card.


“What?” Marshal looked shocked, “But my Reinforcements trap I had is useless without a monster!”


“And my End of Anubis keeps you from getting one. Pity.” Lantash laughed, “Anubis, finish him!” The fist of the End of Anubis crashed into Marshal, causing him to fall.


“Now,” the deeper of the two voices rang out, “I can move into a soulless host, unlike this Lantash, or that Sevanos. A host who won’t resist me.” The voice, that of Seros, laughed manically. Lantash fell to the ground.


As Marshal rose, only one voice came from his mouth. Seros spoke alone. “Now, a vessel free of resistance. Time for some old friends to be paid a visit.” Seros took the cube pendant from Lantash, “Time to ride.” He jumped onto a motorcycle laying in the alley and rode off.




“The City of Angels.” Raven sighed, walking toward his next destination with Kaomi, his hands behind his head, relaxing.


“With quite the dark underbelly.” Kaomi sighed, “Like the Abyss.”


“Yeah, I suppose.” Raven shrugged, “But come on, it’s more exciting than Domino or Sunnydale could ever be.”




The two walked on like this for a while. Neither wanted to hail a cab or catch a bus. The city was so new, and the GPS Sevanos had given them was so detailed, they wanted to walk.


A man in dark clothes wearing an Abyss pendant had been following them and he took his chance. As Raven rounded a corner, the man grabbed Kaomi threw an envelope at Raven. It hit him in the back of the head, causing him to spin, but when he did, Kaomi and her kidnapper were gone.


Raven flipped the envelope open and read the letter inside aloud, “Vaniver, did you honestly think you could get away with this plan? I know of your blitz assault, so your attempt at surprise has failed. Only two duels against my people have happened, and now two of your duelists are mine. Enjoy your stay in Los Angeles. Best regards, Illarya.” Raven crumpled the letter in his hand, “It just figures, doesn’t it?”


What seemed like seconds later a silver car pulled up next to Raven, and Sevanos looked out the window from the driver’s side, “I know where she is. Hop in.”


Raven sat in the car next to Sevanos and they sped off.


Illarya knows about us. She’s got someone besides Kaomi.”


“Yeah. Illarya called me and said that Seros was back, in the form of our Mr. Marshal, who really didn’t deserve the title of National Champion for anything.”


Sevanos, tell me about Tiamat.”


Tiamat, your ancestor, was a High Priest who led an army against Seros, and his army was decimated. He was vastly outnumbered, and so he fused himself with the Tyrant Dragon, and set the army against him ablaze. This combination of human and monster was known as the Final Incarnation of Tiamat. When Tiamat attacked Seros, Seros was trying to fuse with Shinato, the King of a Higher Plane. He was killed before he could. Tiamat died after this incident.” Sevanos explained, as he pulled two cards from his Duel Disk, “Here is Shinato. Consider it a testament to new friendship. Plus it adds insult to injury if you use it to dispatch Seros.”


“Thank you.” Raven slid it into his deck.


“We’ll be at the place in a few minutes.” Sevanos said as they sped along.




“Bring her forward,” Illarya ordered. Two guards dragged Kaomi to Illarya’s throne.


“You diluted bi-.” Kaomi struggled.


“A real live one. Miss Itai, have you ever been an avatar?”




“This is the place.” Sevanos and Raven entered an abandoned warehouse.


“Why is it always an old abandoned warehouse? Can’t it ever be a mansion, or a beach, or something?” Raven sighed.


Kaomi Itai!” Sevanos screamed. Lights flipped on revealing Kaomi standing at the center of the room.


“Raven must duel me.” Illarya’s voice blended with Kaomi’s.


“Remote mind control.” Sevanos growled, “Coward!”


“All right.” Raven launched his Duel Disk, “Get out of here, Sevanos. I’ll be out in a few minutes.”


“Stand strong, old man.” Sevanos patted Raven’s shoulder, and left.


“Since you’re not here, Illarya, there will be no Shadow Game.” Raven said, somewhat questioningly.


“True, but this entire warehouse is wired with explosives.”




“So, let us duel.” Kaomi drew, “I summon Nimble Momonga in defense mode.”


“Summon Gale Lizard!” Raven threw two cards face-down, “Go.”


“Not attacking?”


“I’ve dueled you enough to know your cards, Kaomi.”


Kaomi is no more.” She drew, “Summon Dark Blade, and attack your Gale Lizard.”


“Reveal Blast with Chain. Gale Lizard, send that warrior flying.” Raven said, angrily.


“Raven, my lad, you realize the looser of this duel will die.”


“And that’ll be you, Illarya. Kaomi will come to, she’s strong.” Raven drew.


“She’s naught more than my puppet.”


What if she’s right? What if Kaomi doesn’t come to? Raven thought, “I summon Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, allowing me to get Shinato’s Ark, and now I’ll… end my turn.”


“I play one card face down and a monster in defense mode. Go.”


Raven closed his eyes. What in my deck would make her come to? He thought. Then it hit him, Thunder Dragon! That whole speech she gave me back with the Blitz Knight thing! It means something to her! He drew. Rush Recklessly wouldn’t help him. “Pass.” He said, solemnly.


“So, this situation sets in on you. About time. Sacrifice my monsters for Seiyaryu!” Kaomi shuddered, “Seiyaryu…“ Kaomi’s voice, though weak, spoke alone.


Kaomi?” Raven said, hopeful.


“A brief lapse in control.” Illarya’s voice returned. “Seiyaryu, Mystic Flame!”


“Negate Attack! The one you gave me!”


Raven… Kaomi’s thoughts resonated weakly in her own mind. Using the card I gave him… against…


Quit resisting, Avatar! Illarya’s voice rang so loud in Kaomi’s mind.


“I activate Graceful Charity, allowing me to draw.” Perfect! This will turn the tides! “Dark Designator, adding Thunder Dragon to your hand!”


Thunder Dragon…? Kaomi struggled to form a thought.


“Fine.” the Avatar replied.


“I set one card face-down and activate Exchange!” Raven smiled. As long as she has Polymerization…


The two walked to the center of the arena.


“My hand contains Thunder Dragon, Piolymerization, Pot of Greed, and Monster Reborn.” Kaomi read.


“Well, mine contains Card Destruction, Shinato’s Ark, Thunder Dragon, and Blowback Dragon.” Raven read, “I’ll take your Pot of Greed.”


Take the Thunder Dragon. Ordered Illarya, then form Twin Headed Thunder Dragon!


No! That Thunder Dragon is our bond! Kaomi screamed back, I could never turn it on my friend!


Then you’ll die! Illarya screamed back.


If I did what you say, I couldn’t live with myself! Kaomi selected Shinato’s Ark.




“Raven-“ Kaomi’s voice came alone, as she odviously struggled, “Silence, Avatar!” Illarya’s voice rejoined Kaomi’s.


“Time to save the day. I got a plan.” Raven and Kaomi returned to their positions, “Set two cards more, and now sacrifice my monster for the Blowback Dragon!”


“Use it. Blow your love to hell!”


“No, Illarya. I end my turn.”


Seiyaryu, attack!”


“Shadow Spell.” Raven ordered. Chains bound Seiyaryu. “And my other card, A Hero Emerges. Come helter, Thunder Dragon!”


Thunder- Kaomi struggled.




“I’ll…” the harmonic voices called, “Sacrifice Seiyaryu for Thunder Dragon!” Kaomi screamed alone, “Get out of my head, maniac!”




“Raven, I-“ Kaomi fell to her knees, “Touching. Your affection seems stronger than my hold on you, Avatar. So, this duel is a double forfeit. You know what that means?” Illarya’s voice laughed as Kaomi fell to the ground.


Kaomi!” Raven ran to her side, and lifted her in his arms, “We gotta go, now!” He broke into a run, carrying her.




Sevanos leaned on his car across the street from the warehouse. He sighed. It had seemed like hours, though was closer to ten minutes. Suspense was killing him. He stood to barge in when a sudden burst of flame came from the warehouse. A massive explosion. “Raven! Kaomi!” he screamed as loud as he could. No response. He broke into a run. Once he got to the front door, he saw a figure carrying another; the one walking calmly to the exit sported an impressive wingspan, “Raven!” Sevanos called in relief. Raven and Kaomi exited the flames. “What happened?”


Illarya blew the place when Kaomi took control of her body. The fire started to approach us, so Tiamat protected us.” The wings faded away, and Raven returned to normal, “Those wings are killer for blowing away flames.”


“I’ll say. Is she…?”


Kaomi’s fine, just a little tired.”


“Lay her on the backseat. We’ll take her back to Star HQ. We need a new plan. I’ve called everyone back.”


Illarya’s on to us. This is bad.”


“Not necessarily, we may still catch her off-guard.”






“So we lure the Abyss here, and take them out. No questing for them, plus it’s on our terms.” Sevanos explained to the group, “But someone will need to cover for Marshal and Itai.”


“Sir, if I may?” Alan said, via speakerphone. “Seros’ old vessel, Lantash, is en route to the HQ, and Kaomi will probably wake shortly.”


“Thank you, Alan. So we get them here one at a time.”


“What about Raven?” Aura asked.


“He’s with Kaomi.” Sevanios replied, “He’s already been informed.”


“How do we lure them here?” Ardrea asked.


Illarya. She’s our ace in the hole, here. She’ll dispatch her agents to hit us hard and fast like we tried to do with her. Any leader would. The trick is, we’ll expect it. I’ve posted heavily armed guards at every entrance to the building with orders to only let one in at a time. And we’ll jam all cellular transmissions.”


“So much for business as usual.” Serenity sighed, “I’ll inform our people that the HQ is on lockdown.”


“Do it. No one in or out without my permission.” Sevanos ordered.


“Sir, why not shoot-on-sight for those Abyss people?” Serenity asked.


“We don’t want to harm them in the long run. Once Illarya’s gone, we’ll release them.” Sevanos replied swiftly. “Since I’m sure Aura would like to check on Raven and Kaomi, this meeting is adjourned.”




Aura entered Kaomi’s quartering at the Stars building. “Is she awake?”


“No.” Raven stared at Kaomi, “She better wake up soon, though.”


“She knows how much you care, Raven. You risked your life for her.” Aura pulled a chair up next to Raven in the room that passed for a nice hotel room. “She’ll wake soon.”


“She could’ve died.” Raven clenched his fists, “Illarya has a total disregard for human life.”


“I consider Kaomi one of my closest friends. I want my share of the vengeance pie.” Aura made eye contact with Raven, who took his eyes off Kaomi for the first time, “I want to lend you my Millennium Sword for the final battle.”


“Aura,” Raven saw the anger in her eyes, “Of course.”


“I’ll give it to you later.” Aura looked at Kaomi, “To think, I nearly lost my two best friends to that woman. Though I consider Ardrea a close friend, now, she’s no substitute for you guys.” She tried to lighten the mood, “Illarya will pay.”


“I won’t leave her side till she wakes.” Raven said.


“Neither will I.” Aura replied.




Sevanos shuffled his deck, and drew six cards. “Good.” He repeated this process several times. “The waiting game sucks.”


“What if they don’t come?” Serenity asked him as they sat in her office.


“At least one will come.” Sevanos assured her.


A phone on Serenity’s desk rang, “Right.” She hung up, “She’s awake.”


Sevanos bolted out of the office.




“So, you saved me again?” Kaomi sat up.


“Yeah.” Aura replied, “He did.”


“It was nothing.” Raven said, modestly.


Sevanos entered the room, “Recovered?”


“Yes, sir!”


“Did you happen to overhear the rest of Illarya’s plan?” Sevanos asked.


“No, sorry.”


“No problem. Freshen up and get ready. The fight may very well be coming to us.” Sevanos left.


“See you in a bit, guys.” Kaomi hinted to Aura and Raven that perhaps they should leave.




“Something’s not right here.” Raven sat back in the finely decorated room.


“How so?” Aura did as well.


Illarya hasn’t sent anyone here yet, and something seemed off ever since we got back here.” Raven sighed.


“Everyone’s on edge.” Colbert replied, “The idea that one of our own is out there turned against us, and another turned on the person closest to her all because of this woman who we expect to take down without falling ourselves. We’re all afraid.”


“Plus we’re locked down. Frustrates me at least.” Ardrea sipped her drink, “And I’ve yet to see action. I’m bored.”


“Something’s up with everyone. Even Sevanos, our wonderful strategy man, has doubts that we’ll take Illarya down.” Aura replied.


“Maybe.” Raven closed his eyes, “And so we nine voyage to the heart of darkness in search of light.”


“How poetic.” Colbert smirked.




A guard stood, gun pointed at Lantash’s head.


“Listen, my name is Lantash, Mister Sevanos will want to see me.”


“At ease.” Sevanos stood behind the guard, “Come in, Lantash.”


“Thank you sir.”




Raven sat in his room, finally watching the tapes of the Battle City Finals.


“Great beast of the sky, hear my cry! Transform thyself from orb of light and bring me victory in this fight!” called out a duelist on the television. Raven hit fast-forward. He resumed went Kaiba versed Yugi. He watched Slyfer and Obolisk attack one another.


“These duels were insane.” Raven watched in awe.


The tape cut out.


“But how did Yugi use Card Destruction on Kaiba’s turn?” Raven sat back. This wasn’t helping him take his mind off the upcoming duels.


“Attention, Sunnydale Duelists, Abyss people are on our property.” Serenity called over the intercom system.


“Let’s rock!” Raven threw his Duel Disk on and ran out of his room, Resident Quarters 4 on Floor 10.




Raven arrived to the first floor as quickly as he could, beating most. Over the next moment or two, the others arrived.


“Who’s first to fry?” Orlandu asked.


“Well…” Sevanos paused.


A guard ran up, “Sir Sevanos, they’ve broken our defenses at the garage complex.”


Ardrea, Cid, Colbert, Lantash, handle with care, they’re all yours.” Sevanos ordered. The four dashed off, “Raven, you and Kaomi circle around front and thin that crowd. Invite in the first, they’re all yours Shuyin.”


“Right!” Those three ran off.


Serenity, Sevanos, and Aura stood, “Aura, go check the security cams in the office over there, no surprises.” Serenity ordered.


“Serenity, you’re worried.” Sevanos pointed out to her when they were alone.


“Really? You think? I’m down to our security personnel only, you sent the rest home, we’ve locked down, and we’re under siege by people in the ranks of someone who calls herself ‘God-King of the Primordium’. That’s not worry, that’s stress. That’s hair-gray-by-the-age-of-thirty-five stress!” Serenity sighed.




“Sorry isn’t what I want to hear, Sevanos! For three years I’ve run this branch as diligently as I could, trying to get noticed by the upper echelons of the Stars, the 108, you Central Office folk. I wanted to be a big shot too. But the one time Mr. Cream of the Crop notices me, he moves his people, not even official Stars, but Central Office material nonetheless, out to L.A. to fight some great evil. They’ll all get honorary memberships, rewards, pay bonuses, and I, the host to this little good-versus-evil slumber party, won’t even get a commendation! Must you overlook me constantly? I want you to notice me Sevanos! Don’t passively apologize, just notice me! Once! I wanna feel important, Sevanos!”


“Serenity… I never realized you felt like that…” Sevanos closed his eyes,”I suppose the Stars could use a new publicity manager and spokesperson.”


“You mean it?”


“Of course, Serenity. You deserve it.”


“Thank you.” Serenity bowed, “I must be off.”




“Prepare yourself!” Kaomi launched her disk, “You’re gonna kiss the shadows, just like that boss of yours!”


“I think not!” Her opponent activated his disk.


“Go forth, Dark Blade!”




Seros, buddy!” Raven approached Marshal’s body, under the control of Seros.


“Ah, if it isn’t the little cockroach who buries his head in the sand when faced with his destiny.” Seros activated his Duel Disk.


“I bet you say that to all the guys.” Raven launched his, “Too bad that flattery will get you nowhere.”


“Just duel!” Seros ordered.


“Fine,” Raven drew, “I summon Kuriboh and set two cards face down. Go.”


“Underestimating me is a big mistake, boy!” Seros hollered, “I summon Pharaoh’s Servant. Isn’t that you, lap dog?”


“Back to a game of flattery, eh?” Raven smirked, “Well it won’t work.”


“Attack that fuzz ball!” Seros was quickly becoming angered.




“Reveal Magic Jammer!” Kaomi called, “Now I play Soul Exchange to cross-sacrifice, and offer my Dark Blade and your Harpie’s Brother to summon Seiyaryu!”


“But your dragon can’t attack.”


“Wow. Give the man a kewpie doll.”




“Thanks to my Negate Attack, my fuzz ball is just fine, and now I can sacrifice Kuriboh for my Blowback Dragon. I feel bad for you, so…”




“… go.” Kaomi ended her turn.


“Speaking of dolls, here’s my Stuffed Animal in defense mode. And two cards face-down.”




“Watch yourself, Vaniver, your own dragon’s breath may be used against you. But in the meantime, I summon my Shine Ball in defense mode. Go.”


“We’ll see, Seros.” Raven drew, “Time to bring you to your knees! Activate Change of Heart offering Shine Ball and Bloback Dragon to summon Blowback’s big brother. Come hither, Barrel Dragon!”




“Mystic Flame!” Kaomi ordered.


“Reveal my Call of the Haunted bringing back Harpie’s Brother! And reveal Mirror Force!” the man laughed.


“Go, Rope of Life!” Kaomi revealed her face-down card.




The Barrel Dragon had one red and one green signal for it’s overcharged Plasma Cannon Burst. Both Raven and Seros waited to see the result. Red light. The cannon powered down.


“Set two cards and go.”



“Defend.” The man looked for options.


“Let’s throw this into high.” Kaomi drew.




“Are you ready, Vaniver? Maybe you need your darker half for this.”


“Nah, I’m fine.”


“Alright, Vaniver. Your mistake. Sacrifice my monsters to summon Wingweaver! And wanna know what’s better? Check this out, a card from the deck of this vessel. Remove Shine Ball and Servant from my grave from play to summon Chaos Emperor Dragon, the Envoy of the End!”


“Alright. Do your worst.” Raven smiled.


Wingweaver, ATTACK!”


“Activate Wabaku! Your attacks are useless!”


“Fine! Envoy of the End, activate Apocolypse!”


Every card was destroyed and Raven felt a massive blow as the Emperor Dragon itself burst. Raven’s Life Points fell to 1500.


“It’s over, Vaniver.” Laughed Seros.


“Yes, it is.” Raven drew and the Barrel Dragon reappeared, “I activated my other card, the Interdimentional Matter Transporter! This saved my Dragon, and it’s time to play the card that I drew, Pot of Greed!” Raven drew two cards, “Perfect. First, activate Monster Reborn, returning Chaos Emperor to my field.”




Kaomi smiled, “I play my Scroll of Bewitchment, making Seiyaryu a Spellcaster, so I can play this, Diffusion Wave-Motion!” Seiyaryu shot a stream of fire, destroying all monsters on the man’s field, “And now, I play two cards face-down. Go.”




Nio, reveal Light of Intervention and Final Attack Roders! You can only summon face-up Attack mode.”


“And Seiyaryu has 3200 attack points!”


“That’s right. Another kewpie.”




“Barrel Dragon, Attack!” Raven ordered. As he drew his hand back for the finishing blow, he stopped, “Go.”


“Fool, I can defend again!”


“Attack, and go.”


“Defend again!”


“No more!” Raven drew, “Summon Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, getting Shinato’s Ark!”




“And activate Shinato’s Ark!” Emperor Dragon and Manju flew into a large boat and out came an angel, “Meet Shinato, King of a Higher Plane!” Raven smiled, “Now that’s beautiful, a madman beat by the card he is closest too.”




“Now, I play my lovely Monster Reborn on Dark Blade. Blade, attack! Seiyaryu, attack directly!”




“Goodbye to you, Seros, old friend. Shinato, my King, prepare yourself for a little Holy Judgment! First, let my Barrel Dragon blaze a path to your Life Points, and then, Shinato, time for your stuff to be shown!” The defensive monster exploded, and Shinato raised his hands.


Shinato, no!” Seros stepped back.


“Ye shall be judged!” Raven called as the beam of light shot from Shinato to Seros, “And it looks like he judged you as guilty!”












Across the distances, and in their own little orbs of shadow, Raven and Kaomi declared at once “OBLUTERATE!”




“Let us duel!” Lantash drew.


“Let us.” The Abyss man launched his Duel Disk.


“Hey!” Ardrea screamed at Lantash, “Shut those things down. You’ll both have to wait your turn!”




As the shadows faded around Raven, Marshal’s body fell to its knees.


“Well, well, Dragon, you have once again defeated the Angel of Darkness.”


“Quit rambling.” Raven scowled.


“What? You care not to know the truth? It cannot be found in some old rock, my friend. I did merge with Shinato, and Tiamat and I did battle, which caused the shadows to capture us both. This is fact.”


“Why would you tell me the truth?”


“Because, old man, destiny is not what is pushing all this forward…” Seros stood, although Marshal remained on his knees, “…fate, destiny, it is all void as long as he is here.”




“The force of all humanity’s bane, the rage and hate of our entire plane of existence…” Seros gasped as the shadows began to consume him, “Surely if you cannot sense the link, your lover can. It is the evil one, the one who has twisted our fates for millennia…” Seros let out a scream of pain as the shadow moved swiftly across his essence, “Nemesis!”


“Nemesis?” Raven cocked his head. It was too late for further explanation. Seros was gone. “Something tells me Google isn’t going to explain this one.”




Shuyin smiled, observing his hand, “Perfect.”


“Have you ignored everything I have told you of the fate of this world?”


“Friend, let me tell you something, I slept through the staff meetings. Your boss, as I was her opponent in the Star Quarterfinals, is a real windbag. And really your speeches sound like too much plot for me. I’m the action guy, all about the duel. For Ra’s sake, why do you think you only have twenty-one higher-ups? Too much plot, boyo.”


“’Too much plot’?” laughed his opponent, “The entire world rides on your shoulders and you call it ‘too much plot’?”


“My friend, don’t take yourself so seriously, you’ll have a heart attack.” Shuyin drew, “Vampire Lord, attack!”


“So you managed to destroy my defensive monster. So what? Now it’s my turn!”


“Make it quickly, Mr. Serious…”




“Let’s do it.” Aura launched her Duel Disk in the lobby.


“Nothing better to do anyway.” Ardrea launched hers.


“We accept your challenge.” The two cloaked strangers nodded.


“I’ll go first,” Ardrea smiled, “I play the Index of Toon World! This allows me to retrieve and activate my Toon World card! And then, I summon my three Toon Mermaids!” A large book and three closed clams appeared before her, “By the way, kiddies, it’s now officially midnight, so I think it’s time the two of you say good-night!”


“My move! I summon Gemini Elf and complete my turn.” The first stranger summoned his twin elves.


“Yeah? Get a load of this, buddy. I activate Black Luster Ritual, offering my Millennium Sword and Kuriboh to summon the Black Luster Solder!” Aura smiled as the luster solder appeared before her, “Now, my great knight, slash those elves up!” The Black Luster’s blade passed through the elves.


“I play Stray Lambs!” the other unnamed duelist called “With one card face-down.”


“Yeah? Well my arsenal can attack this turn! I sacrifice one of the Toons for my Toon Magician Girl, and pay 1000 of my Life Points to allow my other two to attack. Archery mermaids, open fire on each duelist! Then set this card.” Ardrea called, setting three cards face-down.


The first opponent was down to 1500 as he drew. “I play my spell, Mystical Space Typhoon, clearing that accursed Toon World.”


“You’ll pay.” Ardrea scowled as the book and all her monsters were sucked into a cyclone.


“Sure I will.” The man laughed, “I discard Alpha, Beta, and Gamma the Magnet Warriors!”


Aura gritted her teeth. If her Solder were to be destroyed, she couldn’t make the Millennium Luster Solder.


Valkyrion! Attack and destroy the Solder!” A robotic warrior destroyed the Luster Solder.


“My turn!” Aura drew, “Not bad.”


“Aura, hold up!” Ardrea smiled, “Pegasus taught me more than the use of the Toons. Reveal Polymerization, combining Relinquished and the Thousand Eyes Idol to from Thousand Eyes Restrict!”


“Thanks, Ardrea! I play the Change of Heart spell card, to take your metal monstrosity and sacrifice it for the great Spell Cancler!” Aura smiled.


“Now, only my Restrict can attack…” Ardrea smiled.


“… and all your Spells are useless.” Aura set two cards, just in case something good happened, and folded her hand, “Your move.”


“Not to fear, partner, I have a plan.” The second man, cloaked, removed his hood. He was a fellow Aura had heard of at Battle City. The former Rare Hunter, Seeker. His description matched perfectly, “You now face your unholy end. I first activate my Compulsory Ejection Device, removing your Cancler! Then, I play the Monster Reborn spell card and divide Valkyrion back into three parts.” Alpha, Beta, and Gamma appeared before him, “And I sacrifice them to summon the Egyptian God Monster, the Winged Dragon of Ra!”


“It’s gotta be a knock-off…” Ardrea scowled, “Master Pegasus informed me all three, Obelisk, Slifer, and Ra, were in the hands of the King of Games himself.”


“Smart little girl.” The Divine Dragon came to be behind him, “Sadly, this fake is so well made these Duel Disks register it as being authentic.”


“Boy, you are messing with things greater than you can understand!” Ardrea screamed, “It’ll kill us all!”


“Seeker!” his partner screamed, and fell, “You can’t use that card! Remember what happened to Sir Odion!”


“He was a fool.” Seeker laughed, “He bought in to Master Marik’s stories. Such an impressionable fellow. It takes a firm hand to possess a God.”


“You don’t.” Aura scowled.


“I beg to differ. It may not be an original, but this dragon behind me will roast both of you. Now I have my lambs, and I also have my Divine Dragon. I can’t attack, however, because of Restrict… but that’s just for one turn.”


“My move!” Ardrea closed her eyes, To honor Master Pegasus, I have to win… I have to handle this cheater. “Draw!” Ardrea drew, “Yes! I play the spell Monster Reborn! Come forth, Black Luster Solder.”


“Reveal face-down spell, Millennium Sword and Shield, allowing me to get my Millennium Sword from the Graveyard!”


“I pay 1000 Life Points to roast your Solder!” A fireball flew at the Luster Solder. As it did, the building began to shake.


“Activate Shift!” The fireball crashed into a Stray Lamb.


“Again!” Another fireball flew at the luster solder, destroying it. In doing so, a hole was blown in the floor.


“Rope of Life!” Ardrea laughed as the Solder just returned at 3800 points of attack.


Seeker scowled. He was down to 2000 life points, and he would rather pay the rest to Ra, and just toast the Solder… “I now pay 1400 Life Points to the Winged Dragon of Ra, raising it to 5000 attack power and lowering me to 600.”


“I expected that…” she sighed, “Aura, if you have it, play it now.”


“Polymerization, fusing my Millennium Weapons with her Solder to form the Millennium Luster Solder.”


“Now, the only way to hole off the wrath of Ra…” Ardrea closed her eyes as shadows consumed them, “In the name of the Pharaoh and of the actual Ra, I shall contain you, Sun Dragon!” A fire exploaded in her eyes, “My Restrict, as you said, affects your Dragon for one turn. Let’s do it. Thousand-Eyes Restrict!”


Ardrea, what are you doing! If this things as dangerous as you say, taking it with Restrict and destroying it’s owner is insane!”


“I’m not doint that, Aura. Trust me.” Ardrea opened her eyes, staring at Ra, “Aura, avenge me.”


“No. No you wouldn’t dare!”


“Restrict, Absorption Force!” Ardrea screamed. Ra drifted across the field. Bolts crashed around the field, and fire sprung around them. Ra entered the Restrict, and a great bolt struck the center of the field. Each eye of Restrict grew wide as the beast lit aflame, and its shell revealed the head of the mighty dragon. “Please, Ra, quell your assault!” Ardrea screamed as she fell to her knees, struck by one of the random bolts of divine fury. “I…” Her hand fell over the counter of her Duel Disk as she fell to the ground, “Surrender.” She voice and indeed her body faded away.


“You…” Aura clenched her fists, “Damn you… Since she surrendered, she’s gone. Forever. Because of you, Seeker.” Aura gritted her teeth, “You took my friend from me, and the apprentice of the great Pegasus from this world. And I will make you pay for what you’ve done.” Aura screamed. “I release you both. This is between myself and Seeker, I have no quarrel with you.” She said to the un-named man. The shadows dissipated revealing the building’s lobby in ruins.


The floor had countless depressions and a few outright holes, the ceiling supports were all severely damaged, the front desk had a hole through it, the information office was non-existent, singed cards littered the ground, presumably from the destroyed shop. The elevators sat, exposed, in the distance, and chunks of debris, some aflame, lay scattered everywhere.


“First…” Aura grabbed the fake Ra from Seeker’s Duel Disk, “This demonic card must go.” She threw it up, and it became consumed in it’s own fires.


“Very well, then perhaps you’d rather face this” he unfolded three complete sets of Exodia.


“To bad you can only use one.” Aura shuffled her deck, “Let’s duel, Seeker.” Shadows consumed them.


“So, you have these Shadow Powers too?” Seeker asked, placing his new deck in his Duel Disk.


“Shut up, Rare Hunter!”


“Fine. Let us duel.”


“I play these three cards, Millennium Sword and Shield, allowing me to retrieve my Millennium Sword, then Cost Down, to lower my Sword’s level by two by discarding Elma Blade, and then finally I play Tribute Doll, allowing me to summon my Sword free of tribute. I set my final two cards face-down and end my turn.”


“I play a monster in defense mode and complete my turn.” Seeker laughed.


“Sword, slice and dice away.”


Sangan, getting me the Right Arm of Exodia.” Seeker smiled, “Clock’s ticking, girlie.” He drew, “I play a card face down and a monster in defense mode.”


“I will avenge my friend!” Aura screamed as she drew, “Here goes my Card of Sanctee, raising my hand to six cards!”


“Mine too.”


“Yes! I activate Card Destruction!”


“No problem. Reveal trap card Backup Solder, returning my three pieces of Exodia to my hand, bringing me up to four.”


“Fine, reveal Disgraceful Charity! All our discarded cards return to our hands! So now my hand contains twelve cards. And of them, the cards I need are all ready to go. Polymerization, fusing Black Luster Solder, Millennium Sword, and Millennium Shield to create the Millennium Luster Solder! Then, I play the field Portal of Millennia!” A bright flash occurs between them and a glowing Eye of Anubis appears on the ground between them. “That’ll protect my Solder from this, the Dark Hole spell card!” A vortex claimed the Mystic Tomato, “Next, I play the Monster Reborn spell, returning my Millennium Sword, and to finish preparations, I play my remaining Tribute Doll to summon another Millennium Shield. Now, it’s time to get my revenge, Seeker. You may have four pieces of Exodia, but that fifth is out of reach. I command my Sword to attack you directly!” The blade crashed into Seeker, knocking him back and reducing him to 300 Life Points.




“Yes. Now, Millennium Luster Solder, finish him.” The proud warrior firmly clasped his golden blade, “Millennium Strike!” she screamed. The solder sliced at Seeker, sending him flying back into the dark abyss. “Vengeance was served.” Aura collapsed to the ground. “Damn Ra…”




“That’s what Seros told me.” Raven explained to Kaomi as they drifted toward the front door.


“I think…” Kaomi closed her eyes, “… he may be right. The same malice in the men at Battle City, the darkness of Sevanos’s ancestor, and now Miss Illarya… something seems to tie them together. Some darker force.”


“And what about us? About the good Sevanos, about our alliance?” Raven asked, fascinated by Kaomi’s odd sense of things, but implicitly trusting it.


“Each seems to be from all sorts of forces and energies. No overlord on our side.”


“Then I think its time to phone a friend.” Raven broke into a run. Kaomi followed.




Sevanos stood as the elevator doors opened, smiling. Eyes closed. “Mr. Shuyin is victorious!”


Raven burst through the front door. “Aura!”


Sevanos opened his eyes on the destroyed lobby. “What did this? Who did this?”


“Raven… it was a bad man…” Aura caughed, “He used a fake God.”


“Ra…” Raven stood and faced Sevanos, “One of our foes turned the knock-off Ra from the Battle City finals.”


“What?” Sevanos asked, puzzled.


“Joseph Wheeler barely survived his encounter with the fake Winged Dragon of Ra. It is assumed the card was thrown out somewhere over the city of Domino. One of our opponents got a hold of it and used it here. The fake God Card angers the real Egyptian Gods, and their wrath is swift, causing major destruction and devastation.”  Raven explained.


“You enjoyed those tapes of the Finals, huh?” Sevanos laughed. He walked over to the front desk of the building. A few appointment notes lay scattered. He picked up the phone, and wiped the debris off the keys. “Connect me to Serena’s office.”


Across the room, Aura lay with Raven and Kaomi tending to her.


“That man, Seeker… He took Ardrea. She had to give herself up to destroy the fake Ra before it killed all of us.”


“Raven, is there anything you can do?” Kaomi asked.


“I’ll try something. If it works, I’ll let you know.” Raven walked off toward the elevators.




“I knew it.” Raven sighed, “Just the dispatcher I wanted to talk to.” Raven stood in the elevator with Shadi, moving upwards. The elevator came to a stop, but the doors did not open. “I assume that’s your doing.”


“Yes…” Shadi closed his eyes, “You wish to know of Nemesis, and of a way to save your friend Ardrea…”




“I know that for every action there is a reaction of equal and opposite force. So, since Nemesis is an entity of pure evil, there is one of pure good.”




“That, I do not know.” Shadi opened his eyes, “I do know that this mission must be completed. All forces of fate agree.” He paused, “As for your friend, you will need the power of either a Millennium Item, a power I can lend you until you defeat Nemesis. The Item might even attract the Good Essence…”


“Wait, what?”


“You have a strong spirit. Let the Millennium Scale test you.”


“Test me?”


“Watch.” Shadi revealed the scales, “The nature of your essence, represented by your heart, will be weighed against a feather. If the feather is heavier, you receive the scales.”


“If not?”


“You die.” Shadi shrugged, “Let us begin.”




When Raven stumbled from the elevator, the lobby contained a frantic Serena, a few medics tending to Aura, Sevanos overseeing the medics, and Kaomi and Shuyin sitting on a mangled bench. Raven quickly walked up to the medics.


“Aura…” Raven smiled, “I have the power to bring Ardrea back.” He closed his eyes and heald his right arm in the air, as if grasping something that wasn’t there. Rippling into existence in his hand were the Millennium Scales. “I hope this works” he whispered, “Shadows, return the one unjustly took. So calls the Item of Judgment, the Millennium Scale!” Across the lobby, near the mangled bench, an orb of shadows formed and misted away in the way they do. Lying in the spot where the orb formed was an unconscious Ardrea, “Get medics for her.” Raven said to Sevanos, as the scale disappeared.


“Wait a sec!” Sevanos pulled Raven aside, “Did you just use the Millennium Scale? One of the legendary Millennium Items of the Pharaoh! Man, that’s killer!”


“You’re telling me. It was one hell of a Pepsi Challenge to get these things…” Raven smirked.




“Daybreak minus one hour.” Rang throught the lobby, smoldering and destroyed as it was. The nine gathered there. Ardrea, Shuyin, Cid, Aura, Lantash, Serena, Sevanos, and Raven.


“What a failure.” Serena sighed, “Hey, Raven, can you get Marshal or Colbert back?”


“No. I can’t sense them in the shadow realm.” Raven replied.


“Perhaps they’ve been freed… somewhere,” suggested a somewhat recovered Aura.


“All I know is I wish to duel.” Lantash shot Sevanos a glance.


Sevanos, daybreak is in less than one hour and over the night we lost Colbert and Marshal.” Serena closed her eyes, “We only mopped the floor with five of those damned Abyss worms, and my lobby has been destroyed. We need to swing into high.”


“You’re right. We didn’t come all the way to America to sit on our hands.” Sevanos said, “But this is covert stuff… this isn’t for the public.”


“I’m sick of playing host to their party of destruction.” Serena said, ingenuously.


“Simple answer.” Ardrea interjected, “We have Illarya host it.”




“Daybreak minus five minutes.” The obviously bored female intern forced to call off the sunrise sighed.




“Attention!” Sevanos screamed into the front parking lot of the branch HQ, “In four minutes the sun will rise on California. We have found, through inquisition of defeated Abyssmen, that Illarya plans to launch her plan this evening, but in order to enslave the population of earth, you guys need the power to stop this Datrz fellow. We have it.”


Raven stepped forward and raised the Scale.


“The Millennium Scale will go to your organization on the following terms; first, the Item will be a prize for a Shadow Tournament held by the Stars of Destiny, but hosted by the Abyss. Meaning although the tournament is ours to document and run from our Central HQ, but it will be at your facilities. Two duels will happen a once, always between Abyss and Star. And… okay, I’ve no idea how it’ll work, but we’ll just kick your-“


“See you at the location of your choice, Abyss!” Raven dragged Sevanos inside.




Daybrake minus five… four… three… two… one!” The Stars plane flew from the grounds toward the ocean with the sun breaking the horizon behind it.


“Gee, evil person wanting a Millennium Item dragging people off to some island location… where have I heard this one?” Shuyin yawned.


“Are you insulting Master Pegasus?” Ardrea shot him a cold glare.


“Never!” Shuyin said sarcastically.


“Don’t make me pull this thing over!” Sevanos screamed from the cockpit.




 As the exited the aircraft, they looked about them. This island had, structurally, near nothing. They trekked through the forest until Kaomi tripped on a handle to a large stone door. The nine progressed down dark stairs for some time before reaching flat ground. Then they followed a thin hallway for some time. It twisted and wound until it emptied into a large room which lit with torches upon their entry. On the other side of the room was another hall which ended with a ladder only a few feet down.


“Now what?” Ardrea asked,


“’Run and tell all of you angels, this could take all night. Think I need a devil to help me make things right.’” Raven quoted. He got a few odd glares, “Foo Fighters, Learn to Fly.”


“’Make my way back home when I learn to fly’. A good song.” Sevanos responded.


“Not the time nor the place, gents.” Serenity said.


“It makes a point, though.” Kaomi thought, “This may take forever, and we keep thinking of this as the City of Angels, because we’re up against its resident devils.”


“That’s deep.” Ardrea smiled.


“Enough!” A familiar voice rang through the room. “Which of you first to play? I suppose of course it is your choice, Mister Sevanos, as you are holding this tournament on our grounds. Though I’ll help you work it out. Raven? No. He has the Scale, can’t risk that. Kaomi, then? Well, I have had plenty of fun with her, but I’m up for more. Shuyin? Perhaps. If he makes it to me again, he’ll wet his pants, so I’d use him early. Yourself? Well, your Yami beat me before, not you, so who knows how you’d fare against me? If you were afraid, though, you’d want to get it over now. Who will you save for me, Sevanos, and who will you sacrifice?”


“Shut up, Illarya, and send yor first down here. Two duels at once, remember? So I’m sending one up there.” Sevanos screamed.


“How nice. Who do you send up here?”


“My duelist down here will be Cid Orlandu, and-“ Sevanos looked over to Lantash, who nodded, “My duelist topside will be Lantash Izolude.”


Ahh, my stray lamb.”


“Shut up, God-King!” Aura screamed.


Tisk, tisk! That’s no way to talk to your destructor. Mine are in position. I think yours down there will recognize my newest servant.”


A cloaked man entered the room and stood opposite Cid. He removed his hood.


“Beware of Lios!” laughed Illarya, “One of my new Agents to replace the ones I lost at your tournament Sevanos.”


Lios stood, a pendant round his neck. “We duel, Cid.”


Lios… Why do I suspect this won’t be like old times? Fortunately, I’ve taken my deck and game up all sorts of notches since our last one-on-one.”


“Ah. Duelist Kingdom… Good times, eh, D.H. Cid.” Lios laughed.


“D.H.…  Dragon Handler?” Aura guessed.


“That’s how he first introduced himself to us… I think.” Kaomi scratched her head. She froze, “Raven… that evil sense… it’s here.”


“Nemesis.” Raven gritted his teeth.


“Who?” Sevanos looked puzzled.


“Long story. Suffice it to say we’re in a whole lot of trouble unless I go take care of something. I need to focus and use the Scale as a beacon.”


“For what?”


“A roaming spirit or two.”




Raven stood in shadows, alone, “how am I gonna do this?” Shadi’s words rang in his head, I know that for every action there is a reaction of equal and opposite force. So, since Nemesis is an entity of pure evil, there is one of pure good. It hit him, “Equal and opposite! It’s a scale, right? So if I can balance Nemesis, the uber-good essence will arrive to balance!”




“Come forth, Gate Guardian!” Lios laughed, “Guardian, destroy Cid’s last monster!”




“Sacrifice your Gear Golem, my Blue-Eyed Zombie, and my Red Moon Baby to summon the greatest monster to exist, Gilford the Lightning!”




One end of the balance tipped. “Come on…” Raven held tightly to the scale. The sides balanced. “Yes!” Raven put the item away. “Spirit, identify yourself.”


Letters formed of pure light appeared on the dark wall, “Seraph”.


“Seraph, eh? So you’re Nemesis’s nemesis?”


“More or less” replaced the previous message.


“You have all the powers of Nemesis?” Raven asked.


“Yes” appeared.


“Alright. You’re needed.” Raven went on to explain the situation.




“Draw.” Cid slid a card from his deck, “You’re done, Lios. I play a monster in defense mode, set one card and activate Pyro Clock of Destiny, allowing me to flip my Summoner of Illusions, sacrifice it, and bring forth my great Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Ultimate Dragon, attack!” The blasts of the Dragon blasted away the Guardian, “Now I end my turn. Since this sends my Dragon to the grave, I activate Call of the Haunted!”




“Not bad. You have me fairly low on the Life Point scale. 1000 to be exact.” Lantash gestured to his Duel Disk, “But I have a question for you. What’s at the bottom of my Graveyard?”


“Easy, Familiar Knight.”


“Sorry, the correct answer is my great End of Anubis! Now, time for my Anubis to become more menacing. You’re at 2000 Life Points, so by playing the Megamorph spell!” the beast grew to twice it’s normal size, “Anubis, crush Gilford, and finish this duel!”




“Blue Eyes, obliterate!” Cid threw his hand forward, “Next?” Lios vanished.




“No!” Illarya pounded her fist, “This must be the work of Seraph! Seraph counters Nemesis, meaning I’m out the upper hand.”




“Next up is Kaomi and Ardre-“


“I wish to get my last over with.” Cid said to Sevanos.


“Deal. Kaomi and Cid.”


Arkith is coming down.”




Raremetal Dragon, attack and finish him!” Orlandu smiled.




“You’re zero for three, Arkith. Seiyaryu, toast him!” Kaomi ordered.




“Guardian Angel Joan, pass your judgement!” Sevanos ordered.




Toon Gemini Elf, Toon Magician Girl, and Manga Ryu Ran, team assault! Finish her!” Ardrea threw her hand forward.




“Tyrant Dragon, obliterate!” Raven smiled.




“Woodland Sprite, remove the Elma Blade to inflict 500 damage, then Elma returns to me and I do it again. I can do it four more times if you want, but it might be more efficient to surrender.” Aura shot a glance at Kaomi, “Thanks for the combo.”




“Time to go bye-bye. My wonderful planetary agents, knock her into the cosmos!” Serenity smiled. “Yay for me!”




Harpie Lady Sisters and Dark Magician Girl, that’s a total of almost 4000 damage. You’re done.” Serenity smiled.




“Monster Reborn your Chaos Emperor Dragon and activate Apocalypse! That’s all, folks!” Lantash grinned.




“This is it, my dark-mannered friend.” Shuyin grinned, “Vampire Lord, take a bite out of his Life Points!”




“Ready Kaomi?” Raven asked as they stood against two opponents.


“Activate Polymerization, combining Thunder Dragon” Kaomi rose the Thunder Dragon and the Polymerization spell.


“And Thunder Dragon!” Raven rose his Thunder Dragon.


“To make the Twin Headed Thunder Dragon!” Both called as their monsters fused.


“And as our dragons become one as do our actions.” Raven explained.


“The dragons are as we are, Raven.” Kaomi smiled.


“ATTACK!” They both ordered.


“And now, I activate the trap Pyro Clock of Destiny, allowing us to attack again!” Raven called.


“ATTACK!” They both ordered.




“Two left, Illarya.” Sevanos smiled, “Then it’s you.”


Sevanos,” Ardrea looked at him, “We’ve been dueling in either this dark room or the one just like it up there for almost twelve hours now. And we were up all last night dueling and holding the fort and in my case saving lives, god slaying, and visiting the Shadow Realm.”


“Yeah, we’re all exhausted.” Kaomi said.


Sevanos, we still have about five hours, perhaps a rest?”  Raven suggested.


“After these two.” Sevanos conceded.


“A double duel between my last two and the team of your choosing.”


Orlandu, Beolve, you’re up. Argue and you die.” Serenity said, fatigued.


“Done.” Cid launched his Disk.


“No problemo.” Shuyin launched his as well.


“You take none of this seriously.” Cid shot Shuyin a glance.


“Should I?”


Cid laughed, “Nah, I sort of envy you for that.”


Two duelists took the positions opposite them. Kaomi instantly recognized them. “Willow and Quinn.”


“Guys, they’re Spellcaster duelists! A great team combination, and probably at least casually dating.” Raven called.


“Raven?” Kaomi shot him a glance.


“I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em.” Raven laughed.


“Let’s duel!” Shuyin called.


“I place one arid face-down and summon the Pixie Knight in defense mode.” Willow smiled.


“I play Troop Dragon in Defense Mode.” Cid threw his card down.


“One card face down and I play Skilled Dark Magician.”


“I have you all beat. Activate Soul Exchange offering the Skilled Dark Magician and summon the Total Defense Shogun!”


“Not bad, for a newbie.” Willow drew, “Activate the spell card Restrictor Revolution, inflicting 200 damage for each card in your hands!”


Both Cid’s and Shuyin’s counters fell to 3000.


“You call that a move? Sacrifice my Troop Dragon for the Luster Dragon #2!” The proud green dragon rose as another Troop Dragon came to exist next to it. “Now, Flame Breath!” The fires of the dragon shot at Quinn, but the Pixie intercepted.


“And that returns Restrictor to my hand.”


“Card Destruction!” Cid smiled, “Too bad.”


“I summon forth the Skilled White Magician in defense mode.” Quinn made a gesture of passing the remainder of his turn.


“Al right. I now play the spell Array of Revealing Light!” he laughed, “Your Spellcasters can’t attack the turn they enter the field! And I’ll set this.”


“Well, then, I suppose playing these dual Soul Exchanges and offering both the Luster Dragon and the Shogun to play the Dark Magician.” Willow laughed.


“Well, I’ll play my Dragon Dwelling in the Cave, defending me further.” Cid looked to Shuyin.


“Play Time Wizard, and activate effect! Time Roulette!” Quinn called.


“They have the upper hand. Why are they doing this… unless…” Cid watched as the Roulette began to spin.


“Come on!” Willow called.


Shuyin, they’re trying to transform the Dark Magician into the Dark Sage!” Cid looked to Shuyin.


“Aw, crap.” Shuyin closed his eyes.


The arrow stopped pointing at the Time Warp. “Time Magic!”  The Dragons aged a thousand years and corroded to nothingness. The Dark Magician on the other hand grew to be the Dark Sage.


“As per my Sage’s effect, I get one spell from my deck, the Ragnarock spell card.”


“And I play Monster Reborn, reviving the Dark Magician.” The Magician reappeared on Quinn’s field, “Dark Magic Attack, Shuyin’s Life Points!”


“Call of the Haunted! Return to me my Shogun!” The Shogun appeared on Shuyin’s field, “Sorry, Quinn.” The Shogun shrugged off the assault.


“It matters not.” Willow smiled.


“Yeah, well, as you know, my last Troop Dragon came after that Time Assault, so I play my monster in defense mode and complete my turn.” Cid sighed.


“You think it’s bad, Cid? Well it’s worse than you think. I sacrifice my monster for the Dark Magician Girl! Now that the Dark Magician and the Dark Magician Girl are in play, I can activate, arguably, the most powerful spell in Duel Monsters!” Willow laughed, “Ragnarock!” All the monsters in the team’s decks appeared behind them, floating thought the room. Then a magic circle appeared above Shuyin and Cid. “My foes, this removes all monsters besides the casters from the game!” All the monsters on Shuyin’s and Cid’s Duel Disks, decks, and Graveyards shot into the circle. As the Dark Magician and it’s female counterpart spun, the circle exploded.


“It’s over. Our magicians can’t attack till next turn, but it’s still over.”


“Really?” Shuyin smiled, “I beg to differ. You see, now it’s my turn. I activate the spell Dimension Fusion!”


“Yes! I Special Summon Red Eyes Black Dragon, K, Y, and Z pieces, and the mighty Tir-Horned Dragon!”


“I summon Total Defense Shogun, Cosmo Queen, Sword Hunter, Gemini Elf, and Raremetal Dragon!”


“I obtain…”


“Don’t care.” Shuyin sat a card face down as he stared down an armada of high-powered Spellcasters.


“Now, Dark Magician of Chaos, attack Z-Metal Tank!” Quinn ordered.


“Mirror Force!” Shuyin smiled.


“Damn!” Willow and Quinn threw out all their monsters.


“Yeah.” Cid smiled, “Combine X, Y, and Z to form the mighty XYZ Dragon Cannon!” The great cannon tank thing formed. “Now, Dragon Cannon, Tri-Horned and Red Eyes, attack Willow and finish her!”


“And then there were none!” Shuyin drew his hand back, “Monsters, all assault!” All Shuyin’s monsters flew at Quinn, knocking him back into the shadows.


“Thanks.” Cid sighed, “If not for the Dimension Fusion we’d have been sitting ducks.”


“No prob, Cid.” Shuyin sat aginst the back wall.


“That’s all of them Illarya!” Sevanos screamed.


“Good show, Sevanos.” Illarya’s voice replied, slightly trembling.


“She’s afraid. Nemesis was held off by the presence of Seraph.” Kaomi explained, “She’s lost the upper hand and this frightens her. She’s becoming desperate.” Kaomi explained.


“How do you know all that?” Serena asked.


“I can almost sense it in her voice.” Kaomi looked to Raven, “She might do something drastic.”


“Time off?” Sevanos asked.


“You wanted her off-guard. We go now.” Raven said.


“’We?’” Sevanos cocked his head.


“You and I duel together on this one, Sevanos. In case we need a little help.” Raven hinted at their Yami forms.


Illarya. Next fight is up there. Raven and I versus you!” Sevanos called, “Let’s go on up.”


“Raven!” Kaomi called. “Be careful!”


“Good luck, Sevvy-boy!” Ardrea smiled.


“Yeah! Show the God-King of the Primordium that titles aren’t everything!” Aura cheered, tossing the Millennium Sword to Raven.


“Get ‘er, sir!” Serenity smiled.


“Toast ‘em and roast ‘em!” Shuyin yelled.


“You can do it Mister Vaniver!” Lantash chimed in with support.


“Show the psycho we mean business!” Cid cheered.


With the cheers of the other seven, Raven and Sevanos climbed up the ladder.


“C’mon! I can’t stand the suspense down here!” Kaomi ran to the ladder. Others followed suit.




Raven and Sevanos walked through the room, no sigh of Illarya.


“Up the stairs, gentlemen. Your friends are free to come and watch” Illarya had a sort of insane sound to her voice.


Raven and Sevanos exchanged glances and walked up the set of stairs before them.




Illarya sat on a throne in a torch-lit room, decorated in regal colors. “Welcome to my throne room, friends!” she said in a remotely insane tone.


Woah!” Shuyin stepped back.


“Hmm, you remember the face of your destructor. How nice to see you again Shuyin!” Illarya had changed little since the Star Finals, she still had dark hair with blue highlights, a slightly blue-tinted forehead, eyes an inhuman blue. She now wore combat armor of a king rather than regular armor.


Illarya, this will be a two-on-one duel. So although we both start at 4000 Life Points, you start at 8000. You also get a turn after each of ours.” Raven explained


“Your terms are acceptable.” Illarya stood.


“Where’s your Duel Disk?” Sevanos asked.


“Right here.” Shadows surrounded Illarya’s left arm, and a Duel Disk, just like those of Raven and Sevanos, but black in color instead of white, materialized.


“Ever wonder if we were in over our heads?” Raven asked.


“Nope. I knew all along.” Sevanos closed his eyes.


“Duel!” All three launched their Duel Disks. The room filled with shadows.


“A good Shadow Game needs rules. How’s this?”


Behind Raven appeared his Yami form, Tiamat. Behind Sevanos appeared Seros, and behind Illarya appeared one similar to her, except with dark hair, a normal forehead, and green eyes.


“Simple rules. As each player looses Life Points, their other form slowly takes over. And since none of us are on great terms with our other forms, this should be fun! Oh, and as they take over, the normal you starts to go bye-bye to the Shadow Realm.”


“Sounds fine to me. If there was a good Illarya, the right thing to do would be to free her!” Rave raised his hand and the Scale and a rope appeared. He hung the Scale from his neck.


“Let’s do this, Raven!” Sevanos drew, “Summon Hysteric Fairy and place two cards face-down.


“I play Sangan in defense mode and two cards face-down.


“Draw.” Raven drew, “Activate the Incandescent Ordeal spell card! This allows me to discard my Skull-Marked Ladybug, giving me 1000 Life Points, and my Blowback Dragon to summon the Legendary Flame Lord! Then I summon Breaker the Magical Warrior and set this last card face down. Now, Breaker, slice up the Sangan!”


“Allowing me to get The Left Leg of Exodia.”


“LFL, attack directly!” The Flame Lord shot a stream of fire at Illarya, knocking her back and taking off 2400 Life Points.


“So?” A circle of light surrounded her feet and shot halfway up her leg, “I still have 5600 Life Points.


“And I have 5000.” Raven pointed out.


“I set this monster and set another card face down. Go.”


“Summon Kelbek in Attack Mode!” Sevanos smiled, “This is too easy, Illarya. Now, Fairy, attack!”


“Revealing my Gear Golem, the Moving Fortress!” Illarya laughed.


“No!” A circle of light shot a little way up his legs, as his counter fell to 3600.


“Yes, and now to get more of Exodia in my hand, I play Pot of Greed!” Illarya smiled.


“Reveal trap card, Mystical Refpanel!” Raven smiled. The pot of Greed fizzled out of Illarya’s control and into Ravens, “Now I draw two cards!”  Raven did so.


Trigger my trap, Destiny Board, and my other trap, Disappear! This makes that LFL of yours simply go poof.” Illarya laughed.


“Spell card Prohibition! I stop Spirit Message ‘L’ from being played,” Raven threw his card down, “Then I set one card and a monster in defense mode. Go.”


“Yes! Soon you’ll be done, mortal! Not only do I start on my Destiny Board by playing Spirit Message I, but also Exodia has begun to form! I pass my turn!” Illarya said, arrogantly. 


“We’ll see about that. I activate the spell Dark Designator! This adds your Last Turn to your hand. I play the field spell card The Sanctuary in the Sky!” A large floating sanctuary appeared behind him, “This guards my more angelic monsters. Now, sacrifice my Kelbek and Hysteric Fairy for the Guardian Angel Joan! Now Joanie, destroy that Elf and give me 800 Life Points.” The circle fell back to beneath Sevanos’ feet.


“My move, after Spirit Message N appears.” Illarya smiled. “Would you look at that? One to go. I play Witch of the Black Forest in defense mode. And one card face-down.”


“Reveal face-down monster Morphing Jar!” Raven smiled.


“I knew you had a plan!” Sevanos sighed with relief.


“No!” Illarya threw away her hand. As did Raven and Sevanos.


“Now we all draw five cards.” Raven explained. “And I got the ones I needed. First, I offer the two monsters on my field to summon the Millennium Sword, then I play Polymerization, fusing my Forgiving Maiden and my Marie the Fallen One to summon my Saint Joan!” The great golden blade and the divine warrior appeared before Raven, “Now my Joan will attack!”


“Mirror Force!” Illarya laughed. “And as I get the Spirit Message A my turn begins!”


“Too bad you can’t get L.” Sevanos gestured to Raven’s Prohibition Spell.


“How true, Sevanos.” Illarya smiled, “I offer my Witch allowing me to get Exodia the Forbidden One, to summon my mighty Summoned Skull, equipped with the Mage Power spell card raising it’s attack to 5000! Skull, Lightning Strike Attack! Finish Vaniver!”


“Nay!” A fur ball appeared in front of the bolt soaring at Raven. “Kuriboh blocks the attack!”


“Raven, we’re in a bit deep here…” Sevanos closed his eyes.


“Really? I couldn’t have guessed.” Raven shot a glance back at his Yami form, Tiamat,


“Guys!” Kaomi screamed, “You can’t just give up! It may look hopeless, but it’s not!”


“That’s a nice thought, girlie, but this is our Shadow Game.” Illarya shot Kaomi a cold stare.


“Shut up, Illarya! Listen, you can’t give up. Where there is life, there is hope!” Kaomi screamed at them.


“Silence!” Illarya’s eyes grew wide and Kaomi flew backward.


“Ouch. This’ll hurt her.” Shuyin couldn’t look.


“For your sake, apologize.” Raven ordered.


“She intruded. I took care of her. Simple as that.” Illarya scoffed, “Besides, what could you do to me?”]


“You asked the wrong question!” Sevanois drew, “Activate Spell Card Heavy Storm!” The FINAL pieces and Prohibition among other cards flew into the shadows above them. “Now I play Monster Reborn reviving the Angel Joan, then I play Soul Exchange, offering Summoned Skull for Doma, the Angel of Silence! Effective name as it will help silence you! Doma and Joan, attack!” The angels attacked Illarya and took 3400 of her Life Points, knocking her counter down to 2200, the glowing circle shot up to Illarya’s chest plate, as the image of her other self slowly became replaced by the blue-tinted demoness Illarya the others had come to know.


“My move I play a monster to defend.”


“Useless.” Raven drew, “You’re done, heartless one! I, too, play Monster Reborn, returning the Saint Joan, and then I play Shinato’s Ark, discarding Tyrant Dragon and Blitz Knight to summon Shinato! Then, this card, Spell Reproduction, discarding the Replinish spell card to return the Tyrant Dragon! Now, Tyrant Dragon blast away her monster and Shinato take the last of her Life Points!” The monsters did as they were told, and the circle shot above Illarya’s head. The blue-ish demonic Illarya took the place of the green-eyed woman, and she became engulfed by shadows. As the duel ended, the Illarya none had seen fell to her knees. Sevanos and Serenity ran over to help her. Raven ran to Kaomi’s side.


“She hit the wall pretty hard.” Ardrea, who stood with Aura near where Kaomi lay, said.


Kaomi, are you okay?” Raven cradled her head.


“You win?” Kaomi asked.




“Then I’m fine. Tired, but fine.” Kaomi replied.


“Mission accomplished.” Shuyin sighed standing by Lantash.


“Yes. I feel… free now,” Lantash replied.


“Who are you? Where am I?” Illarya slowly came to.


“Miss Illarya, what’s the last thing you remember?” Serenity asked.


“Umm… Y2K, the ball drop, I was with my friends in Times Square and suddenly… here.” She replied.


“Oh, boy.” Sevanos sighed, “Do you remember the name Nemesis?”


“No, who are you?” Illarya asked again.


“I’m Sevanos, this is Serenity, and we’re part of a group known as the Stars of Destiny. You are missing a few years of memory… What if I told you an essence, a spirit, most likely from ancient Egypt, tried to use your body to take over the world? And that you had formed a group known as the Abyss to help you.”


“I’d laugh in your face.” She responded.


“We have work to do. We’re taking you to our Central Office over in Japan. Is that okay with you?” Sevanos asked.


“Sure. Then can you tell me what the hell is going on?” She looked confused.


“Guys, there’s a chopper in this room!” Cid called from just n the other side of a door, “We can use it to get back to the island where the jet is.”


“Sounds good Cid.” Raven called back.


“Ready to go?” Serenity asked.


“Sure.” Illarya struggled to her feet, “Why am I in armor?”


“All in good time, my friend.” Sevanos laughed.


Shuyin jumped in the helicopter. “Room for nine plus a pilot. A little convenient.”


“Perhaps a reward from the God-King?” Aura smirked, taking her Sword back from Raven.


“Perhaps.” Sevanos jumped in the pilot’s seat and Serenity jumped in the copilot’s seat.


“The… God-King?” Illarya asked.


“Yeah, I know. It sounds plot-heavy to me too.” Shuyin smiled, “But Raven and Sevanos gave the God-King of the Primordium a good ol’ one-two punch!”


“And what is this thing on my arm?”


“A Duel Disk. You probably don’t know the game Duel Monsters, but I would be happy to teach you.” Cid offered.




As the helicopter lifted off Raven began to laugh. “The City of Angels at sunset. What a sight.”


“Wait, we’re in Ls Angeles?” Illarya cocked her head.


“Yes. Err… I’ll explain it later.” Serenity stretched.


“I love this town!” Raven yelld as the copter soared toward the ocean.

End of Part Three

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