The Battle City Experience

Raven Vaniver and his greatest friend since childhood Kaomi Itai stepped into the sunlight. It was a warm day, but not uncomfortably so. Perfect for Seto Kaiba's tournament. Raven was a lucky one. Kaomi, who was invited, managed to bribe the Duel Disk salesman to give a Disk to the boy Kaiba had no real record of. By slipping the salesman some cash and flaunting her good looks, Kaomi succeeded. Kaomi had ranked in the top sixteen nationally and did well in Duelist Kingdom. Made a name for herself. Raven never played in a tournament, but had taken her down a few times in casual play.

"I gotta go challenge hunting, Raven, coming with?" Kaomi smiled. Kaomi was beautiful. She had flowing blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was dressed in her Domino High uniform, and it looked good on her.

"Yeah!" Raven nodded. Kaomi and Raven agreed not to face one another until the top eight. Both felt confident they'd make it. Kaomi and Raven ran off, duel discs ready. Raven had short brown hair and light green eyes, and was also in his uniform. They figured it would set the two of them apart.

They searched for maybe an hour, stopping for a moment to peak at a promising duel between some psychic and some weird blonde guy. The psychic was sporting a handy card, Jinzo. Kaomi predicted the blonde guy would loose after a few turns. Kaomi and Raven continued on into a park where a boy sat in a tree. His eyes made direct contact with Kaomi.

"Kaomi Itai. Long time." he grinned, and jumped down. He had unkempt black hair and wore a black shirt, blue jeans, and a blue jean jacket. His eyes were a dull brown. Raven already decided he did not like this stranger.

"Arkith." Kaomi scowled. Arkith had beaten her in the National Championship and moved to the top eight in her place.

"That's Arkith?" Raven looked at him.

"I want a rematch, here and now, boy!" Kaomi gave a cold stare to Arkith.

"No problem."

Kaomi and Arkith activated their Disks. Kaomi shoved her deck into the slot forcefully, whereas Arkith gently set his in.

"Duel!" They both announced.

"Its courtesy to let the one who lost the last duel goes first, Arkith." Kaomi drew her hand. She smiled. "I set a monster in defense and a card face-down. Go." Two cards popped into existence in front of her.

Arkith grinned. "I summon Wolf Axeweilder in attack position! And I'll send it after your defensive monster!" A wolf appeared and charged at Kaomi's card. The wolf slashed and a large rat shattered.

"Bubonic Vermin effect activated! I summon another in face down defense position." Kaomi drew, "And I'll flip it into attack, activating its effect again." A rat appeared in the grassy park and a horizontal card appeared next to it, "I'll tribute my face up one to summon Patrician of Darkness!" A large caped blue-skinned being came forth. "I'll have my Patrician attack your Axeweilder!" The Patrician flew at the Axeweilder and slashed through it, shattering it.

"NO!" Arkith reached out, "You'll pay for that." Arkith drew, and a smile tugged at his lips, but he fought to hide it, "So, you're attacker is mighty, there is no doubt." he placed a monster in defense mode, "But an attack can't solve all problems, Kaomi."

Kaomi drew, "Heh, I beg to differ. Sacrifice the final Vermin to summon the Shadow Ghoul! With the three Vermin in my Graveyard, my Ghoul has 1900 attack power." Kaomi's eyes narrowed, "Shadow Ghoul, ATTACK!"

"I tried to warn you, Kaomi. You never listen!" Arkith sighed.

The Ghoul flew through the defensive monster, which appeared to be a boat, and both monsters shattered.

"What? My Ghoul!" Kaomi's eyes widened.

"The Yomi Ship takes its attacker to the Graveyard with it. You should have listened. Just like then." Arkith shrugged.

"Now is nothing like that! This time I'm going to limit your life points early! Patrician, ATTACK!" The Patrician flew at Arkith, but a small fur ball blocked the blast.

"By discarding Kuriboh from my hand I can have it take the heat off me. I shall remain at 3650." Arkith drew a card, "I set two cards face down and set this monster in defense mode."

He's so defensive now. I'll bet it's another effect monster! Raven thought.

Kaomi scowled. "I have my Patrician attack!" Patrician attacked, and it was flung back. A barrel stood where Arkith's card was.

"Roulette Barrel has the same number of defense points as the {Patrician, effectively hauling your attack." he drew, "I activate my barrel's effect! Destruction Roulette!" The Barrel turned on its side where numbers one through six lined the outside of the circle. A pointer on that side began to spin. "The number my Barrel selects is the Level of monster that will be destroyed. If I choose, I can redo it once! And that number is..." the pointer stops "FIVE!" From the Barrel shot out a small rocket that crashed into the Patrician and destroyed it. "Now I summon my card at risk, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer!" Kycoo appeared on the grassy field, beads in hand, "Kycoo, exercise her Shadow Ghoul and one Bubonic Vermin along with 1800 Life Points!" A beam of energy shot from Kycoo's beads at Kaomi. She watched Shadow Ghoul and Bubonic Vermin vanish from her grave.

"Where are they?" Kaomi demanded.

"Beyond the beyond, and removed from this game." Arkith laughed evilly.

"Damn you, Arkith!" she drew and looked at her card, Seiyaryu! I know you'll save me! Let's see, I have my Soul Exchange face down, and a tribute doll in my hand. Here we go, I'll offer Kycoo! Wait! If I do, that barrel can destroy Seiyaryu! "I activate Soul Exchange offering Roulette Barrel and this magic card, Tribute Doll, to summon the monster on the line for me, Seiyaryu! I also throw these three cards face down! Because of Tribute Doll Seiyaryu cannot attack, and because of Soul Exchange I skip my Battle Phase. Your turn."

Arkith drew, "I'll give Kycoo a real boost by activating his mistress, Malevolent Nuzzler!" A teal woman appeared behind Kycoo, "She gives him 700 more attack, making his attack 2500. Same as Seiyaryu!"

Kaomi growled. She drew a card. "Fine, but two can play the equip game. I set a fourth card face down and equip Seiyaryu with a Dragon Treasure, raising it's attack to 2800!" A small gem appeared on Seoyaryu's head, "Seiyaryu, ATTACK!"

"I activate Mask of Weakness! Seiyaryu is at 2100!" Arkith grinned. A mask attached itself to the dragon.

"Activate Rush Recklessly raising attack to 2800." Seiyaryu's speed increased.

"Activate Curse of Aging and discard Vengeful Bog Spirit to lower Attack to 2300" Arkith scowled. He enjoyed watching Seiyaryu age into an old, weak, dragon.

"Activate two Reinforcements, raising attack by 500 each. Seiyaryu is at 3300. Dragon's Flame!" Two groups of solders appeared and dashed at Kycoo before Seiyaryu attacked. A fireball slammed into Kycoo, and incinerated it. Arkith's Life Point counter flashed 2850.

"Good job. Now I stare down a 2800 attack power monster." Arkith clapped. Seiyaryu shimmered and returned to normal, "I wonder if I can beat it." Arkith laughed manically.


"You can't." Raven shot Arkith a cold look, "Her Seiyaryu is always there for her."

"I doubt it. I play Graceful Charity!" He drew three cards and quickly threw out two. "I now activate Monster Reborn on one of the cards I just tossed, Gaia the Fierce Knight! I'll have my Gaia trade in his old clunky spear for this. A Thunder Blade!" Gaia held in his hand a sword crackling with electrical energy. "Gaia has 3100 attack, more than enough for my last chance!"

My face-down card will end this now. Too bad.. Kaomi smiled.

"ATTACK!" Arkith ordered.

"Reveal Mirror Wall!" Gaia crashed into a mirror. "Take it out, Seiyaryu!"

Arkith's Life Point counter flashed 1600 to represent the loss.

"Payback for the Nationals, Arkith! Seiyaryu, obliterate!"

Arkith's Life Point counter reached zero. The Discs deactivated, and Kaomi put her disc away. A small crowd had gathered, and some applauded. Arkith walked slowly over to Kaomi and handed her a locator card.

"I'm sorry you had to loose Kycoo, Arkith." Kaomi gratefully accepted the locator as Arkith removed Kycoo from his graveyard.

"I'm not. Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer held me back. Besides, it's not that rare." he turned and started to walk away.

"Hey!" Kaomi stopped him, "We're even. One and one. See you next tournament." Kaomi walked past Raven, "Let's go, Raven."

Arkith watched them walk around a corner. He closed his eyes. A spectator approached him.

"Why didn't you play that one dragon in your hand?" the spectator asked.

"Because I'm just a delivery boy. Speaking of..." Arkith left the crowd and walked closer to the tree he jumped out of. He walked up to a man in strange clothes that had a lot of piercings. "Here." he handed the man the card, "Where's my end of the deal? Your boss made me a promise!"

The man did not speak, just handed Arkith a small package.

Arkith laughed, "Next tournament indeed, Kaomi."

                                       - O -

Kaomi and Raven sat in a restaurant, eating away at their lunches.

"Tell me more about the Nationals." Raven begged.

"Albright. It was a few months ago. We were at the American Nationals. I had just taken some looser out and walked out of the arena to see who I'd be facing in the Top Sixteen. I met Arkith and we went to duel. The duel built nicely, sadly eventless. Then I summoned Seiyaryu. I attacked Kycoo but wasn't prepared. He used the same two weakness traps he used in our last duel and defeated my Seiyaryu. It was easy for him to take me out after that because I was shaken. I helped by paying 2000 Life Points to Mirror Wall. Point is, I was in shock that that looser had managed to fry Seiyaryu so easily." Kaomi looked at the Kycoo laying on the table, "I got mad and took him out. I'll expect I will have an uphill struggle next time we meet. I took his favorite card. He won't let me off easily." she sighed and slid Kycoo into her deck. "I'm afraid, Raven. I don't want to loose my Seiyaryu."

After lunch, the two set off once again.


- O -


A man in a black cloak entered the street. He set himself apart from the dueling crowds. His face was shrouded in his cloak. His cloak was connected with a ruby piece on his chest. Beneath his black cloak was a black shirt and black pants. Some mistook him for a Rare Hunter, but he was not. He was merely a mysterious duelist. He scoped the crowd, looking for a duelist. His sights caught one. Kaomi Itai. He drifted slowly cross the crowded street of Battle City.

Kaomi and Raven stood. After a relaxing meal, Raven felt eager for a
Battle City match.

"Kaomi, your duel looked so cool, but not that hard. "I want a challenge. I want my deck to be tested." Raven slid his deck into his Disk.

"HEY! He didn't improve. I did. "It wasn't easy, but it was a dull duel." Kaomi looked back with disappointment.

The cloaked stranger drifted up. "Duelist Itai." his voice was deep and forceful. His face was shrouded in shadow. "I saw you on the boat to
Duelist Kingdom. You were trading with a man named Lios. Lios was my friend, and told me of a good deck. I searched for you on the island, but I only met you on the mainland. Now is my chance to see your amazing deck."

"No." Raven stopped him, "I am a duelist, too. First you beat me, then you beat Kaomi!"

"Raven!" Kaomi felt pure shock.

"How will I be respected as a Duelist if I never duel?" Raven asked her.

"Good. I'll easily get my way to the Finals if this keeps up." the man laughed. He slid his deck into his Disk and activated it, "I am Cidofolos Orlandu, your final duel in
Battle City!"

"I am Raven Vaniver, and I'm gonna get your rarest card." Raven activated his Disk.

"Raven!" Kaomi called to him. I can't stop him, she thought, best to support him, "Good luck, Raven."

"DUEL!" The Life Point counters blinked 4000.

"I'll go first." Orlandu drew, "I play the Troop Dragon in defense mode!" A dragon wearing armor appeared.

Raven drew; "I summon Gradius!" a fighter jet flew out of Raven's Duel Disk. "Attack!" Gradius flew at the Dragon and shot it. The Dragon shattered and another appeared, "Huh?"

""My Dragons replace one another. What kind of troopers would they be if they didn't?" Orlandu drew, "Tribute Troop Dragon" the dragon dissolved and another faded into existence, "to summon Luster Dragon!" A great green dragon appeared. It's attack, at 2400, was double that of Gradius, "Luster Dragon, Lesser Flame!" The dragon spat small fireballs at Gradius. Raven's Life Point counter reported 2800.

"Raven!" Kaomi called from the sidelines.

Raven smiled, "I set one card in defense mode and two cards face-down. Go, Orlandu."

"Gladly. I summon the Dragon Dwelling in the Cave in defense mode and activate this. Dragon's Gunfire!" A dragon in more of a curled posture appeared Luster Dragon shot a large fireball at Raven, dealing 800 damage, "Go."

"I summon this, Dancing Fairy, in Defense Mode!" three fairies danced in a circle next to the horizontal card.

"Inviting me to attack. How unwise." Orlandu drew, "Luster Dragon, ATTACK!"

"Reveal Trap Card, Negate Attack!" Raven flipped his card. Luster Dragon's fire fizzled out.

Raven drew, and his Life Point counter flashed 3000, "My Fairy gives me 1000 Life Points a turn. Now, I flip my monster, The Forgiving Maiden."

Kaomi gasped.

"I activate my magical Polymerization! My Maiden fuses with Marie the Fallen One in my hand to summon the Saint Joan!" Raven smiled, "My Saint cannot attack, so it's your move."

"You think your pathetic Saint Bernard-"

"Joan!" Raven interrupted.

"-can stop me? It'll barely slow me down!" Orlandu said sternly, "To defend my Dragons, I'll have my Luster defend and set three cards." Three cards appeared behind his row of dragons.

Raven drew, and his Life Point counter blinked 4200 "My Fallen One gives me 200 a turn as long as she's in my grave! Now, Saint Joan, ATTACK! DIVINE DEVISTATION!" Saint Joan, which floated gracefully despite the absence of wings, readied her sword. She shot a beam of light from its tip at the Luster Dragon.

"Activate face-down card, Mirror Force!" Orlandu flipped his trap. The beam swung round and Saint Joan was hit. She shattered.

"Reveal my other face-down card, Rope of Life! This Rope brings my Saint back from the Other Realm again, but this time with an overwhelming 3600 attack!" Raven knew there was one card in his deck that could end this fast.

"I activate my trap, Dragon's Rage! My Dragons can now deal damage to your defensive monsters." Orlandu switched the Luster Dragon to Attack. "Go, Luster Dragon!" Fireballs shot at each of the three Dancing Faries, and Raven's Life Point counter reflected 2800 once more.

"You may have fired a portion of my life points, and a goof way to regain them," Raven drew and his counter read 3000, "But my Fallen One is still healing me. And now, my Saint can attack, and she will. Devastate the Luster Dragon!" Luster Dragon shattered, and Orlandu's Life Point counter dropped to 2800.

"It ends now." Orlandu drew, "While I prepare my secret weapon, I will sacrifice my two remaining Dragons to summon my rarest, my Tri Horned Dragon!" A giant dragon with three gigantic horns atop its head busted into the field. Your move."

Raven closed his eyes. He could easily vanquish this recent threat. That dragon was no match for his Saint. Oulandu had to have something face down, but what? And what was this 'secret weapon'? Raven drew, and set a monster in defense mode.

"That all?" Orlandu, seeming disappointed, drew, "Well, well, well.... I'll activate this card, Fusion Sage! It allows me to get one Polymerization from my deck," An old man appeared on the field and pulled a Polymerization card out of the pocket of his robe, then vanished, "and add it to my hand. Now, Mr. Vaniver, we will begin the end. I'll end my turn, but the next one you'll face my Secret Weapon!"

"If you make it to next turn, Orlandu!" Raven drew, "Reveal my monster, the Tornado Bird! It returns those remaining two face-down cards to your hand." A large bird flew out of the face-down card on Raven's side of the field and sent a small twister at Orlandu's face-down cards. The two face down cards on his field vanished. "Saint Joan, ATTACK!" A beam of light struck the Tri-Horned Dragon. Orlandu's counter represented a value of 2150.

"I activate Swords of Revealing Light!" Orlandu threw the card down in anger, "And I summon Z-Metal Tank! Oh, to keep you occupied, here's a Polymerization, combining my Steel Ogre Grotto and my Lesser Dragon to summon my Metal Dragon! I'll also activate two 7 Completed, raising my attack to 3250! Your move!" A metallic tank and a giant metal dragon loomed on Orlandu's side of the field, and swords of light shimmered over Raven's.

Raven only drew, "Go."

"I summon X-Head Cannon!" A giant cannon appeared next to the tank. "Metal Dragon, attack the Tornado Bird!" The Metallic Dragon flew at the bird, now with swords around it, and the dragon shattered it. "Because my Metal Dragon is more metal than it is Dragon, I sadly don't deal damage."

Raven set one Trap face-down, "Go."

""I summon Y-Dragon Head!" A giant metal dragon head appeared next to the Cannon. "Go."

"Raven set a monster in defense mode "Swords are extinguished." The Swords fizzled out of existence.

"Now I sacrifice my X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head, and Z-Metal Tank to summon the mightiest metallic dragon, the XYZ Dragon Cannon!" The three combined to from the large XYZ. "I set one more card, a Trap, mind you, face-down."

Raven almost growled, "Saint Joan, destroy it!"

"Reveal Trap Card, SHIFT!" The blast of light crashed into the Metal Dragon, obliterating it. Orlandu's Counter blinked 1700.

"Hahahahaha!" Orlandu laughed. "Your Fallen One has brought you up to 4000. Congratulations. A Direct Assault from my Dragon Cannon will make you a little less comfortable. First, I activate Monster Reborn! Revive my Tri-Horned Dragon!" The Tri-Horned Dragon appeared, "XYZ Special Ability Activate! I discard the last card in my hand, the Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, to fire a bomb at your Saint. Now, XYZ, Destruction Cannon!" A large bomb shot out of the Cannon, and Raven smiled, "Reveal, Shift." The bomb crashed into the face-down card, destroying it.

Raven drew, "Now, I activate Autonomous Action Unit, reviving your Metal Dragon, and I use Monster Reborn on my Gradius!" Both monsters appeared on Raven's field, and his Life Point counter read 2700. "Offer both to summon MY rarest card, The Tyrant Dragon!" A massive dragon appeared on his field. "Before I get too far ahead of myself, I activate Offerings to the Doomed to destroy your Tri-Horned Dragon. Now, Saint Joan, Attack the XYZ Dragon Cannon!" The XYZ vanished in a blast of light, "Tyrant Dragon, OBLITERATE!" A gigantic fireball slammed into Orlandu, and his Life Points read as zero. He fell, and the Tri-Horned Dragon and one Locator Card fell separate.

Orlandu forced himself up, and removed his hood, revealing a red-hired green-eyed man. "OW! Kaiba's Duel Disk is a little too real." He rubbed his arm, "I still have one locator card, you know, and I'd appreciate it if I could join you...? I'd love to be able to duel alongside a holder of the rare and elusive Tyrant Dragon!"

"Sure!" Kaomi and Raven said at once.

"I no longer wish to duel you, Miss Kaomi, if my last duel was any indication, I'm not ready for you. But soon."

"I'd like that. Soon, Orlandu." Kaomi smiled.

The three drifted onward.


- O -

Orlandu approached a building; "I hear there is a duelist in here who poses a great challenge. I hear he is called Alexander. He eliminated two people who made the mistake of entering. He didn't take anything from them; he just is trying to prove himself. Rumor has it, he wants to only eliminate Yugi Motou."

"The boy who beat Kaiba? And Pegasus?" Kaomi was awe-struck.

"Yugi Motou. Holder of the mighty Dark Magician and the great Exodia. I know of him." Raven chuckled, "I hear he lost Exodia by trusting Weevil Underwood."

"Yugi is a good duelist, but he nearly lost his title to a sub-par duelist, that Devlin boy. I wonder if he is really all that good." Kaomi pictured her Seiyaryu defeating Yugi for a moment, "But these questions are best answered at the finals, if he can make it that far."

"Is anyone going to challenge this 'Alexander'?" Raven asked.

Orlandu put his hood up, "I still have some good cards. I'll take him on!"

Raven approached the entrance of the building and addressed a doorman, "Three to see Mr. Alexander." Raven said, in an official tone.

"Who will duel?" asked the doorman.

"I," Orlandu stepped forward, "Cidofolos Orlandu.

"Rarest card?" asked the doorman.

"XYZ Dragon Cannon." reported Orlandu.

The doorman clapped three times and another doorman walked up. "If you will follow me, sir, and have your friends follow Mr. Cellophane?"

The first doorman led Orlandu up a flight of red-carpeted stairs, while the other led Kaomi and Raven into another room. Up the flight of stairs was a set of large oak doors, which the doorman opened, revealing an elegant, but empty, room with a single red velvet chair. The man in the chair had deep blue eyes and a head of tossed blonde hair. He wore a business suit, gray with a blue undershirt. His Duel Disc was customized with gold plating and adorned with gemstones. He smiled, "Mr. Orlandu." he laughed, "Do you see this room? This, my friend, is the way of the modern warrior. This is our battleground. A room retrofitted with Kaiba Corp's newest holographic emitters. A deck of rare cards worth more than your life. I understand you possess the XYZ Dragon Cannon. It is of no use to me. Therefore, if you loose, I'll just let your shame be your penalty."

"If I win?" Orlandu scowled.

"If you win, you can have my Locator card and my greatest possession. My Black Luster Solder. And, since I'm nice, the Black Luster Ritual. That's only if you can beat me." Alexander laughed again.

"Why can't my friends be here?” Orlandu asked, in a powerful tone that finally made the doorman leave.

"Because, my dear Orlandu, I think the best duel is one that is free of annoyances such as them. Don't fret, I'm sure they're well off."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Orlandu asked, impatient, and quite untrusting.

Alexander stood, "My, we are eager to be shamed, aren’t we?"

"DUEL!" they both activated their discs.


- O -


The man know as Cellophane led Kaomi and Raven on a very long path, eventually winding up in a hall resembling Duelist Kingdom's dungeons that Raven saw on a virtual tour. They were led into a large room lit by torches. The room was large and everything was made of gray stone. Cellophane left, closing the metal door.

"That's great. Just great. What if Orlandu need us?" Raven sighed.

"I doubt he will. Besides, by now he's probably dueling." Kaomi examined the door, and twisted the handle, "It's locked."

"Blast!" Raven kicked a small rock on the floor. Where the rock landed, a cloud of smoke erupted. From it appeared two caped duelists in black suits and top hats.

"Huh/" Kaomi stared, puzzled.

"Magicians." Rave shot them a piercing stare. The male had messy black hair, but the female's red hair was straight and well kept.

"Quite so." said the male, "I'm Quinn."

"And I am Willow." said the female.

"Lord Alexander wanted us to keep you busy." Quinn smiled evilly.

"Allow us to show you a trick!" Willow giggled.

Both removed their hats and reached in to pull out Duel Discs.

"Great. We get the psychotic magician duelists while Orlandu gets challenged! I take it this will be a standard Double Duel?” Raven sighed.

"Yes, but rest assured, we will be a good duel!" Quinn slid his deck into his disc.

"The game will progress as follows: Quinn, Raven, myself, Kaomi, then back to Quinn." Willow slid her deck in as well.

All four discs activated, "DUEL!"

"I play the monster Witch of the Black Forest in defense mode and one card face-down." The Witch and face-down card appeared in from to Quinn

Raven drew, "I summon The Forgiving Maiden in defense mode!" The Maiden fizzled into existence.

"My turn!" Willow drew, "I set this monster in defense mode. Go." A card appeared in front of her.

"I summon my Dark Blade!" A black-clad warrior with giant words appeared before Kaomi, "Attack the face-down monster!" Dark blade slashed through the defensive Ancient Elf.

Quinn drew and set a Spell card face down, "My turn is over."

Raven smiled, "Summon my Pitch Dark Dragon, equipping it to the Dark Blade!" A darkish dragon flew to the Dark Blade, who mounted it. "Dark Blade now has 2200 ATK and can do damage to your defensive cards. I'll also throw down a little face-down card."

"I set this in defense mode." Willow scowled, "and this face-down."

"I summon my Nimble Momonga in defense mode, "Kaomi watched her flying squirrel-like monster coast onto the field on it's glider-esque wings, "And have Dark Blade attack the Witch of the Black Forest dealing 1000 Direct Damage!"

Quinn drew as his Life Point counter lowered, "With my witch I send my Breaker the Magical Warrior to my hand, and summon it!" Breaker appeared, "Now, I'll give it a Book of Secret Arts, raising its attack to 2100. Go."

Raven drew. "Now you've gone and done it, Magicians. I set this in defense mode and end my-" he dropped Polymerization on the field briefly, and picked it back up, "Oops."


- O -


"I will go first!" Orlandu drew, "I summon my Dragon Dwelling in the Cave in defense mode! And let me add this, face-down!" The defensive Dragon appeared with a card behind it.

"I summon my Swordsman of Landstar! I replace his crappy sward with this, a Lightning Blade giving him 1600 attack, and I'll set this, face-down!" A small swordsman holding a blade crackling with electricity fizzled into existence, and a card followed it.

"I'll summon my Baby Dragon in defense mode!" Orlandu's small dragon crossed its arms in front of it as it appeared.

"Not much of a defender!" Alexander drew, "Summon my Ancient Lizard Warrior!" a giant lizard with silver claws appeared, "I won't attack."

"Offer Baby Dragon to summon my Curse of Dragon! Attack!" A large tanish-yellow dragon flew at Alexander.

"Reveal Negate Attack!" Curse of Dragon stopped, "Now I sacrifice my two monsters to summon my mighty Gaia the Fierce Knight!" A horseback knight appeared, "Gaia, attack the Dragon Dwelling in the Cave!" Gaia slashed through it.

Orlandu drew, and set a defensive monster, "Go."

Alexander drew, "Go."

Orlandu just set another defensive monster. "Your move."

"And it's one you'll enjoy!" Alexander smiled, "First, Mister Orlandu, remove your hood. Let me see the eyes of my opponent."

"No." Orlandu responded firmly.

"Why? So you can hide from a duelist so far superior? I guess that makes sense." Alexander laughed manically.

"No." Orlandu again, responded firmly, "Because I want you to fall to a faceless duelist. You are not deserving of the knowledge of who I truly am, Alexander. You are to be beaten by the shadow that is the Dragon handler Orlandu!"

Alexander scoffed, "Really?" he drew, "I activate Change of Heart!" Curse of Dragon drifted over to Alexander's side, "Are you ready for this, Dragon Handler? Activate Polymerization! Fuse Curse of Dragon and Gaia the Fierce Knight to summon Gaia, the Dragon Champion!" Alexander began to laugh a truly maniacal laugh.


                                            - O -

 Kaomi looked at her partner. Was that a signal? Should I be ready for a fusion? But what could he want me to play? Maybe... she thought looking through her hand, and spotted a card. I remember this. It was before Duelist Kingdom. I said my goodbye at the dock, and had started to approach the boat. He stopped me. "Here", he said,” just in case you and I ever should duel together, or you're in a crunch time..." Is this it? I'll signal him. She nodded, "Raven."

"Yes?" he responded, eyes fixed on Willow.

"Thanks for giving me that card, before duelist kingdom. Just in case we're both totally humiliated here, I want you to know, I wouldn’t be here without it." Kaomi smiled, "I wanted to ell you that while I had my pride in tact."

"I understand, Kaomi." Raven's eyes never left Willow, who had just drawn, "You're welcome."

"How sentimental." Willow laughed, "I set this in defense mode and end my turn." Another card appeared before her.

"Hmm." Kaomi looked at her deck, we were lucky Breaker didn't attack... I HAVE to draw MY polymerization, or it's over for us! She drew, and grinned, "Activate POLYMERIZATION! Fusing my Thunder Dragon-" A large dragon with crackling lightning appeared before her.

"And MY Thunder Dragon-" An identical monster appeared before him.

"To summon the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon!" The two Thunder Dragons combined, adding a second head above the first and a vastly greater size. "My fusion my not be able to attack, but my Dark Blade can! Attack Breaker the Magical Warrior!" Dark Blade charged at Breaker.

"Reveal Taylor of the Fickle, distorting your Union, and returning Dark Blade's attack!" Willow grinned.

"Whoa, nice teamwork!" Kaomi found herself a little suppressed as Dark Blade shattered. Her life point counter showed 3700.

"It's my turn!" Quinn drew, "Now, Breaker, attack the Forgiving Maiden!"

"Reveal Negate Attack!" Raven called. Breaker stopped dead in it's tracks, "My turn!" Raven drew, "I activate MY Polymerization, combining my Forgiving Maiden and my Marie the Fallen One to summon St. Joan! And, now I activate the card Foolish Burial! This allows me to discard a card from my hand and send it to one of your graveyards, Willow."

"I can't see why...?' Willow stared at him.

He smiled as Willow's graveyard shimmered, "Allowing me to activate Autonomous Action Unit, returning my Tri-Horned Dragon to the field." Tri Horned Dragon fizzled into existence, and Raven's Life Points blinked 2500. "Tri-Horned Dragon, ATTACK!" A fireball crashed into Breaker, and engulfed it in flame. Quinn's Life Points read 2250.

"However can we win!" Willow laughed.

"I don't know!" Quinn laughed a reply.

"Sacrifice my monsters!" called Willow, "And summon my Dark Magician!" The Dark Magician appeared on the field. "I play this magic card as well, "she flipped open the Field slot, "Activate Mystic Plasma Zone!" A beam of black energy shot through the roof and hit the floor the shockwaves were absorbed by the Dark Magician. "My Dark one's attack in one a nice 3000, and I think it'll attack the Tri-Horned Dragon! DARK MAGIC ATTACK!" Tri Horned Dragon shattered and Raven's counter read 2450.

"If we ever need a little bit of luck, now is it." Raven muttered.

"We only need a little, Raven, we can still win." Kaomi drew.


- O -


Gaia mounted the Dragon nobly, as Orlandu, beneath his hood, frowned. Now what?

Orlandu drew a card. It's not a Dragon, but it may help me soon. He thought, But for now...? Ah! I'll force his hand! "First I activate Swords of Revealing Light! Now I place this monster in defense mode" A defensive monster appeared on the field.

"Defend yourself for three whole turns all you want. I'll beef up my front line! Summon Gerfried the Iron Knight!" A large metallic knight appeared before Alexander.

Orlandu drew, Blast! I didn't get it! "I summon my Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress!" A blue dragon appeared before Orlandu.

"Time for a REAL monster!" Alexander drew, "I send these tow cards from my hand to the graveyard, my two Warrior Dai Grapphers to the grave with this spell, The Black Luster Ritual!" A tablet appeared before Alexander; from it shot a beam of energy that formed the Black Luster Solder. "Your swords are still in effect, boy, so go."

"Sorry, Alex." Orlandu drew, "Reveal my Summoner of Illusions, allowing me to create one illusionary monster. Normally this illusion would be dispelled by the end of the turn, but, well, watch." The Summoner of Illusions absorbed one defensive card from Oulandu's field, and transformed it. From this ray of energy, formed a gigantic dragon with three heads. "Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Now, this illusion cannot attack, but I will make this dream a reality." he let out a small laugh, "Activate Change of Heart on your Luster Solder, and activate my own Polymerization, to fuse the Blue Eyes and the Black Luster Solder to summon this, the mightiest of monsters!" Black Luster Solder flew at Blue Eyes, and the resulting light was blinding, "DRAGON RIDER!" The giant dragon had the Black Luster Solder sitting upon it, "Now, I activate Curse of Aging, discarding this and lowering your monster's attacks by 500. Dragon Rider, ATTACK!" A powerful blast fried Gearfried, and Alexander's counter blinked 500.

"Dear god..." Alexander stared at the dragon, which bent to avoid the ceiling. "Gaia, defend!"

"Too little, too late, Alex." Orlandu smiled, "Reveal Dragon's Rage, Dragon Rider, OBLITERATE!" The dragon prepared its assault.


                                         - O -

Outside the room a doorman stood, "I wonder when Lord Alexander will finish this fool."

There was a terrible, ghastly, silence.

There was a terrible, ghastly, noise.

There was a terrible, ghastly, silence.

                                             - O -

When the ringing stopped in Alexander's ears, and the light engulfing the room faded, he found himself on his back, looking at the ceiling, his deck scattered throughout the room. His life point counter read zero. "How...?"

"That is easy." Orlandu removed his hood, "It takes much time for the student to surpass the teacher, but I've done it, Alex."

"Cid?" Alex could barely see straight, "Only you could win with an illusion."

"Alex, it has been a long time." Orlandu picked up the Black Luster Solder, "I can't take this. Maybe someday you can use it to beat the Motou boy." Orlandu handed it to Alex, and helped him up.

Alex reached into his pocket, "Take my locator card. Now, your friends are downstairs in the Grey Room. Mister Cellophane can take you there." Alex pressed a buzzer on his chair, "Cellophane, take Mister Orlandu to the Grey Room. Henceforth, cancel all challenges. Oh, how are Wil and Quinn doing?"

From a speaker in the hand rest of the chair, came Cellophane's voice, "Fairly well, sir. Quinn is lowest, but Willow has a powerful monster. The Opponents are suffering some Life Point damage, but the duel is progressing slowly."

"Good. Give me a video feed in five, after Orlandu arrives." Alexander ordered. In seconds Cellophane opened the door, ""Cid, go to your friends, I have a King of Games to take down soon enough." Alexander laughed, "See you around, Cid."


- O -


Kaomi drew. If she were to get something for one of their monsters, a defeat of the Dark Magician was a guarantee. She drew, and was almost afraid of looking at the card. "I equip Twin Headed Thunder Dragon with the mighty Dragon's Treasure!" A jewel appeared on her dragon's tail, "Powering my dragon to 3100 attack! Twin Headed Thunder Dragon, Dragon's Double Spark!" Two orbs of lightning crashed into the Dark Magician, shattering it. The first loss to Willow's Life Points was calculated. 3900 life points remained.

"I will go." Quinn drew, visually angry. "First, I receive a gift from Dian Keto the Cure Master, a gift of one thousand Life Points!" Dian Keto appeared before Quinn, and chanted a brief spell, and as Dian dissolved, Quinn's life points grew to 3250.

"No matter." Raven drew.

The door behind them busted open. Orlandu stood in the doorway. "Beat em down, guys! I gave Alex what-for, give his minions the same!"

Raven smiled, "We will. I activate Monster Reborn on the Dark Magician and I'll have Dark Magician attack Quinn, then have St. Joan obliterate him!" The two assaults slammed into Quinn, making him fall backward.

"I defend, and end my turn." Willow called.

"I activate these cards, Share the Pain, destroying the Dark Magician, and your monster, and Monster Reborn on the Dark Magician" The monster Willow set vanished, and the dark Magician appeared on Kaomi's field, "My monsters will obliterate you!"

                                           - O -

When the dust settled, the Magicians were gone, leaving behind one locator card and a Dark Magician a piece.

"Well, where to now?" Raven asked.

"Out of here." Orlandu replied, "I want to relax."

                                             - O -

Once the three were back on the streets, a sight caught Orlandu's eye. "Hey! There is some kind of water show over there!" Orlandu, Raven, and Kaomi ran into a park-like setting.


- O -


The waters washed off the street The opponent, Zaff Destal, an acquaintance of Orlandu's, walked away with his head hung low. The man of the sea, Mako Tsunami, reduced Zaff to nothing. Orlandu smiled.

"Destal deserved it." he smirked.

"Some 'water show', Cid!" Kaomi looked, a little disappointed.

"You can't walk fifteen feet without running into a duel!" Raven felt agitated.

Tsunami laughed, "I could use one more before I take a break!"

Orlandu stepped up. "I'll take you on!" he activated his disc, "I am Dragon Handler Cid Orlandu! Prepare yourself!"

"My friend, you have yourself a challenge!" Mako activated his disc as well.

"DUEL!" they declared.

I will begin by summoning The Lightning Conger in defense mode and I throw two cards face-down." A crackling snake-like thing appeared.

"No problem! I summon Spear Dragon!" Orlandu threw a card onto his disc.

"Activate Torrential Tribute!" Mako called. A massive blast of water cleared the monsters.

"I set this face down and end my turn." Orlandu frowned.

Mako smiled. "I activate A Legendary Ocean!" The path through the park became amerced in water once again, "And I summon my Seven Colored Fish!" His smile grew, "Now I activate Cold Wave, rendering all Spells and Traps useless! Now, Fish, attack!" The Seven Colored Fish swam up to Orlandu, and bit his Duel Disc, which reflected 2200.

Orlandu drew and looked at his hand. The only way he could summon a monster would be using Change of Heart and Monster Reborn, and offering Spear Dragon and the Fish. Cold Wave prevented this. He was unlucky.

"You can do it, Orlandu!" Called Raven "Show that punk the might of Dragons!" Though, Raven did note, coming from the last person Orlandu lost to, this was an odd statement.

"Doing nothing?" Mako drew. "Fish, attack!"

Orlandu drew as his counter flashed 100.

"Maybe." Raven whispered.

"Activate Monster Reborn on the Spear Dragon! And Change of Heart on your monster and sacrifice both to summon my great Yamata Dragon! And here's a little Spiritual Energy Settle Machine to keep it alive!" The translucent Yamata Dragon fizzled into existence. "ATTACK!"

Mako laughed as his Life Points flashed 1400. "The simplest monster in my deck is about to save me. I summon Oogichi! Attack directly!"

Orlandu gasped as his life points hit zero. He had lost it all. His Dragon Cannon, his Locator Cards, and his honor.

"Oh, god!" Kaomi turned away.

Orlandu fell to his knees, as the holograms faded.

Cidofolos Orlandu, the Dragon Handler, was removed from the tournament.


Orlandu walked sadly toward Kaomi and Raven. His deck was removed from his Duel Disc, and his face bore a look of disappointment.

"It's OK, Orlandu." Raven nodded.

"Call me Cid." Orland sighed.

"I will not. You are Orlandu, the Dragon Handler, and any other name is an insult." Raven turned, "Come on, Kaomi, we still need Locator Cards."

"May I come with you?" Orlandu asked, kindly.

"On one condition." Raven turned, "No feeling sorry for yourself, got it?"

"Yes." Orlandu looked around, "Perhaps we should go farther into the park. The scenery is nice."

"Why not?" Raven and Kaomi shrugged and walked further into the park.

                                           - O -

Across the vast park, a blue robed man looked at the river. A red robed man ran up behind him. "Alen-Tax!" He stopped next to the blue robed man. "Alen-Tax! The Dragon Handler is defeated!"

"By who?" the blue robed Alen-Tax asked.

"The Tsunami guy!" replied the red robed man.

"Blast! I wanted a Star to take him out!" Alen-Tax fumed.

"What's greater, he has friends, to of them!" the red robed man responded.

"We have to hurry, then! We don't want Rare Hunters moving in on Star prey!" Alen-Tax turned, "Go, Barbas! Win one for the Stars!

                                              - O -

Kaomi held her hands behind her head as she took in the sunlight. "It's a truly nice day for a tournament,” she said without thinking.

"It is." Orlandu responded.

A burst of light came from a nearby tree, distracting them momentarily. When the light was gone, a group of men in dark cloaks approached them.

"Rare Hunters!" Orlandu stepped forward, "They are thugs who, win or loose, will take your rarest cards and locator card. Be careful."

"They are no mach for us, Orlandu!" Kaomi activated her disc.

The five Rare Hunters walked slowly closer. All but the center man had their head covered. The center man was tall, and bald. He had an odd tattoo, and his gaze was cold. He spoke, and the power of his voice was great, "Raven Vaniver. Your Tri-Horned Dragon is targeted by the Rare Hunters."

Raven locked eyes with the bald man, unable to move.

"DUEL!" Ordered the bald man, Odion, activating his discs.

Raven activated his disc as well.

Odion threw three Traps face down, "I end my turn!"

Raven drew. Come on, Raven! Focus! He's open for a direct attack! "I summon the Dancing Fairy!" His little faries blinked into existence, "ATTACK!"

"I activate Ring of Destruction!" A ring of bombs appeared around each fairy, all exploding at once, "And I activate the Ojama Trio!" As both their Life Point counters flashed 2300, three little alien things appeared on Raven's field. "My turn." Odion drew, "I play Swords of Revealing Light and this card, Just Deserts!"

Raven drew as his life points flashed a dismal 800.

"Raven!" Kaomi called, "Not another loss!"

Raven placed one card face down and ended his turn.

"I activate Dark Hole!" called Odion, "And on the way out, the Ojama's will take the rest of your Life Points!" Raven's counter flashed zero. "Hand us your Tri-Horned Dragon and your Locator cards!" ordered Odion.

Raven complied, and once Odion had what he wanted, he drifted off in search of more prey.

"We’re counting on you now, Kaomi." Raven said, softly, as he put his deck in his pocket.

Raven Vaniver was removed from the tournament.

Kaomi felt the weight of the world on her shoulders, but screamed in anger after Odion, "Wait and see, Rare Hunter, Vengeance is a powerful weapon." she called.

A mixture of overconfidence and luck cursed Orlandu and Raven. Kaomi would not fall to this. She was going to win this. She smiled, "Trust me, Raven, you will be avenged, and I'll get you locator cards. I'll win them back. I need more though. I need to find someone to challenge before that Hunter gets too many cards. C'mon!" Kaomi ran off.

-          O –


It only took a few minutes to find what she was looking for. A woman in a dark shirt and dark pants. Her long brown hair flowed gracefully. Her Duel Disk was turned on.

Kaomi approached the woman, "I am Kaomi Itai, your next opponent."

The woman laughed, "Afraid I have yet to participate in a duel in this tournament, and only have one locator card to offer. I am Aura Leathe. Prepare yourself to fight my great deck." she activated her Duel Disk.

"DUEL!" they called.

"I start by summoning my Little-Windguard in defense mode!" Kaomi smiled, as the little armored warrior appeared, "and throw these two cards face-down!"

"I set a monster in defense mode and end my turn." Aura smiled.

"Little-Windguard, Attack it!" The tiny guardian attacked the monster, a flying squeal, "Nimble Momonga." Kaomi scowled as tow more appeared on Aura's field, and her Life Points flashed a comfortable 5000, "Windguard, defend."

"Now, I sacrifice one Nimble Momonga to set this monster in defense mode. Your turn."

"I'll equip me Windguard with my Butterfly Dagger." Windguard's sword was replaced by green shining dagger, "ATTACK!"

A large wall appeared in place of Aura's new defensive monster. Kaomi's Life Points reflected the loss. 1700 points.

"Aww, blast." Kaomi muttered.


“It’s not as bad as it’ll get, Miss Itai.” Aura smiled. “I place a third monster in defense mode and end my turn.


Kaomi drew. She knew better than to attack, but there had to be something else she could do… “One card face down. Go.”


“Sacrifice my Woodland Sprite for this monster. Your move.” Aura smiled.


“Just wait, Aura, I’ll knock that smile off your face!” Kaomi threatened. She was far less confident as she let on, however. Cid and Raven already lost, she thought, maybe we’re not as good as we think. “I pass.”


“Sacrifice my last Momonga for another monster. Go.”


Kaomi smiled. She had a plan, “I’ll place one card face-down and play Swords of Revealing Light!” The two face-down monsters on either side of the Labyrinth Wall revealed large shields with the Eye of Anubis inscribed upon them, “Just as I thought, three amazing defenders.” She smiled.


“So you realize you can do nothing. I set one card face-down. Go.”  Aura felt comfort in her position.


“I can do anything, Aura.” Kaomi drew, “Reveal my Curse of Fiend!” Windguard moved to an offensive posture, “Although your monsters have great defense, they have no attack value. My Curse of Fiend spell card forces them into Attack Position. Now, I’m sure you have something to stop me from roasting your Shields, so I play this, the Giant Trunade! That also lets me re-play my Swords, binding you for three more turns. Now I play my Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer. Kycoo and Windguard, destroy the Millennium Shields! And Kycoo, remove them from her Grave. “


Aura’s counter showed only 500 Life Points left, “Nice move, but it’ll take more than that to beat me. First, I play the Dark Hole spell card!” a vortex in the sky pulled all the monsters into it, “And, to show you I’m not all defensive, meet my Mad Dog of Darkness! Mad Dog, give her rabies!”


“Reveal, Negate Attack!” The Mad Dog stopped moving. Kaomi looked at her hand, Monster Reborn, Butterfly Dagger, and Dark magician. Nothing…. Wait! She said something about a Woodland Sprite! “Activate Monster Reborn! Revive your Woodland Sprite in Attack Mode! Now, I play the Butterfly Dagger Elma!” The green dagger appeared in the sprite’s possession.


“Reveal Alter for a Tribute, offering my Mad Dog to put my Life Points at 2400!”


“It doesn’t matter. Offer my Butterfly Dagger Elma, inflicting 500 points of damage, lowering you to 1900. Elma returns to my hand when it’s sent to the grave, so I can equip it again, and discard it again to inflict 500 more damage. You’re done, care for me to do this three more times, or want to surrender?”


“My God… I surrender.” She handed over her locator card, “Here’s my Millennium Shield. Take it.”


“Millennium Shield…” Kaomi ran off, “I must avenge my friends, I hope to see you again!”




Itai.” A voice came from behind Kaomi as she ran, causing her to stop. Barbas  “Duel me.”


“Fine.” Kaomi launched her disk, “Let’s go!”


“I’ll go first. Here comes my Gearfried, the Iron Knight!” Barbas assumed a dueling stance.


“No problem,” Kamoi sat three cards in her Spell/Trap zones and smiled, “I’ll defend with this. Go.”


“Attack!” Gearfried sliced the Nimble Momonga.


“My turn!” Kaomi said, watching two more Momongas come forth, “Sacrifice these two, to bring out my Dark Magician. Dark Magic Attack!”


Barbas drew, his counter flashing 3300, “I’ll make short work of you. I set one card face-down and activate Snatch Steal!” The Dark Magician flickered and transported to Barbas’s field “Now, feel your own Dark Magic Attack!”


Having no monsters to shield her, the force of the attack knocked Kaomi back, and her Life Points were down to 2500. “I draw. Too bad I gain 1000 Life Points now, eh?”


“No, you don’t. Reveal trap card Bad Reaction!” Barbas grinned.


Kaomi watched her life points fall, “Defend and play two cards face down. Go.”


“I wi8ll, thanks. I play the Rain of Mercy spell card, giving my 1000 Life Points, and costing you the same amount. Now, enter the field, my Sorcerer of the Doomed!” A decaying wizard with a mere 1400 attack points appeared. That would be enough to finish her. “Dark Magician, ATTACK!”


“Negate Attack!” Kaomi smiled, “It’s not over ‘till I say so, Barbas.” She drew, “First, so I save my Life Points, I’ll reveal my Dust Tornado, getting rid of your Reaction so I gain 1000 Life Points, instead of being eliminated. Now, I play Heavy Storm, destroying your other cards, returning my Dark Magician! And check out my next monster, the great Dark Blade! One card face-down, Dark Blade, Attack!” Dark Blade slayed the Sorcerer. “Dark Magic Attack!”


“Not bad at all. You are deserving of the honor I plan to give you, Kaomi Itai. But this match is still mine.” He drew as his Life Points fell from 4300 to 1400, “Go Raigeki!  Now, Monster Reborn! Come back Dark Magician! Finish her!” The Dark Magician attacked. The force was larger this time, kicking up a large cloud of dust. Kaomi stood in the center when it settled, smiling. She had 1500 Life Points.


“How!” Demanded Barbas.


“My Trap, Enchanted Javelin.” Kaomi drew and grinned, “Set one card and play Card Destruction, then reveal my Monster Reborn! Come on out, Seiyaryu! And here’s another two face-down cards. Now go, before I have to hurt you.”


“Gladly. Summon my Drillago! Dark Magician, ATTACK!”


“Reveal my trap, Blast with Chain! Destory the Dark Magician!”


Drillago, attack directly!”


“Reveal my other trap, Staunch Defender, forcing you to attack Seiyaryu!”


“Reveal my Mystical space Typhoon, destroying Seiyaryu’s equipment, and forcing you to destroy my Drillago, saving my Life Points. Set this card face-down and you can go.” His counter fell to 900.


Seiyaryu, OBLITERATE!”


“No.”  Barbas laughed as Seiyaryu’s blast flew at him, “Reveal Magic Cylinder!” The blast from Seiyaryu flew into a cylinder, and out another one, crashing into Kaomi, lowering her Life Points to zero.


Kaomi Itai was eliminated from the tournament.




Barbas let her keep her Seiyaryu, and took her Locator cards. With hers included, he had six. He snapped them in half, and threw them on the ground before her.


“Why did you do that?” she looked, puzzled.


“Because I am of the Stars of Destiny. We are holding our own tournament tommrow, for people eliminated from Battle City, and some of those Kaiba snubbed from even joining. We’re giving everyone a chance.”


“How noble.” She replied, ”So you want me to join it?”


“You, Mister Vaniver, and Mister Orlandu, yes. See you then.” He turned to walk away and stopped, “Do you know much of your friend, Mister Vaniver? My master, Lord Sevanos, speaks very highly of him. Perhaps, even Mister Vaniver would be unsure as to why, though. He will soon see, rest assured.”


“Get out of my sight.” Kaomi scowled.


“Fine. See you tomorrow, Kaomi Itai. The train for the tournament site leaves domino Station tomorrow morning at eight. The tournament begins in the afternoon at four. Since you have your high school courses in two days, we have sent a notice to your school, you and Mister Vaniver are excused through Thursday, giving you a bit of time to relax after the tournament.” Barbas drifted away as Raven and Cid ran up.


“What happened?” Raven asked.


“I’ll tell you later. We should all head back to my house.” Kaomi offered. The others agreed.




“… and that’s what happened.” Kaomi explained.


“So we leave tommrow morning. Right, I must go prepare.” Cid walked out.


“Raven!” Kaomi stopped him from leaving, “Please stay in our guest room tonight. I wouldn’t mind some practice before tomorrow.”


“Okay.” Raven nodded.




End of

Part One

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