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Yuugi Mutou
Anzu Mazaki
Jounouchi Katsuya
Honda Hiroto
Seto Kaiba
Makuba Kaiba
Ryou Bakura
Malik Ishtar
Mai Kujaku

Name: Yuugi Mutou

Name Meaning: Game

Birthday: June 4

Favorite Card: Black Magician

Most Powerful Card: OSHIRISU No Tenkuu Ryu (The Saint Dragon of Osiris)

Height: 153cm

Weight: 42kg

Blood: AB

Info: Yuugi is a second year student at Domino High School (grade 11) and yes he is the same age as Jounouchi and the others! (Don't let his height fool you), and he loves to play and solve games. He lives with his grandfather above his gameshop (No one seem to know about his parents) His grandfather gave him the long lost Egyptian "Millennium Puzzle" when Yuugi was very young and he tried to solve it ever seince. After Yuugi put the puzzle together, his life changed. He changes into an "invincible" gaming king, Yami. During this transformation Yuugi will sometimes briefly grow a third eye in the middle of his forehead and he will play whichever game it is and beat his opponent. He'll set up opponents, sometimes even while playing by their own rules, and he, of course, beats them at their own game. Yuugi only becomes aware of Yami in the beginning of season two. In season one, he would feel like he blacked out and wake up with no memory (Alot like Yuki in Cardcaptors when he turns into Yue) He is very caring towards his friends, and dose what he can to help them. In the manga and anime Yuugi has a big crush on Anzu but is too shy to act on his feelings. While he tries his best to protect her, his counterpart Yami is always the one to take over when she is in trouble. Yuugi's most favorite card is the Black Magician, but he says it relates to his darker side. Yuugi told Anzu that the card that suits him the most is Maha Vailo.

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Name: Atem (often called 'Yami' or 'Yuugi')

Name Meaning: Darkness/Shadow

Favorite Card: Black Magician

Most Powerful Card: OSHIRISU No Tenkuu Ryu (The Saint Dragon of Osiris)

Info: Yami is the the spirit that lives in the Millennium Puzzle and comes out when Yuugi feels that either him or his friends are in trouble. Yami dosn't remember any of his past, but 5000 years ago, he was the actual Pharaoh that sacrificed himself in order to seal up the power of Millennium Items. Because of Yami's love for games, his spirit was sealed in the Millennium Puzzle. Yami only begins to learn a little of his past when he and Anzu are visiting a museum on a date.

Yami truly is the King of Games, even when the rules have been changed or if his opponet is cheating, Yami always beats them at their own game. Normally anyone who faces Yami in any game and loses, either end up insane or even dead! Yami only starts to end his dark and arrogent ways when Yuugi stops him from making a play that almost cost Seto Kaiba his life, when he threatend to kill himself if Yami played a winning card. Yami only cared about winning and was about to play the winning card until Yuugi took over. After that Yami apologized and the two of them became friends and rely on eachother more. Yami's most favorite cards is the Black Magician. When Yami was the Pharaoh he had 6 preists. One of them was named Madado. After the death of Akunumkanon (Yami's father) Mahaado promised to protect Dead Pharoah's journey to his tomb, but was killed by Bakura. Madado then sealed his soul in a tablet and became the Black Magician.

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Name: Anzu Mazaki

Name Meaning: Apricot/Well Mannered

Birthday: August 18

Favorite Card: Black Magician Girl

Most Powerful Card: Wing Weaver

Height: 165cm

Weight: 47kg

Blood: O

Info: As a child, Anzu's father moved around the world for buisness reasons. Around age 6, Anzu's family decided to settle in Japan, but her father still travels on buisness. Anzu began school in Domino Elemtary and met Yuugi. Her dream in life is to visit New York and study dance. To help make her dream come true she worked at a burger place called "Burger World" in order to make some money, but a robber there took her hostage. Yami took over Yuugi had saved her from getting shot down. He also saved her from possibly getting raped by a school instructor. Anzu is the first to know about Yami, even before Yuugi himself knew. Anzu and Yuugi where best friends ever since they where little kids, and she known him to be very unsure of himself, but his other side is very confident. Anzu and Yuugi are always seen togther and is often mistaken for his girlfriend. Yuugi would love that to happen, but perhaps Anzu finds safety in the fact that their just friends. Anzu spends her free time at school with her friends and she cares a lot about them and shows it on a regular basis. Close to the end of both the manga and anime, Anzu and Yuugi get all lovey-dovey and do get together. Well isnt that sweet ^_^.

In the game of Duel Monsters, Anzu knows all the rules and can play the game quite well, but never takes it to the same level as Yuugi because to her its only a game for fun, but she dose have powerful cards and always wins a game when it counts (she beats one the Big 5 of Kaiba Corp in Season 4) Plus she is the one person that Jounouchi can't seem to beat. Anzu's most favorite card is the Black Magician Girl. Anzu watched a Broadway with starred her and thus had to dream to become a dancer. The Black Macgican Girl's real name is Mana and she was also a student of Madado. Like her master, she sealed her soul in a stone tablet.

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Name: Jounouchi Katsuya

Name Meaning: Palace/Castle/Place of Royalty

Birthday: January 1 Favorite Card: Flaming Swordsmen

Most Powerful Card: RA No Yoku Shin Ryu (The Winged Divine Dragon of Ra)

Height: 178cm

Weight: 62kg

Blood: B

Info: Jounouchi is a second year student at Domino High School (Grade 11). Jounouchi is a gangster type of guy, Although he's is a tough character, he is still a good guy. He cares about his friends and would go out of the way to help them. He usually takes matters into his hands if he spots something that he doesn't like. When Jounouchi was a young boy, his parents where divorced, and him and his sister are seperated. Jounouchi's father drinks alot and never pays any attention to his family, which is why Jounouchi never invites anyone in his home. Jounouchi cares for his sister very much and enter's the Duelest Kingdom Competition to win the prize money in order to save his sister's eyesight. When Jounouchi and Honda first met, they used to pick on Yuugi. That changed when Yuugi defended them when they where being picked on by Usido the Hall monator who claimed to be Yuugi's bodyguard. Jounouchi has a soft spot for Yuugi because he knows how vulnerable he is even though Yuugi tries to act like he's not. Jounouchi and Honda are the best of friends often spotted hanging around together at school and other places.

Jounouchi is an average duleist and has a deck which contains alot of beast/warrior and gamble cards. He was able to reach the finals of Battle City on his own and often tries to hard to show no weakness. The only duelist that Jounouchi hasn't been able to beat is Anzu and sometimes feels embarrassed when she tries to lend a hand in a duel. Jounouchi's most favorite card is the Flaming Swordsmen, but that isn't his most powerful card. Jounouchi is also one of the few people to have a Legendary Red-Eyes Black Dragon card.

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Name: Honda Hiroto

Name Meaning: 'Honda' is a type of rice cake

Birthday: April 19

Favorite Card: Cyber Commander

Most Powerful Card: Lava Battle Guard

Height: 180cm

Weight: 65kg

Blood: A

Info:Honda is a little bit of a tough-guy like Jounouchi, although he's not as good of a fighter as Jounouchi, the only exception is that instead of the life of a delinquent Honda has chosen the life of a model student. Honda's the type of all around guy that everyone has seen or remembers from high school, you know the kind of guy who does a little bit of everything. In addition Honda's a hopeless romantic who devotes a great deal of his time (more so in the anime than the manga) trying to win the affections of a girl named Miho who as you may have guessed fails to acknowledge Honda's existence. Despite his hopeless romanticism Honda is still a very cool character, he's always standing up for his friends especially Jounouchi whom he seems to have a long history with. Honda's the level-headed one of the group he's kind of right in between Jounouchi and Yuugi he doesn't charge into things like Jounouchi and at the same time he doesn't worry so much as Yuugi. Rather Honda takes a more calm analytical approach to every situation. Honda dosent have a real deck, rather just some random cards that he likes. Honda dose know some of the rules of Duel Monsters but never plays the game, however he dose how a slight interest in season 2. Honda's most favorite card is the Cyber Commander. Its not a very powerful card, it can help in the defensive

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Name: Seto Kaiba

Name Meaning: Seahorse

Birthday: October 25

Favorite Card: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Most Powerful Card: OBERISUKU No Kyo Shin Hei (The Immense Divine Soldier of Obelisk)

Height: 186cm

Weight: 65kg

Blood: A

Info: Seto Kaiba is the wealthy CEO of his own multinational high-tech corporation and one of Yuugi's main adversaries. He has an unlimited passion for gaming and especially Duel Monsters. He has dedicated his life to the game and is an expert at the art of duelling. He couldn't live with the fact that he wasn't able to defeat Yuugi and afterwards, went to great lengths to arrange to have him defeated. He even built the ultimate gaming place, Kaiba Land, and holding Yuugi's grandfather as hostage, forced Yuugi and his friends to compete in his Death-T tournament. He was eventually defeated by Yami in the final round and using the power of the Millennium Puzzle, Yami destroyed his evil-filled heart, requiring him to rebuild it in a coma-like state.

Seto has a little brother named Mokuba and since their parents died, they both grew up in an orphanage. Seto promised Mokuba that he would take care of them. Mokuba and Seto always loved to play Chess and Seto watched the campionship. Gozaburo the president of the Kaiba Corporation won and donated the prize money to the orphanage. Seto challenged Gozaburo to a game of chess and asked to be adopted if he won. Seto won teh game by using Gozaburo's tactics against him. Gozaburo adopted them but treated Seto cruelly to train his successor, but while Seto seems cold-hearted, he really is a person who loves games, peace, and innocence. Seto eventually got his revenge by gaining control of Kaiba Corp and pushed Gozaburo out of the executive room window (in the anime, he died of a heart attack after Seto threatened to push him out the window). Seto then destroyed Gozaburo'a milatary bases and turned them into gaming parks (Dueling Tower is one of them). Seto has now turned Gozaburo's war ideals into a company for games and says "I want to preserve the innocence in people, playing games helps preserve that innocence".

In the past Seto was one of the 6 preists that served Pharaoh Yami and one of his best friends. It was Preist Seto who created the tablet and wrote the poetry on it. Seto carved the tablet after Yami's death and it has remained as a sign of friendship that he estbalished for the Pharaoh and it was his heart that requested the duel with him. Seto's most Favorite card is the rare and powerful Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. There are only 4 in the world. Seto has three and he tore up the one that Yuugi's Grandfather owned so that it would never be used against him. The Blue-Eyes white dragon was actully a woman that Seto saved in a village in Egypt who had pale skin, white hair, and blue eyes. After the woman's death Seto sealed her soul in a table. A flash back of this can be seen while Seto is dueling against Isis in Cattle City. Seto also has OBERISUKU No Kyo Shin Hei which was given to him by Isis. In the past Seto was the owner of the Millennium Staff, and his father Akunadin (one of the 6 preists) was the owner of the Millennium Eye.

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Name: Mokuba Kaiba

Name Meaning: Wooden Horse/Rocking Horse/Trojan Horse

Birthday: July 7

Favorite Card: N/A

Most Powerful Card: Often uses Seto's Deck

Height: 142cm

Weight: 28kg

Blood: O

Info: Seto's younger brother Mokuba shares Seto's passion in gaming. He prefers to play Capsule Monsters Chess and holds the top record in every single video game in the country. Although they hold no official grudges, Mokuba wants to see Yuugi humiliated for messing with his brother. He looks up to Seto and sees no evil in him until he was punished for losing to Yugi as his brother predicted, then he realised how much his brother has changed. While Mokuba loves his brother very much, he still wishes that Seto never won the Chess match with Gozaburo, Mokuba calles it "The day my brother stopped smiling" and lones to see Seto use his own ideals on himself and use games to preserve his innocence.

Mokuba eventually becomes friends with Yuugi and the others. Due to his young age, Mokuba wasn't effected as much by Gozaburo's cold treatment as Seto, but Mokuba is the only person to see Seto's affectionate side. Mokuba and Seto both have a card-shaped locket that contains a picture of each other playing chess when they where kids in the orphanage. Whenever Seto had to study as a child, Mokuba would always sneak some duel monster cards in his text books because Gozaburo took away all of their games. The cards that Mokuba would sneak where weak cards, but one time made a Blue Eyes White Dragon on paper with crayon. Seto then promised that one day he would get a real Blue-Eyes one day.

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Name: Ryou Bakura

Name Meaning: Companion/Completion/Understanding

Birthday: September 2

Favorite Card: Change of Heart

Most Powerful Card: Dark Necrophia

Height: 176cm

Weight: 52kg

Blood: AB

Info: Bakura is a new transfer student to Domino High School. He's friendly, and the girls really love him! Like Yuugi, Ryou is also the subject to bullying, but not half as much as Yuugi. Ryou has a Millennium Ring which belonged to Preist Madado who later became the Black Magician. The Ring has the ability to seal parts of anyone's soul into inanimate objects. Ryou' s Yami uses this power to turn people into game peices for Ryou's favorite game, an RPG style board game called "Monster World". However Ryou is not able to control his Millennium Item like Yuugi and it sometimes has much more evil person emerges without Ryou's permission, unlike Yuugi's, Ryou's Millennium Item has an almost hypnotic control over him that makes you wonder who's really in charge.

In the past Bakura was a tomb robber who robbed the tomds of the great Pharaohs and tired to steal the Millennium items. The Millennium Ring was the first item Bakura stole while he killed Madado and later went after the Pharaoh's puzzle. Ryou's most favorite card is the Change of Heart. It allows the player to take over any of their opponent's cards. It also suites Ryou due to the way he is always changing from good to evil. Bakura's strongest spirit in the past was Diabilo.

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Name: Malik Ishtar

Name Meaning: N/A

Birthday: December 23

Favorite Card: Likes all of them

Most Powerful Card: RA No Yoku Shin Ryu (The Winged Divine Dragon of Ra)

Height: 180cm

Weight: 55kg

Blood: B

Info: Malik is the last son of his tribe in Egypt. His parents tried for a son but had Isis first. Malik's mother died after he was born due to her age. When Malik turned 10 his father preformed the ritual of carving the God cards on his back with a knife. It is a ritual every hier of the tribe must take part in. When Malik got older he wanted to go up into the world and see it and Isis isn't to sure about it. Rishid (Adopted servent) tells them to go because their father was sleeping and he would stand guard. Isis and Malik goes outside and into town and while there Malik sees a picture of a motocylce and dreams of riding one. Isis tells him that they should go back and when they were about to Shaadi appears and tells them that blood must be shed in order to return and he disappears. Isis notice the millennium anhk on him and wonders where he went to. Isis and Malik went back home anyway and Isis noticed that a trap was set off when they left, they run down to find their father beating Rishid up with a hot knife. They try to stop him but it was no use, so Malik goes Yami and takes the millennium rod (this is when Malik's yami was born) and takes the knife out of the rod and kills his father. Yami Malik was about to kill Rishid too, but Rishid stops him and turns him back to his normal self. When he turns back to normal Malik he totally forgot what just happened and finds his father dead. Shaadi appears again telling them that it was the will of the pharaoh. So now Malik wants to kill Yugi as revenge because Yugi's a pharaoh. He finds out later that it was his Yami. In the past, Malik's sister Isis was one of the 6 Preists that served the Pharoah and owned the Millennium Tauk.

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Name: Mai Kujaku

Name Meaning: Personal Object/Peacock

Birthday: N/A

Favorite Card: Harpie Lady

Most Powerful Card: Harpie's Pet Dragon

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Blood: N/A

Info: Mai Kujaku is a female duelist that has come to the Duelist Kindgom to not only win the prize money (which confuses me cuz she came from a rich family) but to also to test her skills. Mai uses a special card trick to get the better of her opponents. Her deck is based upon the Harpy Lady card. Mai's perents died when she was young and grew up alone. When she was old enough, she began to work on a casino ship as a card dealer, then later became a duelist. While Mai appears to be a lonely duelest, her biggest fear is being alone altogether. Jounouchi had a dream about his friends and Mai asked him is she was in it. Jounouchi was embarrassed to admit it and said no which hurt her feelings. When Mai was dueling Malik in the shadow realm, Jounouchi ran to Mai when she was suffering and admitted that he considers her as his partner and protecter her from Malik's God card. (Throughout season 4 you see a love interest developing between these two ^_^)

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