Kaiba's Pain

((*giggles evilly* POWER TO THE KAIBA! Ya, ok, this is our happy little fic about Seto, just FYI in my little fic Kaiba already got Mokuba and like Pegasus died or something ok? *takes an axe and cuts Pegasus’ head off* See? All gone *evil grin* Oh yeah and one more thing, as far as I am concerned they all can drive, except Yugi and Mokuba! *laughs in their faces as they run off crying* Now here we go...))

Disclaimer: *cries* I don’t own ANYTHING!

Seto Kaiba was sitting at his desk late one night while a storm boomed outside. He took a sip from his coffee and then went back to all his computer calculations and business funds, he was so engrossed that he didn’t notice the little body coming into his office until two small hands pulled at his trench coat.

“Big brother...”

Kaiba turned from his work and looked at Mokuba, “What is it Mokuba?”

“I can’t sleep... lightning is scary.” And as if on cue there was a flash and a rumbling sound. Mokuba jumped into Seto’s lap and cringed.

The older Kaiba patted the big mess and black hair and hugged his little brother, “Don’t worry, thunder won’t hurt you, it’s just a sound...”

Another flash and Mokuba cringed, “but it’s still scary.”

Seto squeezed Mokuba and looked down at him, “Why don’t you stay in here until the storm is over. Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.” He smiled fondly down at his younger sibling who nodded and curled up into a little ball on Kaiba’s lap. Seto went back to typing on his computer as the bundle sitting on him started to settle and finally fell into slumber.

Kaiba glanced down at his brother and smiled one of his rare smiles before picking up the small form and carrying him back to his bedroom. Seto placed little Mokuba back in bed and tucked him in. “Sleep well...” and he walked out of the room and back into his office.

Seto took another sip from his coffee and then started to type again before a huge flash of lightning made his computer screen flicker. He sighed exasperated and shut down the system. “No need to fry the thing...” He shoved his hands into his pockets before walking off to his bedroom down at the other end of the long hallway. He took of his coat and shoes and plopped them down on a chair. He walked over to his dresser and changed into his pajamas before collapsing on top of his bed. He looked up through one of the skylights at the raindrops collecting on the glass before falling to sleep...

He woke up the next morning very early and got dressed before looking into Mokuba’s room to make sure that his little brother was still sleeping soundly, and he was. So Seto walked downstairs and scribbled something on a piece of paper, which he left for the little one upstairs to read when he woke up. Then Kaiba went outside and started walking towards town. He didn’t know why he even bothered, it’s not like he had any reason to go to town, but he kept walking down the street and figured that he’d just get some candy for Mokuba or some thing and then come back.

As he was walking down the road Kaiba heard someone cussing his head off around the corner and he went to see. There was Yugi and the gang all sitting by a car with a huge cloud of steam coming out of the front. Joey of course was kicking the car and having a spazz attack...

“Shitty car! DRIVE!”

Tea rolled her eyes; “Joey it’s not like it’s going to listen to you.”

Yugi nodded, “Come on Joey, just calm down.”

Joey just kept kicking the car and making it shake as another loud hiss cam from the engine and the cover slammed down on the car.

“OW! Hey Joey cut it out! I’m trying to fix this thing and you kicking it won’t help!” Tristan rubbed the back of his head and then opened up the lid again before vanishing into the steam.

Kaiba watched their antics and smirked slightly before walking over to them with his hands shoved into his pockets.

Yugi was the first one to notice him and he looked up, “Oh hey Kaiba!”

Joey stopped kicking the car and stood rigid as he glared at Seto. Tristan peeked out from behind the hood and moaned before going back to trying to fix the handicapped vehicle. Tea just sat there on the ground and didn’t even look at him with her arms folded. Yugi was the only face there that showed any signs of acceptance, and even his features expressed some dislike.

Kaiba just ignored them and pulled out his cell phone. He said a couple of things and then shoved it back into his pocket. “A mechanic is gonna come fix your car...”

Tea looked up at him with a curious look, “Why?”

Kaiba chuckled dryly; “Even you can see that your car is busted.”

Joey held his arms up and started walking the other direction from where Kaiba had come from, “Whoa, I’m not gonna let some screwy guy that’s working for Kaiba fix any car I’M riding in, he’ll probably make it explode or something!”

Tristan slammed the cover shut and ran to catch up with Joey, “I’m with you man.” And he whispered to Joey, even though Seto could still hear him, “No telling what that crackpot will do.”

Yugi shrugged and got up, “I guess I’d better go with them, we don’t them to get into trouble do we?” He looked down at Tea and smiled before walking towards Joey and Tristan.

Then Tea stood up. Kaiba just inwardly groaned, he’d actually tried to do something nice and they all were just leaving, but to his surprise Tea just leaned up against the car and sighed heavily, “Well I guess I have to stay, one of us has to make sure you don’t steal our car...”

Seto mentally smiled; even if she didn’t like him at least they all hadn’t left. He went and leaned next to her on the car with arms folded. She looked at him, “Why are you still here?”

“I’m waiting for the mechanic.”

“I can do that by myself.”

“Well... I have to make sure you don’t steal my mechanic...” He smirked and gave her the slight hint of a glare.

After waiting for a couple of minutes Kaiba looked at his watch, 9:06. Then both he and Tea sat there in total silence for a looooooong time. Kaiba looked at his watch again, 10:29. He then looked at Tea, “I’m gonna go back home, when he gets here he’ll call and then we can come back...”

She looked at him with frosty eyes, “What do you mean ‘we’?”

He shrugged, “I was just figuring you’d come back to Kaiba Corp with me, unless you like standing out in the rain all day...” ((Remember that? It’s still raining!))

Kaiba pulled out his cell phone again. Pushing a couple of buttons he muttered into it and then back into his trench coat it went.

“I got someone to pick us up...”

“Who said I’m coming?”

“Fine. Then I got someone to pick ME up.”

“Your just gonna leave me here?”

“I thought you didn’t want to come.”

“I never said that.”

He sighed exasperated, “Are you coming or not?”


“Yes or no, if you are, then fine, if you aren’t, then sit here and drown for all I care...”

“Ok, ok, I’ll come, no need to get in a huff.”

The limo ((Why not live in style if you can, hehe)) arrived shortly and they both got in. Kaiba sat on the right side and Tea sat as far away from him as possible in the left-hand corner. It only took a couple of minutes to get back to Kaiba’s house.

They both got out of the car and when they got inside Kaiba chucked his shoes and coat off and walked into the kitchen with Tea slowly following him.

In the kitchen at the table sat Mokuba happily munching away at some cereal and he smiled when he saw Kaiba. “Hey Seto, did you have a nice walk?”

Kaiba sat next to him and ruffled his hair affectionately and smiled, “I didn’t get that far, found some stragglers on the side of the road.” He took of sip from a mug of coffee ((Ya, he gets LOTSA coffee *evil grin*)).

Tea walked in just then and little Mokuba smiled evilly at Kaiba, “You got a GIRLFRIEND!”

Kaiba almost choked on his drink and started coughing before looking at his little brother, “Tea? I think all the sugar in that cereal is going to your head...” He ruffled the black hair again and then got up. He beckoned to Tea with his arm and led her into the living room/entertainment room; it really was too big to just be a living room. “You can just hang out here until I we hear from the mechanic, if you get hungry you saw the kitchen and-” His phone started ringing and he picked it up. “What? What d’ya mean the storms too bad to send anybody out here?! I don’t care, get your lazy ass off that chair and pick up that car!” He snapped the phone shut and chucked it at one of the chairs so that it bounced off the cushion a couple of times but didn’t break, “Shit...”

Tea just looked at him feeling kind of uncomfortable, she still didn’t like him but it was weird being in someone else house, especially a big one. Kaiba turned to look at her, “Your gonna have to stay the night...”

She looked at him and blinked, “Wh-what?”

He shrugged; “The people won’t send anybody out, something ‘bout the storm being too bad or something... Come on, I’ll show you a room...” He walked off and she followed him into one of the rooms which came off of the same hallway his and Mokuba’s bedrooms were in. He gestured his arm around, “Here ya go, the bathroom is down the hall, and ya... well, bye”

Kaiba walked out of the room and into his bedroom. He went out on his balcony as the rain plowed down on him. Why did everyone hate him so much? Ok, so he wasn’t the nicest guy in the world... but that was no reason to hate him? He peered over the edge of the balcony at the water below before walking inside dripping wet. He scribbled something on a piece of paper and left it on top of his dresser, it was just a note for Mokuba:

Hey Mokuba,

I know that you’ll be alright, just remember that your big brother is always there for you no matter what, even if I’m not actually THERE I’ll make sure that you’re safe, don’t worry. I’ll miss you, and try not to grow up too fast...

-Seto Kaiba

Seto smirked and creased the letter in half. Then he went out to stand on the balcony again. Nobody cared about stupid Seto Kaiba, so why should he care about himself. The beginnings of tears began to swell up at the bottom of his eyes but he brushed them away with his sleeve. He climbed up onto the railing and looked down at the sharp rocks down bellow that the waves were crashing against. He sighed deeply and whispered to himself, “See ya Mokuba...” and just as he was about to lean out the door swung open behind him...

Tea had walked into Kaiba’s room to ask where the bathroom was, because she had forgotten when she saw the note lying on top of his dresser. She picked it up and read it before she looked out the glass doors to see Kaiba standing on the railing out in the pouring rain. Suddenly they purpose of the letter hit her smack in the face. CRAP! Kaiba was gonna jump! She swung the door open when Kaiba started to lean outward...

Kaiba looked back and saw Tea standing there when he lost his balance. He started to fall but managed to barely grasp his hand onto the railing that his feet had just left. There’s one other thing that rain does other than get things wet though, it makes them slippery, and Kaiba’s hand wasn’t doing too well at keeping it’s grip on the wet stone. He looked down and saw the crashing waves. Well, guess this was it, no more Kaiba for the world. Seto was going to let go when Tea grabbed onto his arm and started trying to pull him up. Kaiba figured he might as well help her so he started to pull himself up with his other arm as soon as it could reach the railing as well.

When Tea finally got Kaiba over the railing they both lay out on the cold stone balcony with the rain pounding down on them. Tea got up and dragged Kaiba inside with her and they both collapsed on the dry rug instead.

She looked over at him and gasped between breaths, “What, were you doing, you idiot?”

He just looked at her and smiled, speaking in the same halting pattern, “Just ridding, the world, of one less, ass hole...”

They lay there for several minutes until they both caught their breath. Kaiba got up first and started to head for the balcony doors again when Tea yanked him back to the floor. Pinning him to the ground she spoke to him firmly, “You aren’t going back out there Seto Kaiba, I’m not letting you kill yourself...”

He looked away from her and whispered softly, “Why...”

She yanked his head back so he was looking back at her again, “Because, no matter who you are, as long as you have a heart, you deserve to live. I know you might not like to admit it, but you have a heart. I saw you down there with Mokuba, you care about Mokuba, and Mokuba looks up to you. If you want to set the example for him that it’s ok to kill yourself then don’t expect it to be long before your brother joins you too. If that’s what you really want for your little brother then you might as well die. But there’s no reason for him to die Kaiba. There’s no reason for you to die; there’s just no reason!”

Kaiba pushed her off and lay down on the couch. ((And yes he has a couch in his bedroom.)) She got up and walked over and knelt next to him so she was eye level with him. He looked at her, “You weren’t supposed to care... Why’d you have to go and care, nobody would have cared, Mokuba would’ve been fine, our parents died and he dealt with that, so he could’ve dealt with me dying too. Shit, I SAW my parents die, he would’ve just gotten the note. But then YOU had to go and start caring... you weren’t suppose to......”

Tea had always thought of Kaiba as this pompous, arrogant, jerk who just loved to watch people squirm. But as she saw him lying on that couch at the lowest point that any human being could ever get, the point when they think life has no meaning, it finally became clear to her just how sweet he actually was. He voice softened and she held his hand, “Kaiba... it’s ok to be upset, but that’s no reason to give up hope... you just need to talk to other people and then it’ll all seem better...”

He sat up and smacked the couch cushion, “Who on earth am I gonna talk to?! The butler? Hmph! You just try living in my shoes for a couple of days and you’d see why killing myself was a good idea. Just like today, I get up this morning and go downstairs, it’s all empty, I grab some breakfast and I’m walking to town for no damn reason, and then I find you guys getting soaked because your friggin car broke down. And when I try to do you guys a favor by calling a mechanic you all run away like I’m gonna kill you or something. And YOU stay, but only because you don’t want me to STEAL the car! EVERYBODY hates me! EVERYBODY in the whole goddamn world HATES me!”

Tea got up and sat next to him on the couch. She watched him lean back and look at the ceiling and then at her before she looked down at the hands in her lap and whispered, “I......don’t hate you....”

He leaned forward, “What?”

She looked at him, “I don’t hate you, Seto Kaiba, I don’t hate you.”

He looked at her in disbelief, “You don’t?”

She stared straight into his eyes, “No Kaiba, I really don’t. I mean you act like nothing bothers you, but you’re really just a really sweet guy. You’re just a sweet guy trying to get through life as best you can just like everybody else.” She smiled, “Just look at Mokuba, you’ve practically raised him by yourself and he’s turned out all right. You aren’t as bad ass of a guy as you think you are...”

Kaiba sat there blinking at her, “You think I’m....sweet?”

She blushed and rubbed the back of her head, “Well... I guess so...”

Kaiba got up and stood in the middle of the room looking down at the floor holding one hand behind his back, “Have a good sleep Tea.” and he walked out of the room.

Tea just sat there. Had she done something wrong? Why had he just left? Was it something she said? Of course, she didn’t know, and she walked back into her room and dropped down onto her bed. She was dazed and confused but despite the constant questions in her head, she fell asleep.

Kaiba on the other hand was far from sleeping. He sat in his office sipping coffee agitatedly. Why had it made him so uncomfortable that she said he was sweet? He should have been flattered. No one had ever said that to him before though. He wasn’t sure whether to believe her or not, she could’ve been lying, just trying to make him feel good about himself like all the other mindless drones that he worked with always did. Of course it never worked, it just made him feel worse, worse knowing that there was nobody that really cared for him. But did Tea really care for him? He shook his head in frustration, of course not, nobody did, nobody could or would, they had no reason to.

With that he started typing away at his computer trying to find something to work on. There had to be SOMETHING that was time consuming and required a lot of thought. But there wasn’t. ‘Stupid weekends, why did he always have to do everything so that the weekends would be free...’ He banged his head down on his desk. Whack. He looked at the door to make sure nobody was coming. Whack, whack, whack. He looked up again. Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, WHACK! WHACK! He looked up at the door and figured it might be a good idea to shut the door. He got up and took a couple of steps towards the door. He wobbled from side to side as he walked but managed to swing the door closed. He started to go back to his desk, but it’s kind of difficult to walk when the room is moving, at least that’s what it looked like to him. He second thought going to his desk and was about to open the door again when the world suddenly started flickering in and out. His head decided it didn’t want to be in though, and went out...............

Tea woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. She stretched and got up. Pulling on her clothes on she started thinking about her dream. There she was sitting on Kaiba’s couch with him again yesterday when he got up. But instead of leaving the room, in her dream he had gone over and gotten out a gun. When he pulled it out he had pointed it at his stomach and started shooting it into his gut. She had watched him wide eyed as the bullets tore into him and he fell to the floor dead. In the middle of the night she had woken up and hugged her pillow to her chest. It had taken her a while to get back to sleep, but she had, and now she was where she was now. She walked out of the room and downstairs to breakfast. She grabbed some cereals and was happily munching away when Kaiba came downstairs clutching at his head. He stuck his head into the fridge and pulled out a bowl of cold oatmeal and a fork. ((Yes he eats oatmeal with a fork))

“Hi Kaiba.”

He batted his arm at her distractedly and wandered back upstairs. He went to sit on the couch in his room and took a couple of bites in his room. ‘Shit my head hurts...’ He put a hand against it again before taking another bite of his cold oatmeal. After slipping the fork out of his mouth he looked at it quizzically, and then he gave a little smirk. Raising the fork above his head he brought it down straight into his leg. His smile grew as the pain reached his nerves. He yanked the fork out and brought it down again into his thigh.

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