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((No offense to all you Joey lovers. I need somebody to pick on =) But I love Joey too so it’s all in fun… Now on with the show!))


Tea ran down the stairs and opened up the door.

“Oh, Hi Seto.” She smiled. “What brings you here?”

“You forgot this at my house.” He handed the book to Tea and turned to go, but she grabbed his arm.

“Do you want to stay for dinner?”

He shrugged and shoved his hands into his pockets. “Sure… why not.”

Walking inside he followed Tea into the kitchen where she started getting out various foodstuffs.

“Um… Can I help?”

She popped her head out of the fridge to look at him. “Well, I guess. Here…” She shut the door and picked up a knife, handing it to him along with a green pepper. “You can cut this up, and those other vegetables too if you want.” She gave him the cutting board and showed him where the other vegetables were before she went back to the fridge and pulled out some hamburger. “Do you like this stuff?”

He looked up from his cutting and nodded. “Sure.” Then he went back to slicing the pepper into little tiny pieces.

Tea watched him and smiled slightly as she unwrapped the beef and started making it into patties. “Thanks for returning my book…”

“No problem…” He slid the pieces of pepper to the side with the knife and started chopping up a carrot.

They sat there in silence preparing the food for a while and Kaiba finished with his chopping and started spinning the knife around. Tea was trying to think of something to talk about and then the image of Joey’s purple face jumped into her mind. “Joey looked like a plum today.” She looked over at Kaiba who just kept spinning the knife. “You did a pretty good number on him…” She glanced over at him again and he shrugged.

“He deserved it…”

Tea put the burgers into a frying pan and started cooking them. “Maybe. I’m sorry again for what he said. There was no reason for him to do that…” “…”

She turned to face him and saw he had stopped spinning the knife and was now holding it by the handle. Turning back again she flipped the patties over. “Those guys can be real jerks sometimes. But they mean well…” “…”

Tea started to feel uncomfortable and decided to change the topic some. “He did look pretty funny…”

She heard Seto chuckle a little behind her. “I hit him with my briefcase…”

Facing him she looked surprised. “You did?”

A smile growing on his features he started twirling the knife again. “Right in the stomach.”

Tea giggled and rubbed her own stomach. “That must’ve hurt.”

“It did…” He grinned.

Dinner was good, but they didn’t really talk that much during it. Afterwards Kaiba cleared off their plates and took up the knife again and started twirling it again.

Tea walked up and leaned against the counter next to Kaiba. Thoughts had been running through her mind over dinner and she finally decided to voice the one that was clawing at her the most.


He continued twirling the blade and looked over at her for a second. “Hm?”

“Do you love me?”

The knife flew out of his hand and into the wall. Looking at Tea sheepishly Seto smirked and went to yank it out of the wall. “Sorry...”

Tea’s eyes followed him until he came back and leaned against the counter again. “So? Do you?”

Seto shrugged and put the knife down on the counter. “I guess so...”

Tea wrapped her arms around his neck and bobbed noses with him. “You guess so?”

Smiling he leaned in and gave her a kiss. “Ok, I do.”

((And of course perfect timing...)) Seto’s phone began to ring and he reached into his pocket flipping the contraption open in one swift motion and placing it to his ear.

“Hello? Ok... I’ll be right there...” Hanging up the phone he looked back at Tea. “Guess what?”

“You gotta go?”

“Yeah...” Brushing a few strands out of her face he smiled. “I’ll stop by again tomorrow, ok?”

With a little giggle Tea nodded, “Ok...”


Kaiba burst into the main headquarters and glared over at his secretary, “Where are they?”

She shuffled papers nervously and managed to stutter, “Th-They’re in your office M-Mr. Kaiba sir...”

Kaiba marched into the room and scowled at the men sitting around his desk, “What do you buffoons want?”

One of them stood up and wrung his hands. “Well.. you see... we have a problem... a problem...”

‘These idiots never get to the point. He’ll just go on and on until he finally decides to give a hint of what he’s talking about. I don’t have time for this...’ “Just spit it out!”

“We have a virus in all the computers and we can’t fix it...”

‘A computer virus... this company develops high quality holographic dueling systems and they call me in, for a computer virus...’ Narrowing his eyes at the incompetents before him Kaiba went over to his desk and sat down in front of his computer. “You idiots leave... I’ll fix this.”

All of the men filed out leaving Kaiba to his work.

‘Idiots. They can’t even fix a simple virus...’ He typed away at his computer and found the virus. It didn’t take him that long to find the problem and after that it was just finding the right computer program to solve it. In around half an hour he was all done and he emerged out of his office.

“Tell those idiots I’ve fixed it... and if they have a problem like this again tell them to find a simpleton co-worker to fix it instead of bothering me with something this idiotic.”

He marched out of the building and drove off in his car. ‘Idiots, buffoons, morons...’ After cursing everyone he worked with, it finally went out of his system and he was home again.

Walking in the front door he was immediately met with a hug around the waist by Mokuba. Exhaling the last bit of any anger left in him Seto chuckled. “Hi Mokuba.” ‘He’s still feeling clingy... Not that I blame him, I would be too if I thought he’d died...’ Feeling kind of guilty for putting that emotional stress on his little brother Seto ruffled the black bundle of hair.

“You took a while...” The small blue eyes stared up into Seto’s as the older Kaiba smiled.

“Sorry... Tea asked me to stay for dinner.”

With an evil grin on his face Mokuba giggled.


Mokuba started taunting, “Seto’s got a girlfriend. Seto’s got a girlfriend.”

Pinning him to the ground Kaiba set upon tickling his younger sibling. “So what if I do?”

“Hehe... Ok... Hehe... I give... Hehehehe... Stop!... Hehehehehehe... Please! You Win!... Hehehe... SETO!”

Smiling Seto let up on torturing his sibling and ruffled his hair once again. “See you later.” Pulling his little brother off the floor he chuckled and shook his head before running up the stairs into his room.

Lying down on his bed with a wondering look on his face he let his eyes run back and forth on the ceiling. ‘Tea? My girlfriend? Well... that would be nice. I just wonder what she’d think... I mean... Should I ask?... No... That could be humiliating...’ With this he covered his eyes with one arm. ‘I know!’ Sitting up with a hopeful look on his face Seto pulled out his cell phone and punched a number in.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ri-




“The one and only...”


Seto chuckled at how perky Tea always sounded. “Glad your happy.”

“Why’d you call?”

“Was just wondering something...”

“Which was?”

“For tomorrow... Would you like to go to the movies?”

“Um... ok...”

“I’ll come pick you up at seven. See you tomorrow.”

“Sure... See ya.”

Hanging up the phone Seto smiled and fell back onto the bed again. ‘We’ll just have to see what happens now...’


Tea finished washing the dishes and ran upstairs to get ready. Taking a quick shower Tea pulled on a blue jean skirt and a nice tight purple tank top. Running downstairs she looked at the clock, 6:50. ‘With ten minutes to spare.’ Sitting down on the couch she breathed a sigh and waited for the doorbell to ring. Twiddling her thumbs and staring around the room she waited until she heard the doorbell ring. Jumping up she ran over to the door and pulled it open to see Kaiba standing there.

When he saw her he ran his eyes up and down as he smiled. “You look nice.” Giving her a kiss on the cheek he led her to the car and then they drove off.

“So what movie do you want to see?” Seto asked Tea as she buckled in.

“I don’t know...” She shrugged and cocked her head to the side. “What do you want to see?”

Chuckling he smirked, “Why don’t we just pick one at random, that will be easier.”

Tea shrugged again. “Ok then.”


Seto slid into his seat as the movie started and he handed Tea the Raisinets she’d asked for. “Here you go.”

“Thanks. So what movie did you pick for us?”

“Jurassic Park three.”

Tea stared at him and blinked. “That is such a guy thing...”

He looked at her. “What’s wrong with people getting eaten and maimed?”

Smiling Tea leaned up against him and smiled as she took out some of the Raisinets. “Nothing...”

“Hey Yug, this movie is gonna be great.”

‘Oh no, not them...’ Seto tried to shrink down in his seat as far as he possibly could before Tea looked at him curiously.

“What’s the matter?”

“Joey...” He groaned.

Tea took a quick glance behind their seat and saw Joey and Yugi with a nice big tub of popcorn. Shrinking down into the seat along with Seto she giggled. “We’ll just have to hope that they don’t see us...”

He looked over at her somewhat curiously, “But, they’re your friends... Why are you hiding?”

Poking his nose she smiled, “Because they aren’t your friends, and if they saw me I would never hear the end of it.”

Seto smirked and went to watching the movie for a while until a piece of popcorn fell on top of his head. Picking the kernel out of his hair he narrowed his eyes but just kept watching with Tea leaning against him. Shortly after another kernel fell down into his hair. Taking a deep breath Kaiba picked this one off his head too and flicked it away. ‘Don’t bother turning around. You know it’s Joey, and he probably doesn’t know it’s you. So just ignore it and then he’ll never know you were here...’ He tried watching the movie again until a shower of kernels fell down on him.

Whirling around in his seat Kaiba glared at Joey who was throwing up popcorn and trying to catch it in his mouth. Noticing someone staring at him Joey stopped throwing popcorn and looked at Seto.

“Oh, sorry dude, I didn’t mean to- Kaiba? What are you doing here?”

Grinding his teeth together Kaiba hissed at Joey, “What do you think? Watching the movie... So stop. throwing. popcorn...” Sliding back into his seat Kaiba folded his arms and glared at the screen.

Tea cuddled up against him again and whispered. “Just calm down... It’s ok...”

Seto stiffened and continued glaring at the screen. “I am calm.”

Taking a raisinet out of the box Tea shoved it into his mouth. With a look of surprise coming onto his face she smiled at him. “You’re not calm... So stop lying.”

Unfolding his arms Seto gave a slight shrug and swallowed the little piece of chocolate. “Well... I’m calm now.” He leaned his head down on top of hers and settled down into the seat again with a smile until yet another piece of popcorn came down onto his head. Growling slightly he turned around very slowly and sent a deadly glare in Joey’s direction.

Joey smiled innocently and ate a piece of popcorn. “What?”


Joey’s smile widened and he took another piece of popcorn. “Ya want some?”


Shrugging the blonde took yet another piece. “Suit yerself.”

Turning back around Kaiba was going to watch the movie again, but yet another kernel flew at his head. Ignoring Tea’s whispers to just ignore them Seto got up and grabbed the front of Joey’s shirt. Dragging him out of his seat Seto yanked Joey all the way to the outside of the theatre. Hissing in his face Kaiba jammed the blonde against the brick wall. “I. Hate. You.”

Joey squirmed and tried to get out of the executive’s grip. “Well I’m not your biggest fan either!”

Tea and Yugi came running after the CEO and the kicking Joey quickly. When they burst out into daylight Yugi ran up to Kaiba to try and stop him from beating up Joey like he had the other day.

When Yugi had grabbed onto his arm Kaiba let go of Joey and whirled onto the shorter one. Shoving Yugi to the ground Kaiba let his fist meet each side of Yugi’s face before Tea came and intervened. She grabbed onto his arm and yanked him away from the munchkin on the floor shoving him onto the wall in much the same way Kaiba had done to Joey. Leaning against him so that he couldn’t easily move she looked right into his eyes and spoke to him in a firm yet calming voice.

“Seto, leave Yugi alone. Calm down... It’s alright, calm down. Just calm down.”

He tried to push her away but her body held him against the wall.

“Shhhhhh, Seto. Shhhhhh...” Tea stroked the sides of his head and whispered to him soothingly. “Shhhhhh. Just calm down... Calm down...”

Taking a deep breath Seto smiled and nodded. Tea then let him off the wall and he looked down at Yugi lying on the ground with Joey next to his friend. Clenching his hand and accidentally kind of crushing Tea’s arm he glared down at the two of them. Tea leaned her head against his chest and made a shushing sound again while stroking his arm. He looked back at her and took another deep breath before nuzzling into her hair. “Ok...It’s fine now...”

“Tea?” A curious look spread itself across Yugi’s face as he looked up at Tea who was hugging his former attacker.

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