Mokuba to the Rescue

Tea got a ride home in Joey's car along with everyone else falling back into the normal swing of things. With a fresh smile on her face Tea pulled all her stuff out of her backpack and set to her homework. Finishing in just an hour Tea packed away her stuff and then plopped down on the couch with a happy sigh. Picking up a book that was on the coffee table she looked at it. 'This is the book Seto brought back...' and a picture of his smiling face popped into her mind followed by an image of him slicing his arm with the scissors.

Concern showing on her face Tea picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Hello, who is it?"

"Hi Mokuba, it's Tea. Is your brother there?"

"Um... hold on a second."

She heard those little sounds in the background of when someone is getting someone else for the phone and then a voice.


"Hi Seto."



"What did you call for?"

"I was just calling to make sure you were alright."

"I'm fine." Click.

Looking at the phone curiously Tea punched in the number again.


"Hey, did you-" Click.

Hanging the phone on the receiver Tea sighed heavily as the smile fell off her face. "Yeah... you did hang up..."


Opening up the office door Mokuba peeked his head inside before walking in and standing in front of the desk where his brother was typing busily away at the computer.

"What is it?" He didn't even bother looking up from his work Seto just kept typing as he heard his younger sibling talk.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go play a game or something..."

"Not now Mokuba, I'm busy..."


Walking out of the room Mokuba looked back in at his brother steadily working. 'He's been in there ever since he went to the movies with Tea... I hope he's ok.' With a worried expression on his face Mokuba ran downstairs and picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Turtle Game Shop, how may I help you?" Yugi's Grandpa's voice echoed into the phone.

"Hello, this is Mokuba, could I please speak to Yugi?"

"Hold on a sec." And Mokuba listened to the muffled yelling, "Yugi! Phone for you!"

Another phone picked up, "I got it Grandpa! Hello?"

"Hey Yugi."

"Mokuba? Um... Hi... Is something wrong?"

"Sort of, I was just wondering if you knew anything about why Seto has been acting so funny lately."

"Why would I know?"

"Well, I know you're really good friends with Tea, and Seto has been acting strange ever since that day when he went to the movies..."

"What kind of strange?"

"He's been locking himself up in his office even more than usual, he doesn't want to play with me anymore, and all I've seen him eat or drink is coffee and maybe one rice cake... It's really weird..."

"When did you say this started again?"

"It started last Sunday... but I think it was from something that happened on Saturday..."

Yugi shook his head and sighed. 'This is all Joey's and my fault. If we'd only accepted Kaiba then this whole thing wouldn't be happening...'

"Yugi? Still there?"

"Yeah. I'll call you back tomorrow Mokuba, I gotta do some research." Hanging up the phone Yugi ran downstairs and put his coat on.

"Going somewhere?" Yugi's Grandpa came out of the back room and looked at Yugi bolting out the door.

"No time Grandpa, I have to go see something." And with that Yugi ran out the door and headed for Tea's house.


Tea was lying on the couch with her arm hanging down when she heard the doorbell. Getting up she ran to the door and opened it.

"Hi Tea." Yugi smiled at Tea before coming in.

"What brings you here Yugi?"

"I just came to find something out..." Yugi was looking around the house as he was talking to Tea and she folded her arms and lifted an eyebrow.

"He's not here Yugi..."

Continuing sort of looking around Yugi waved his arm at her. "Oh, I know that... Mokuba called and told me Kaiba was-"

"Mokuba called you? Is everything alright?" Tea looked concerned but then tried to hide it as Yugi mildly smiled.

"Well Kaiba has been-"

"He hasn't been cutting himself again has he?" This time Tea looked really worried and Yugi shook his head.

"Oh no, it's not that. Wait... Kaiba was cutting himself?"

"Never mind..." Tea looked away from Yugi and then back. "So what HAS he been doing?"

"Oh yeah... Kaiba's been ignoring Mokuba, along with basically not eating anything and-"

"He's not eating anything?"

Yugi rolled his eyes at being interrupted so much. "Yes, he's had just coffee and maybe a rice cake. That's what Mokuba said anyway..."

"What about sleep?"

Yugi shrugged, "Well... That I don't know, Mokuba didn't say anything about that..."

While Yugi was finishing his sentence Tea had picked up the phone and dialed a number. Yugi watched her bite at her nails and then start talking into the phone.

"Hello Seto, please don't hang up! I just need to talk to-" She sighed and handed the phone over to Yugi. "Here, you better call... ask for Mokuba... his brother hung up on me before I could ask..."

Taking the phone in his hands Yugi looked at Tea with despair, "Ok, I guess... If I have to..."

He dialed the number and waited for someone to pick up.

"Hi, Kaiba? Um, could I please talk to Mokuba?"

"What do you want with Mokuba?" Was the toneless answer Yugi got to his question.

"I just want to talk to him."

"Fine..." There was a slight shuffle and then a new voice spoke.


"Hey Mokuba, it's Yugi. Are you near your brother?"

A confused reply came from the other end. "Um... yeah... Why?"

Yugi looked over at Tea. "I need to talk to you about him..."

"Oh, ok." There was a pause and then, "Ok, what is it?"

"You told me that he was basically ignoring you and not eating. But has he been sleeping?"

Mokuba sounded a little unsure when he answered, "Well, I don't know... I go to bed before he does, and I wake up after him... That's about it, I don't know about anything between nine and seven, sorry."

Yugi nodded, "It's ok. Just keep me posted ok?"

"Ok, bye Yugi."

Hanging up the phone Yugi looked over at Tea who had only been hearing half the conversation. "Mokuba doesn't know... We'll have to talk to him later. I'll see you at school tomorrow, okay?"

Walking out the door Yugi waved goodbye and headed back to the game shop.


After hanging up the phone Mokuba looked over at the clock. 8:30. He came out of his room and went into Seto's office.


"Yes Mokuba?"

"I'm going to go to bed now..."

"Goodnight." Seto didn't look away from his computer screen as he talked to Mokuba. He just absorbed himself in his work...

Walking into his room Mokuba changed into his pajamas and got into his bed as he was trying to think of ideas on how to see whether his big brother was sleeping or not. A thought struck his mind and he sat bolt upright. Looking over at the clock again he sighed. 8:43. 'All I need to do is pretend I can't sleep and then go into Seto's office. Then I can curl up on the couch and keep opening my eyes to watch whether he's going to bed or not. It's perfect!'

Sitting in his bed Mokuba waited until it was ten o'clock before he went and walked into his brother's office room.


Leaning out from behind his computer monitor Kaiba looked at his younger sibling.

"Mokuba... You're supposed to be asleep by now..."

Looking the absolute picture of pathetic Mokuba stared up at Seto. "I can't sleep..."

Sighing, Seto went over and picked up Mokuba. Placing him on the couch the CEO unfolded the blanket at the end and tucked it around the little one.

"There... Now try and get some sleep..." And he went back over to his computer.

Opening up his eyes slightly every couple of minutes Mokuba watched his older brother type and sip coffee as the hours passed. And just as he was about to give up from total exhaustion the alarm clock buzzed on top of Seto's desk.

Pushing the button the older Kaiba got up and shook the thought to be sleeping one's shoulder gently. "Mokuba, it's time to get up. We have school..."

Blinking and yawning the little Kaiba sat up wearily.

"You really couldn't sleep could you..." Seto patted his brother's head and watched him walk out of the office and into his room. 'Poor little guy, I hope he's ok at school today...' Taking the last sip of his mug of coffee Seto shut down his computer and went to change in his room. Running downstairs he made himself another cup and downed that before a sleepy figure trudged down the stairs and leaned his small head against the wall resting. Walking over to his little brother Seto patted his head. "Are you gonna be ok at school today?"

Mokuba nodded and opened the door getting into the car and took a short nap in the seat before he was dropped off at the elementary school.

Seto parked his car and walked into the classroom just before the bell rang. The day dragged through and before he knew it school was over and he was on his way home. Stopping at the other school he picked up Mokuba and drove his zombie brother home.

When they got there Mokuba dragged himself out of the car and up to his room where he picked up the phone and dialed Yugi's number.

"Turtle Game Shop."

"Hey Yugi."

"Oh hi Mokuba. What's up? You sound dead."

"I was up all night seeing whether Seto went to sleep or not... and he didn't..."

"Thanks... you should really get some sleep though, it's not good to stay up all night."

Smiling meekly Mokuba fell down onto his bed and closed his eyes. "Ok, bye Yugi..."

He let the phone fall out of his grasp onto the floor as he drifted off into slumber as the afternoon sun shined outside...

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