The Plan

Tea walked into the lunchroom and went to sit down with Yugi as the morning's news flowed through her brain. 'So he's not eating, he's not sleeping, and he's locked himself in his office all the time that he's not at school... This isn't good Seto, not good at all...'

Looking into her lunch bag idly Tea stared over at Kaiba sitting in his corner all by himself with no lunch, as usual. Tea glanced at Joey and Yugi hopefully. 'I want to go over and talk to him. But not unless the guys give me their consent...' She opened her mouth and was about to say something but Yugi spoke what she was thinking first.

"Maybe somebody should go check on Kaiba..."

Joey looked up from his food with a leer. "Why?"

Tea blinked over at Yugi who smiled embarrassed as she asked him, "Didn't you tell Joey?"

Joey looked at Yugi clueless. "Tell me what?"

Yugi bit his lip, "Well... Mokuba called the other day and told me that Kaiba has been acting all weird ever since the movie theatre incident."

Shrugging Joey was about to go back to his food. "Heh, like I care..."

Tea glanced at Yugi, "You never told me it was after last Saturday..." She shook that out of her head before turning to Joey. "You should care because it could be partially your fault that... Kaiba... is falling apart. Mokuba told Yugi that he isn't eating, sleeping, or doing anything but work."

Joey shrugged again. "So...?"

Tea glared at him. "SO if we don't do anything about it he's going to starve himself and fall over from lack of sleep." A small thought trickled into her mind, 'And he might go back to cutting himself...'


Seto briefly let his gaze wander over to Tea before his eyes darted back into blank space. 'It's all back to normal now Kaiba. She's with her friends, you have your work... So stop thinking about her.' He rubbed at his temples slightly and sighed letting his thoughts wander off into nothingness as his head began to lean forward and he closed his eyes.

A hand rested down on his shoulder and his eyes snapped open as he sat bolt upright. "Tea!"

Blinking Seto looked around him and saw that very person's hand resting on his shoulder. A jolt went to his nerves and he jumped back from her with his eyes wide with surprise. "Tea! What are you doing here?!"

Making a very quiet shushing sound Tea stroked the side of his head gently. Taking deep breaths Seto relaxed and calmed down as he felt her soft touch. Gazing at her again, out of his panic, he said in a much calmer voice. "What are you doing here?"

She smiled at him, "You were falling asleep..."

Rubbing at his eyes Seto blinked, "I'm just a little sleepy that's all. No big deal..."

"Have you slept at all?"

He looked away from her and smirked slightly, "Why wouldn't I?"

Tea rolled her eyes and sat down next to him crossing her arms. "Mokuba told us you haven't been sleeping... or eating for that matter..."

Turning back to face her he cocked an eyebrow, "Us?"

"Yeah, Yugi and me."

The smirk dropped from his face and he stood up. "You don't have to worry about me Tea. I'll be just fine... Now go back to your friends... I won't touch them... Have a good lunch Tea..."

Tea watched him go back inside before going back to her friends.

"Any luck?" Yugi looked at her hopefully.

Shaking her head Tea sat down next to him and sighed.

"Well... You can at least tell us what he said." Joey came back from throwing his empty lunch bag away.

Tea shrugged, "He said that he'd be just fine and that he wouldn't touch you guys..."

With this Joey began to smile. "Let's just see if we can find a way to get Kaiba back to himself..." As the idea ran through his mind Joey was kind of unsure as to why he was doing it. 'I get Kaiba to bash my face in, he feels better, he goes back to normal. That should work...'


That day after school, and after Joey had dropped everybody off in his car, he drove over to the mansion of the million dollar Kaiba. Pulling into the driveway he got out of the car and rung the doorbell a little reluctantly.

A few seconds later a small bundle of black hair opened the door.

"Hello, may I help you?"

"Um, hey... I came to talk to Kaiba. He around?"

"I'll go get my brother, hold on a second." Shutting the door he left Joey standing outside with his hands in his pockets feeling uncomfortable.

A few minutes later the door opened again and Seto was looking out at Joey.

"What do you want?"

Looking up at the sky Joey sighed and answered him, "I need to talk to ya a second..."

Only met by a glare Joey shrugged and muttered, "I can't believe I'm doing this." To himself before speaking again, "Come outside a sec, serious, I just wanna talk..."

Coming out the door and shutting the door behind him Seto continued glaring at Joey. "What is it?"

Joey grabbed the CEO's coat sleeve and pulled him away from the door. Kaiba didn't bother pulling away, he just followed the blonde. After they were a pretty good distance away from the actual house Joey turned around and breathed a sigh through clenched teeth and was about to say something until-

"I told Tea I'd leave you guys alone. I've left you alone, now what more do you want?"

Joey growled in frustration and landed a punch right on Kaiba's right cheek. "We WANT you to stop being such an ass, and we WANT you to start taking care of yourself!" Joey expected a punch coming his way in return and he cringed slightly, but nothing came. Opening his eyes up again he found he was just standing in front of the Kaiba who was staring at him.

"I told you... I'm leaving you guys alone..." Kaiba removed Joey's hand from his shirt collar and walked back to the house slamming the front door.

Joey looked around him bewildered and then got back in his car and started on his way home. 'I guess he really is leaving us alone... Grrrrr, however much I may hate to admit it, I think Tea is good for him...' He sighed and turned a corner. 'Now I just gotta convince the other guys to let them back together...'


Tea heard the phone ring and reached across her bed to pick it up.


"Hey Tea, ya gotta come to the game shop, I already got the other guys over here and we need to talk to ya."

"Ok, I'm coming..." Tea rolled off her bed and then headed over to Yugi's.


Walking into the door Tea stared at all the eyes that met her. "So what did you guys wanna talk about?"

Yugi smiled at Tea and pulled her over to sit with the other guys. "Now, we got something to tell you... It's about Kaiba..."

Tea cocked her head to the side. "And that is exactly?"

Joey chimed in, "Ya see Tea, I went over to his house today... and well... I beat on him a little..."

"You did WHAT?"

The blonde held his arms up in defense. "Whoa! Just hold on a sec Tea. I had a reason."

Tea sat there staring at him with a half glare expression. "And what reason was that?"

Joey sighed and rolled his eyes. "I was trying to get him to beat me up, I thought that would make him go back to normal... But it didn't work. He didn't even TRY to hit me... and ya know, that got me kinda thinkin', why? And the answer is one word... YOU!" Pointing a finger at Tea, Joey crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair with a smug grin on his face.

Looking around at her friends bewildered Tea stuttered, "B-but... I don't get it... I thought you guys hated him? I don't get it..."

Joey sighed and rolled his eyes, "Tea... I got a question for you... Do you like Kaiba? Answer freely, we aren't gonna bite your head off... just answer it..."

Tea bit her lip, "Um... a little... maybe..."

Yugi decided to take over for Joey, "Ok then. Now here's the plan... You have to go spend some serious time with Kaiba. We're making it your mission to make sure he eats and if you can sleeps. Understand?"

"How exactly do you purpose I do this?" Tea folded her arms and glanced over at Yugi who in return sigh and looked up at the ceiling in a sort of God-help-me way.

"We want you to date Kaiba..."

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