The Kaiba Car Curse

Tea had time to think about what the guys had told her all weekend. 'They didn't want me to date him, now they do... And they want me to spend ALL my time with him?' With a soft sigh she got under the covers of her bed on Sunday night. 'I guess this could be considered a dream come true... My friends actually want me to date him.' She smiled and drifted off into sleep.


Next day Kaiba walked into the classroom and sat down at his desk as he groaned slightly and lean over on his desk. 'I'm so tired...' the bell rang just then keeping him awake even longer.

He watched the teacher walk into the room and call attendance, before reading off the announcements.

"For today's news... the track meet has been rescheduled to Thursday, the school play is on Friday, only five dollars admission... and now time to start class." Rolling a TV out of the corner of the room he turned it on and went to sit down at his desk. "For your social studies project watch this news show. Then pick one topic from it and research, if you can't find anything that interests you then find some current event tonight..." Ignoring the students' moans the teacher went to correcting paper as the class watched the screen:

"Now in immediate news... At the major intersection of I-95 and Route 13 one of the Domino City school buses crashed with a semi. Luckily, this was the only bus on the route."

"Mokuba!" Seto's chair banged against the floor behind him as he stood up staring at the picture of the two burning vehicles with his hands braced against the desk with his eyes burning themselves into the screen.

"Luckily no one was killed, but the majority of the students were injured and are now hospitalized."

Taking no regard to the teacher yelling after him Seto ran out the door and dashed to his car.


Kaiba jumped out of his car and glanced around frantically at all the people being wheeled into the ambulances. Hyperventilating slightly, he was about to dash into the scene when a cop grabbed onto his shoulder.

"May I help you sir?"

Seto tensed and whirled on the officer. "My brother is here... He's about this tall," He held his hand up to his waist. "Black hair, blue eyes... You seen him?"

The cop looked at him blankly. "He's probably at the hospital by now with the rest of the students. Now please sir, I have to ask you to leave. You're in the way..." Turning Seto to face his car the officer walked away from him.

Jumping into his car once again Kaiba sped off to the hospital.


Bursting through the front doors Seto ran up to the counter.

"Do you have a Mokuba Kaiba?"

The secretary typed away at her computer before turning back to Seto. "I'm sorry sir. We don't have anyone of that name in our care right now..."

Seto slightly clawed at the counter. "Are you sure? He was on that bus that crashed this morning. Are you sure you don't have him?"

Still staring at Kaiba she blinked and pointed over to a hallway. "You might try down that hallway... Some of the patients from that accident have not been put on record quite yet."

Striding away from the counter he pushed the double doors open and walked down the hallway looking into each room until he saw a small black head lying in one of the beds. Rushing into the room he looked at Mokuba who appeared to be sleeping. Seto gulped and took some deep breaths while he was trying to keep himself from totally panicking about his little brother. He took Mokuba's smaller hand in his own and patted it while he closed his eyes and tried to focus on his breathing. 'Mokuba, please be alright... Just wake up. Please wake up...'


Tea looked into the room and watched Seto stroking his little brother's hand and in turn trying to calm himself down. She had followed him here after he had bolted out of the classroom. Walking into the room slowly she slid her arms around his shoulders and whispered to him, "How is he?"

Seto shook his head and sighed, "I don't know..."

Just then the nurse walked in scribbling something on her clipboard and she stopped when she say Seto and Tea in the room. "Who let you in here?"

Tea dropped her arms and let Seto take a step forward. He looked down at Mokuba and then back at the nurse. "The lady at the counter told me I might find Mokuba in here. I'm Seto Kaiba, his older brother. Is Mokuba alright?" He gazed back down at Mokuba.

"Well, Mr. Kaiba... We're going to have to keep your brother overnight, so if you wouldn't mind we'd like you to just fill out these forms and then be on your way." She handed Seto a stack of papers and then pushed him and Tea out of the room.

Tea watched Seto sit out in the waiting room and fill out the forms. After he handed them to the person behind the counter he looked back one last time at the doors leading to where Mokuba was and then he got Tea and led them both to his car.

She continued watching him as he drove home in a total daze. Even when they got there he just automatically got out of the car and went inside up to his room. 'I don't think he even totally realizes that I'm here...' Getting out of the car herself Tea walked into his house and looked around. 'How much do I want to bet he's in his room.' She ran upstairs and opened the door slightly and peeked inside. Sure enough there was Kaiba laying on his back on his bed staring up at the ceiling in a complete trance.

Tea walked over and sat down on the bed next to him. She put her hand on his forehead and watched as his eyes started to come back into reality and he looked at her.

"Do you think he's going to be ok?" He glanced at Tea hopefully and breathed a heavy sigh before going back to staring at the ceiling in a trance.

"Everything will be alright. Don't worry. It'll all turn out the way it's supposed to..."

"I shouldn't have let him take the bus today. I should have driven him. It's my fault he's in the hospital. I should've been there to protect him. It's all my fault." Seto shook his head slightly. Tea wasn't sure if he was really even talking to her, or if he was just ranting on to himself. He kept staring up at the ceiling and shaking his head as she stroked the side of his head gently to try and calm him down. But he was too lost in his own thoughts to even notice her.

'Mokuba... I hope you're all right. If you left, I don't know what I'd do... It's not right for you to die now. You CAN'T die now. I won't let you, I'll protect you... somehow... Oh, please, if there is any way that you can hear me, be all right kiddo. You need to be all right. Don't leave me Mokuba, don't leave me all alone...'


'Don't die...'

"Seto? Hello?"

'Please Mokuba...'



"Seto Kaiba!" Tea shouted at him and finally heard an answer.

"Leave me alone..."

Tea leaned over and gave him a hug. "Seto, you don't need to be so worried. The doctors didn't even tell you if there was anything wrong..."

Kaiba just shook his head. "He was so still... He wasn't moving... There had to be something wrong, there just had to be..."

Grabbing either side of his head and staring into his eyes Tea spoke to him firmly, "Listen to me... He. Will. Be. OK... So stop worrying about it."


"No. Mokuba will be fine. If there was anything wrong they would have called you. So calm down..."

Kaiba opened his mouth and was going to say something when Tea stopped him.

"No. Listen carefully... He's fine, they probably kept him overnight just to make sure. So shut up, stop thinking about it. And if you can't- Well then, why don't we just call the hospital right now?" She reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone and held it out in front of him.

He blinked slowly at the phone and then picked it up. Still staring at it in sort of a daze he dialed the number slowly.

"Hello? Could I please speak to Mokuba Kaiba? Alright I'll wait..."

Tea watched him look around the room nervously until obviously he heard Mokuba's voice because his face perked up immediately.

"Hi! How are you feeling? ... That's good. ... What did the doctors say? ... That's all? Did they say when you could come home?" He sighed and smiled as the conversation continued. "That's good. I'll see you tomorrow then, all right? See you later Mokuba." Hanging up the phone he sighed again and looked at Tea. "He just got a minor concussion. They said he'd be fine though, and I can bring him home tomorrow..."

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