When Seto got Mokuba home the next day after school he immediately put his little brother in his room. Running downstairs quickly he got a big pack of ice and then returned upstairs and gave it to Mokuba.

"Here you go kiddo. In case your head starts to hurt again... How are you feeling?"

Mokuba held the ice on top of his head. "I'm ok... head hurts some, and kinda nauseous. But no need to worry." He smiled up at his brother. It was nice to be home...

Ruffling the bundle of black hair Seto scanned the room one last time before he left to make sure Mokuba would have everything he needed so he wouldn't get bored. "If you need anything just call." And with that he shut the door behind him and went into his office.

Turning on his computer he waited for the system to boot up. He ran downstairs a second and grabbed a cup of coffee before running back to where his computer sang its chime as the desktop appeared. He sat down and took a couple sips of his coffee before he got to work. 'I was overreacting yesterday. Mokuba's just fine, and he'll feel all better in a couple of days. I'm glad...' Sighing he let all other thoughts slip from his mind as he concentrated on his work. Tea's visit yesterday barely registered in his brain as the computer programs and passwords took over his train of thought.


After lunch the next day at school Seto walked back into the classroom and sat down at his desk. As the other students filed in the teacher began to drone on with the lesson. Blinking slowly Kaiba felt his eyelids droop slightly at the constant murmur of the teacher lulled into the background. As the sound filled the back of his head he felt himself leaning forward on his desk as the classroom faded and he slowly drifted into slumber.

Someone shaking him woke Seto up. He opened his eyes and lifted his head off the desk as he saw everyone in the classroom staring at him, especially the teacher.

"How nice of you to join us Mr. Kaiba."

Seto mentally slapped himself for falling asleep. "Sorry..."

With a small giggle going through the classroom the teacher sighed and he turned back to the board where he was finishing up a math problem just before the bell rang.

Getting up from his desk Seto walked out of the building and got into his car. He drove home and immediately made himself a cup of coffee, which he sipped gratefully. 'No more falling asleep Kaiba. Stay awake...'

Walking upstairs with his coffee in hand Seto peeked into Mokuba's room to see him sitting at his desk with the light on and busily working away at his homework. Closing the door again he went into his office and turned on his computer. As he waited for it to boot he sipped his coffee slowly. Just after it finished loading and Kaiba was about to start typing he heard the phone ring. Putting down his coffee mug he picked it up and answered.

"Who is it?"

"Hi Seto. How are you?"

"Kind of busy..." Kaiba sighed and rubbed his temples. 'Let her be with her friends. That's what she really wants. Just leave her be...'

"Oh really? That's too bad... I was wondering if you wanted to get some dinner with me..."

"I'm really not hungry..."

Tea shook her head on the other end. 'Sure you're not hungry... You only haven't eaten in like two weeks. Come on Seto, I'm trying to help, but you gotta give a little...' "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I have to go now Tea. Bye." And he hung up the phone. Taking another sip from his coffee he went and started typing at his computer.


Hanging up the phone as well Tea tapped at the back of it with he index finger agitatedly. 'How am I going to get him to eat? He won't go out to dinner. and if I try to give him food I doubt he'll eat it. So what to do.'


Tea was about to walk over and sit where she normally did to eat her lunch with the guys when she saw Kaiba sitting in his usual corner. Waving at Yugi and everyone she decided not to sit with them, and she went over to Seto instead. As she sat down next to him she noticed him looking slightly at her.

"Hey Seto."

He shook his head and looked down at the table. "You're friends are going to be mad at you."

Tea blinked at him. 'He's worried about that?' "Oh, it's fine. I talked to the guys and they're all cool with it now."

Looking over at her he smirked. "Yeah, I'm sure. Joey's my best friend in the world. Why wouldn't he want his two buddies together?" He got up to leave and go sit at some other table when Tea yanked him back down.

"Well actually, Joey's the one who said it would be fine in the first place. So you don't have to worry about it."

Still not believing her he looked over at the other table where Yugi and everyone were chatting away merrily. "If they're so fine about it then tell me, what made them change their minds? Both you and I know Joey has wanted to see me dead for a while."

Tea sighed, 'This is harder than I thought it would be.' "The other day Joey went over to your house right?"

He shrugged slightly. "Yeah."

"And he punched you, no?"

Another shrug and a nod answered her.

"Did you hit him back?"


"That's what made him change his mind."

'She's really trying to get me to accept this, but I don't understand why. Her friends hated her last time. but now they're fine? I don't get it.' He sighed. 'If she really wants this I'll go with it, but I don't want her miserable again.' "Are you sure?"

Tea smiled. 'He's giving in some.' "Yup, they said it was all fine. So don't worry about it." And then she started taking her lunch out of its bag. When she took her sandwich out she took half of it and held it out to him.

He just looked at it and shook his head. "I'm not hungry." And he started to stare out into space again when he saw his younger self pull away from him. Watching the little Kaiba snatch the sandwich out of Tea's hands and sit across from her munching away happily, and then after a few bites noticed his older watching him. With a huge smile on his small face he put the sandwich before Kaiba who just shook his head. His younger self frowned at this. Picking the sandwich up and climbing up on the table he shoved the sandwich into Seto's mouth like a CD-ROM. Automatically chewing Kaiba swallowed and let the food fall into his hollow stomach. Then he looked over at himself who now had another huge grin and he shook his head. "Okay, maybe I was a little hungry." Following this comment little Seto pulled back inside the older one and he came back into reality.

Seto got up and walked to the vending machine and put his fifty cents in for a return of a Snickers. He then came back and sat next to Tea who was smiling slightly as he unwrapped the chocolate and shoved it into his mouth.

Looking over at the guys she saw Yugi give her a quick thumbs up before talking to Joey again and then Tea turned back to Seto. 'Well, now he's eaten something. We keep that habit up and he'll be ok. Next challenge. sleep.'


That day after school Joey dropped Tea off at Kaiba's house instead of at her own home. With a little smile on her face she went up to the front door and rung the doorbell.


Mokuba ran downstairs when he heard the noise and opened up the door to see Tea standing before him.

"Hi Tea." He smiled.

"Hey. Is Seto here?"

"Ya, hold on a sec let me go get him." He left the door half-open and ran upstairs.

Tea sat there twiddling her thumbs by the door until the older Kaiba came down the stairs. "Hey Tea." He shoved his hands in his pockets and stared at her. "What brings you here?"

She opened her mouth but no words came out. 'Why AM I here? Hehe, I should have thought about that.' "Um. um." ((You gotta love those filler words!)) "Um. I was just in the neighborhood, and well, decided to drop by." She smiled at him and he shrugged.

"I'm sure. Come on in, no sense in having you stand out there all day."

Walking into the house Tea smiled again and followed Seto into the kitchen where he grabbed an apple off of the table and turned to her. "You want anything?"

Tea just shook her head, and he headed on his way upstairs and closed his office door. Sighing Tea rolled her eyes and went into the library where she took out her books and worked on her homework. After she was finished she walked around the big room and finally picked something to read, which was when she sat down in one of the big plush chairs and began. Hours later she looked at the clock: 10:00. 'School tomorrow, better get some sleep.' Closing the book and taking it with her Tea ran up to where she stayed and went in. There she found a pair of pajamas and a small piece of paper lying next to them on the bed:

If you want me to drive you home just come into the office, but if not then you might need these. -Seto

Tea smiled and changed into them and was about to get into bed when the image of Seto sitting in front of his computer all night came into her mind. Walking out of the room she peered into his office. There he was sipping at his coffee and typing away. Tea didn't know what to do. 'How do I make him sleep? There has to be SOME way. but what? That's the question. Grrr. What can I do?' She sat there racking her brain until the doorknob slid out from her hand and Kaiba was standing in front of her.

"You know we have school tomorrow. You don't want to stay up too late." He scanned his eyes over her. "Or do you want me to take you home in my pajamas?"

Tea shook her head and blushed slightly. "Oh no. I'm gonna stay here. I was just coming to say good night, that's all."

He shrugged, "Good night then." He started to turn back and go to his desk when Tea grabbed his arm.

"Hey, you have school tomorrow too."

Flickering a smile he pointed over to his coffee. "That stuff will keep me going just fine. anyway, I'll go to sleep in a little bit." He then shrugged Tea off him and sat down at his desk where he started typing again.

Closing the door behind her Tea was going to go into her room when an idea formed in her head. So instead of going into her own room she went into Kaiba's instead after grabbing the book. Sliding under the covers she took out her bookmark and started into the story once more.


After a long time Seto got up from his desk and headed to his room. 'Now where were those files my secretary gave me? I might have left them in here.' He opened up the door and went straight to his desk where he shuffled through the papers there until he heard a voice behind him.

"Is this what you call a little bit?"

He turned around to see Tea lying in his bed with a book in her lap. He looked at his watch: 3:02.

"Shouldn't you be asleep by now?"

"Shouldn't you?" She smiled somewhat as his own question was shot back at him.

Shaking his head he went back to shuffling through the papers. "No. I'm fine. I have to find this paper anyway."

Tea left her book on the bed and got up walking over to Kaiba and started shuffling through all the business documents with him. "What does it look like?"

"It's just a bunch of writing with some red ink scribbled all over it. My secretary gave it to me, it's a new idea that some idiot came up with for projecting images."

With a grin on her face Tea held it up. "Could this be it?"

Seto blinked at her for a second. "Yeah, thanks." And then he went to take it out of her hand but she pulled it away and put it behind her back. "Tea, I need that."

Still grinning she shook her head. "You can do that tomorrow, you should be sleeping now."

He glared at her the slightest bit and then headed for the door. "Fine. I'll do that tomorrow."

"Which one?"

He turned around to face her a split second. "Both." He then left the room, leaving Tea with the paper in her hand as she sighed.

"Tomorrow then. I just hope that coffee is as strong as you say it is Seto."

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