I Need Help

Seto walked into the lunchroom the next day and sat down in his corner, still a very confused person. 'That's what would have happened isn't it. I would've.' He shivered and rubbed his wrist as the picture flashed back into his mind. 'I don't think I'd ever go that far, but then again. I sort of have already but. I would never-' The image flickered through again and he grabbed at his wrist once more. 'Just stop thinking about that Kaiba, stop thinking about it.' He glanced over at Tea's table and then back down at his hands. 'What did he mean by "my light will come if allowed"?' He sighed, 'I don't need help I-. can't do this by myself.' With another sigh he slowly got up and walked over to the other table where he was met with four pairs of eyes.

"May we help you?" Joey glared up from his food at the CEO.

"I need to talk to Tea. alone."

Joey continued glaring at him, "Anything you want to say to her you can say in front of us."

Tea opened her mouth and was about to say that it was really fine and that Joey should mind his own business, but before she could say anything Kaiba sighed and slid down into the seat next to her. "Fine." He narrowed his eyes slightly at Joey for a brief moment and then turned to Tea. "I need some help."

Tea looked at him curiously, "Help?"

With another sigh Seto briefly showed Tea the scabs forming on the back of his hands before shoving them back under the table and into his pockets. "Yeah, help."

"Oh. that kind of help. But wouldn't that be better for like a therapist?"

Kaiba looked around at all the eyes staring at him and then back at Tea where he put his head in his hands and then peered through his fingers at her. "No. I really don't think it would."

Tea watched him pick up her fork and start twirling it in his fingers idly, "You sure? They'd probably do a much better job than I would."

As she said this he began to squeeze the fork while he stared at her. Noticing the implement puncturing his thumb he then placed it down on the table again and locked gazes with her. "I'd seriously doubt that. I mean-" He glanced around at the others again and breathed a heavy sigh before he leaned his forehead against the table. "Please Tea. I need you."

She bit her lip uncomfortably, "Well, okay. If that's what you really want."

"Thank you." With a slight smile he headed back over to his corner and let his head fall into his hands once more and sighed as the awkwardness of the situation tried to play out of his system.


Yugi glanced over at Kaiba and then back at Tea and blinked at her. "So I guess you weren't lying."

She cocked her head at him. "About what?"

"About him cutting."

"Why would I make that up?"

"Well, I don't know, you may have had a reason."

Tristan lifted an eyebrow at the two. "You guys knew that he was doing that, and you didn't say anything?"

Joey smirked, "Heh, why would they tell us?"

Tea rolled her eyes at them. "The only reason I didn't tell you guys is because I didn't want a big deal out of it. Anyway, he hadn't been doing it for a while, I thought it might have passed."

"So are you really gonna be Dr. Tea?"

She stared at him blankly. "No, I'm going to blow him off and give him some scissors."

"Oh, all right then."

Tristan smacked his blonde friend on the back of the head. "She was being sarcastic you idiot."

Joey grinned, "O' course. I knew that."

"Suuuuuuuure you did." Tristan shook his head.

Yugi glanced at Tea, "So do you have a plan?"

She blushed slightly and smiled, "Well, no. But I'll think of something." '.I hope.'

Joey grinned across at Tea. "You could always get a pair of big thick glasses and have them hang off your nose as ya sit there with a pad of paper going, 'Yes. I see. So how did that make you feel?'" He imitated this as he turned to Tristan. "Would you consider yourself a happy person?. Yes. Hmmm. Oh would you look at that! Time's up, that'll be five million dollars." He held out his hand to Tristan.

"Sorry doc, but my big smoozy company went bankrupt so now I don't have any money." He then turned out his pockets and glanced pathetically at Joey as they continued their charade.

Teas peered over at Kaiba who was still hunched over in the corner and then back at her friends. "Come on you guys. Stop it."

But Joey continued on in his pretend dignified manner. "Oh yes, I see. Well I'm afraid I have to call the authorities that will just have to confiscate all your duel monsters cards."

Tristan's face froze in mock horror. "Not my cards." He fell to the floor and grabbed onto Joey's pant leg. "Anything but my cards!"

Tea's gaze darted back and forth. "Come on. I'm serious. Stop it."

Joey stared up into the sky and then looked idly at his fingernails. "Well I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid that's all that will be able to pay for this session."

Tristan fell into and even more pathetic act. "Oh please doc, you gotta spare my cards. You just gotta! I don't know what I'd do without my blue eyes"

Tea gritted her teeth. "Guys. people are starting to stare."

Joey just shook his head and continued. "I apologize Mr. Kaiba, but there's nothing I can do. You'll just have to give them peacefully or we'll be forced to confiscate them from you forcefully."

At this Tristan jumped up from the floor and held his hands out in front of him in a karate-chop formation. "No one better try, I know kung-fu! Hi-ya!" He smacked his hand down onto the table.

Joey just continued acting like a snobby psychiatrist. "Please sir, you are creating a scene."

"Never! Bwahaha! The amazing Seto Kaiba never looses control!"

Yugi glanced around at the growing number of heads staring in their direction and tried to help Tea. "Guys, just forget it. Sit down already."

But the two soldiered on.

"Mr. Kaiba sir, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to be seated."

"You'll never take me alive! If I loose my cards I won't be able to make fun of people I beat anymore! Like that sniveling puppy, Joey!"

The blonde dropped his act for a second. "Hey." Then he regained his composure. "Well at least I don't have to hit people with briefcases for picking on my shrimpy brother."

"How dare you insult my brother! He may be short but he can beat me at duel monsters, and I'm the world champion!"

Joey was rapidly loosing his act. "Not anymore, Yugi beat you, remember?"

"Yes, but I beat him!"

"Only by threatening suicide!"

"It's a strategy!"

"Ya, a BAD one!"

"Well at least I have a huge mansion!"

"That you live in by yourself!"

"Mokuba's there too!"

"But what about your parents?!"

"It's not MY fault they-"

"SHUT UP!!!"

The cafeteria went silent as all eyes fell onto Kaiba.

"You people think you're so smart? Fine. But I'm not going to be the fool that sits and listens to you." His eyes burned deeply into Joey and Tristan before he marched out of the cafeteria.

The two of them finally noticed that the whole room was looking at them, and with little mutters of how they were just joking they slowly got back into their seats and tried to absorb themselves in their lunches.


Marching down the hallway towards the doors Seto let hot tears slowly creep down his face as he gritted his teeth. 'If this is the way I get repaid for asking for help. well then fine. Forget it. I won't listen to your advice.' He glared at the ground as he shoved the door open and headed away from the school.

As he was walking through the parking lot he stopped and stared at the fence. 'That should work.' He clenched his right hand and used his left to roll up the sleeve as he strode over to the metal meshing. Placing the back of his arm on top of one of the diamond figures with it resting at his elbow he quickly jerked his arm back, raking it against the sharp metal. 'That is for ever listening to you!' He rotated his arm slightly and placed it on top of the fence again. 'This is for even Thinking I deserved help!' He yanked his arm swiftly back and then rotated it again onto the fence. 'And lastly this. This is for being the fool I am and believing that it would get any better!' He whipped his arm back quickly and then stared at the three slices beginning to drip red liquid onto the ground.

"Is this what you wanted?!" He stared at his arm and clenched his jaw. "Do you want me to have pain?!" He held his arm up at the sky. "Well here it is! You can stop now! You can leave me alone for once in my life! Are you happy?! Are you happy now?!!! Now that you've hurt me in every way possible, are you finally happy?!!!!!"

He fell down to his knees and clutched at the fence as his head hung down. Letting the tears slowly trickle down his face and onto the ground he whispered, "Are you finally happy?"


It was his fifth birthday party. The cake had just been brought out and his mom was cutting it into pieces.

"Which one do you want?" She smiled warmly at her son as she held the knife above the white birthday cake with her other hand resting on her bulged stomach.

Seto stood up in his chair and looked over the cake before pointing. "I want the first half of my name please! And the other half can go right here." He pointed to the chair next to him with a happy grin.

His mother smiled and cut the two pieces. "Why do you want both?"

He blinked at her as if she should already know. "One's for my little brother."

Seto's father came into the room and chuckled at this comment. "And what makes you think he's coming today?"

Seto's face lit up with a grin. "Because he's gonna be one of my birthday presents of course." He then picked up the piece of his cake his mother had given him in his hands and started licking off the frosting.

With another chuckle his father wiped off his son's face and lifted him onto his shoulders. "The baby will come when he's ready."

Seto leaned over so he could see his father's face. "But he should be ready NOW!"

His mom walked over and lifted him down off his father's shoulders and placed him back in his chair. "You'll just have to wait Seto. He'll come soon enough. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait."


Kaiba closed his eyes and sighed. "Right Mom. but how long do I have to wait?" Looking up into the sky he took his sleeve and wiped his eyes. "How long till it all gets better?"


Tea pulled at her hair and groaned. "How thick can you guys possibly get?"

Joey rubbed at the back of his neck. "We really didn't mean anything by it."

She glared at him, "Oh you didn't did you? Well when did it seem like a good idea to start making fun of him?"

"Hey, come on Tea, lay off. We were just joking." Tristan put it.

"Well was it funny when everyone started staring at you?"

"Um. Not really."

"Was it even funnier when you picked on his brother?"

"Well. no."

"Then what was so hilarious that you had to pick on him Right after he'd told us he'd been cutting himself, and Right when he was obviously upset about something? What could possibly have been going through your minds?"

"Okay! We didn't have a reason. We're idiots. There was nothing funny about it at all. All right?" Joey huffily went back to his food.

Yugi just sort of watched the whole thing going on and finally decided to say something at this point, "So what did you guys think of that math test?"

All three people stared at him like he was insane, but Yugi just continued. "No, really. I mean, I thought it was pretty easy but." He looked over at Tristan hopefully.

Blinking at his shorter friend for a moment he finally got an Oooh-I-get-it expression on his face. "I thought it was okay, I'm not that good at math though. But not as bad as Joey." He smiled and nudged the blonde who immediately fell out of his mood as the conversation toned down.

"It's just a bunch of numbers to me. When will we ever use this stuff anyway? Just give me a calculator and I'm happy."

Tea smirked at this and stared at the fork in her hand that was slightly tipped red from Kaiba. 'I hope you aren't doing anything stupid right now Seto.'


School was not high on Kaiba's list of things to do today. He found himself walking down the sidewalk next to a black iron fence. He looked through the bars at the smooth gray stones put into lines and scattered with flowers. Without really thinking he wandered through the gate and down the aisles of graves until he was standing in front of two stones. Falling to his knees he stared at them.

"Hello Mom. Hi Dad." The works choked out of his throat. "It's been a while, hasn't it." He felt more droplets trickle down his cheeks and swallowed. "How've you been? Good, I hope."

Slightly laughing at himself he stared up at the sky. "What am I doing? It's not like you can answer. You never can, and I know that, but."

He rested his elbows on his knees and buried his face in his hands as more tears poured out of his eyes. "Why did you have to leave? Why did you have to leave me all by myself? I miss you, I miss you so much. No one would adopt Mokuba, they only wanted me. I was so happy when finally somebody came, but, Gozaburo, he was. He didn't feel. He didn't CARE. All he wanted was somebody to take over the company, that was it. You left me all by myself with him. Why didn't you protect me? Why didn't you somehow stop him, or find some way to give me hope?. I needed you then. I need you Now. Why did you have to leave me? Why did you have to die? Why?"

There was no answer. There wasn't going to be an answer. ever. No matter how long he was going to sit there, there wasn't going to be an answer. The sun would keep shining, the clouds would keep slowly drifting across the sky, and the wind would keep blowing the leaves. But no matter what, no matter what he did, there wasn't going to be an answer.

Seto knew this. He knew that even asking in the first place was a ridiculous concept. And slowly getting up he sighed and looked at the graves one last time before turning on his heel and leaving.

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