Dream Come True

Upon reaching his house he walked inside the door and groaned as he rubbed at his temples. He looked at the gashes in his arm and then went upstairs where he fell on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. 'Well, what should I do now. Work? No. my head isn't there right now. Game, some sort of game.' Sitting up he traveled back downstairs and into the hallway where he went up to a closet and opened the door. Looking inside he saw a hole bunch of card decks and then at the very bottom a chessboard. Pulling the box of wood out he tucked it under his arm and ran back upstairs.

Sitting on his floor he opened the board up and dumped the pieces onto the floor. ((You know it's one of those things that folds into a box and the pieces are inside? Well, it is.)) Placing the board flat on the rug he picked up the pieces slowly and methodically placed them in the appropriate places. When he was about to place the last pawn in its place he stopped and looked at the black wooden piece in his hand. 'I haven't played this game in a while either. I used to love chess.' He reached inside his shirt and clicked open the little picture case and looked at Mokuba. 'Who would ever think that one game of chess could change my life forever. A picture flashed into his mind of his last move against Gozaburo. Then he sighed and put the pawn down. 'That stupid, stupid chess game. I wish I had been a better judge of character then. I wish I was now, but especially then. Maybe my life wouldn't have been so bad if I had just gotten adopted by a normal family. One where they don't force their children to become bosses of a big company even before they've graduated high school. I'm glad he died, he deserved it. That stupid bastard.


((YAY! More Kaiba chibiness ^^))

Peeking from behind the big office door little Seto stared at the man sitting in the office. Walking in slowly he held his hands behind his back and shyly stood before the desk.

"You wanted to see me sir?"

Gozaburo got up and stepped out from behind his desk to stand in front of Seto. "You're late."

Seto stared at the floor and mumbled. "I-I'm sorry."

Shaking his head the older man gave a hard glare down at his young trainee. "Being sorry will get you nowhere. Only being on time will. Now give me your disk.

Reaching into his pocket little Kaiba pulled out a black disk and handed it up to the man.

Gozaburo went back behind his desk and put the disk into the computer. He ran down through the text full of programs. "These are pathetic. I thought I told you to make them more complex."

"D-didn't I make them long enough?"

The older man glared down at him. "These aren't even worth typing. Now do the assignment over, and you also have to make up another set of programs to complete some useful task. Now go! And make sure it's done right. You have until tomorrow afternoon at three."

Seto glanced hopefully out at the window. "C-can't I go play outside for a little bit?"

Gozaburo stood up and started pacing back and forth slowly around Seto with his eyes never leaving the young one. "Do you think playing will help you complete the task?"

With a nervous smile growing on his face Seto nodded. "Yes sir."

"Well you're wrong! Playing will only distract you. It has no purpose. Now go do what I told you to do and stop wasting my time with such idiotic thoughts of going outside!" He pointed at the door and his hard glare locked directly onto Seto who slowly backed his way out of the room.

"I-I'm sorry sir. I'll do better. Forgive me."

"Forgiveness is for weaklings."

Seto then finally exited the room and shut the door behind him. Walking down the hall with his head hung down he went into his room and sat at the computer again and started typing while he glanced out the window at the sun shining outside every so often and sighed. Then shaking his head he'd go back to typing. Finally after he had redone the original assignment to what he thought would be to Gozaburo's liking he started the other one. Sitting there he tried to come up with an idea of what to make it do while he still glanced out the window. He saw a bird fly by and then his face perked up and he started typing away quickly with a smile on his face.


Hours later Gozaburo got up from his desk and walked down the hall and into his trainee's room. When he walked through the door he say Seto laughing happily as he was obviously playing some sort of game on his computer.

Walking up behind him the older man stared at the screen and watched as Seto continued without noticing his presence.

Gozaburo then gripped onto Seto's shoulder, a little painfully I might add, and then swiveled the young one's chair around so he was staring up at him.

Seto sat there blinking in shock as the game behind him kept going and then a big "Game Over" flashed over the screen.

"What do you think you are doing?"

The young one managed to stutter. "W-what you t-told me to do s-s-sir."

Gozaburo leaned over and looked at the screen. "I told you to make a program, not to play some silly game."

Seto wrung his hands. "B-but I did. This is it?" He pointed at the screen and then clicked a button so it went to a different one and a title of "Bird Brain" flashed across as a little picture of a bird flew up out of the background and smashed into the screen and then slowly slid down the face of it. "It has these birds. and y-you have to stop them crashing into the window with your net, b-but if you miss too many then you loose. A- after you collect so many points then you go onto the next level, a-and the birds come faster. I-it keeps getting harder and different birds come at d- different speeds and are different colors. And if you catch a c-crow. then you loose. A-and then when-"

"That's enough!"

Seto cringed as Gozaburo raised his voice.

"I told you to create something USEFUL, unlike you. Not some childish plaything. The title seems very appropriate, especially since one created it. Now erase this garbage and do it again. If you don't then I'm afraid I'll have to take away all your free time until you get it right." He glared at the young one and stomped out the door leaving a thoroughly cowed Seto sitting in his chair.

With little tear rolling down his cheek Seto curled up in a ball and hugged his legs to his chest. "I-I'm s-sorry s-s-sir. I-I'll do b-better." slowly uncurling himself he scooted his chair back underneath the table and started typing away again trying desperately to make another program that he prayed would be to Gozaburo's liking. "I-I'll d-do better. I-I can fix it. I'll m-make s-sure it's useful."


Kaiba ground his teeth together. 'Those stupid programs. I must have made hundreds of them trying to get it just right. Nothing satisfied him, he always wanted more. And even if I did something worthy of his expectations he'd never acknowledge it and he'd always tell me that I could do better. I hated him. I HATED him. The damn bastard, I hope he's burning in hell!' With an aggravated growl he stood up and kicked the chessboard spilling all the pieces across the floor. "Stupid chess. This is YOUR fault!" He pointed an accusing finger at the pieces. "It's your fault my life is wrecked! It's all your fault!"

Leaning down he started picking up the pieces again and put them back inside the chessboard. 'What am I doing? I'm blaming little pieces of wood. That's what I'm doing. How idiotic can I get? They're inanimate objects.' He slammed the box closed and went and traveled down the stairs where he shoved it back into the closet. 'Talking to rocks, talking to wood, what next? Water?' He shook his head and ran back upstairs into his room where he fell onto his bed and looked out the window. 'What an interesting concept it is that people blame their problems on things that generally could really have nothing to do with it. They blame people and other objects. It's actually pretty stupid. Why are people such morons that they can't take responsibility for their own actions?' He started chuckling slightly. 'I'm one to talk. I've been blaming other people as well. When it's really my fault. All my fault. Of course it's my fault. Why wouldn't it be?' Getting up he walked over to his desk and pulled the knife out of his desk again without really thinking.

Slightly automatically and with a little smirk he placed the blade onto the back of his other arm and started making a whole bunch of horizontal lines across. As he slowly went down his arm he zoned out into his own thoughts and didn't notice the slow rotation of his arm that was taking place until.

He felt a sharp pain in his wrist and looked down at it. With his eyes spreading wide he dropped the knife out of his hand and stared at the blood seeping out. He sat down on the bed and continued staring at it. 'Did I- Is it- I couldn't have- Oh my god.' He mouthed the last words and then leaned over his bed and grabbed the phone. 'Tea. Need help. Must. Call. Tea.'

Shaking slightly he punched in the number as he continued staring at his sliced arm.

"Hello. Who is it?"

"T-Tea. You, come here, I need, please." He began to shake more noticeably now as more blood poured out of his hand.

"Seto? What's wrong?"

"Knife, didn't mean to. help."

"Ok. Just hang on, I'll be right over."

He then turned off the phone and placed it next to him as he walked over to the door. "Bad, very bad, blood, death, pain. Help, need." His mind wasn't functioning as he shakily twisted the doorknob and started walking down the hall heading for the stairs. Just as he was reaching the top of the stairwell Mokuba popped out of his room.

"Oh hi Seto. Hey. are you ok?"

Kaiba started walking down the stairs, "No. Accident, Tea coming, hospital."

Mokuba slowly followed his brother down the stairs with a worried expression on his face. "What happened?"

"Bad, blood, knife."

Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs Seto sat down and leaned against the wall while clutching at his bleeding wrist for a brief while before he got up again and walked into the front hallway. Still clutching at his wrist he slid down the wall and sat again and waited until he heard the doorbell ring. Without looking up he spoke to Mokuba as he continued shaking. "Tea, door, get, please."

Mokuba then ran over and opened it. Tea was standing there with a worried look on her face. "Where's Seto?"

Backing up he pointed at the quivering form sitting against the wall.

Tea went and kneeled down beside him. "Seto, what's wrong?"

"Wr-wrist, bleeding, can't s-stop, help." He stared over at her with his lip quivering. "H-hospital, need, g-go, please, now."

She stroked the side of his head gently. "Ok, I'll take you. Can you stand?"

He nodded and got up and walked out the door with Tea following. Just before she left Mokuba grabbed onto her arm.

"Is my brother gonna be okay?"

Tea patted his head. "Don't worry Mokuba. Once we get him to the hospital they'll fix him so he's just fine."

He gave her a brief hug. "Please take care of him."

With that Tea ran out the door and got herself and Kaiba into the car and drove speedily off to the hospital.


Pulling up in front of the building she helped Seto out of the car, who by this time had lost quite a bit of blood and was getting very light-headed. Walking into the hospital she let Seto sit in one of the chairs where he sat squeezing his hand hard on his wrist trying to stop the blood while also calming himself and getting his hand covered in the red liquid.

It took Tea a very short time to talk to the nurse and then walked over to Kaiba where she helped him up and walked him off into the hospital.


At home Mokuba was having a small anxiety attack. He was pacing around the house running from room to room while pulling at his hair. After making a big circle around about six times he went and sat down in the kitchen where he tapped his foot approximately five million times. He then went and grabbed the phone where he dialed a number.

'Ring.' Fidget, fidget. 'Ring.' Fidget, fidget. 'Ring.'

"Turtle Game Shop, how may I help you?"


"This is he. who is this?"

"It'sMokubaAndI'mHavingAMajorSpazzAttackBecauseTeaJustTookSetoToTheHospitalA ndIDon'tKnowWhatToDoWithMyselfAndI'mWorriedButCan'tDoAnythingAnd-"

"Wa-wai-wait a minute Mokuba. Slow down. What?"

Still fidgeting like crazy he tried again. "Seto's at the hospital, Tea just took him. I'm going out of my mind and I can't do anything about it."

"Why's he at the hospital?"

"I think he slit his wrist or something. He was talking all funny and I couldn't really understand what he was saying."

"H-how did that happen?"

"I don't know! He just was going down the stair all shaky and freaked out and then when Tea got here she asked what was wrong and he said, 'Wrist, bleeding, can't stop-' and all weird like that. And then she took him to the hospital and I don't know whether he's going to be alright or not and I can't sit still so I thought I'd call you cause maybe you could help."

"Um. well. I dunno. That's. kinda bad. Why would he do that?"

Mokuba sighed and rolled his eyes. "I. Don't. Know. Stop asking me!"

"Oh, sorry. There isn't anything that I can really do. All you can really do is wait I guess. If they get to the hospital quick enough then everything should be fine. I don't think you need to worry about it That much."

The young Kaiba shook his head and continued to tap his foot quickly. "Okay then. Thanks Yugi. TalkToYouLater. Bye!"

Hanging up the phone Mokuba jumped up and started running through the kitchen cabinets until he found some gum, which he pulled out en-masse and start cramming pieces in his mouth and chewing like crazy.

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