First Tears

His chest heaved as more droplets poured out of his eyes that had been dry for so long. He didn’t know why he was crying now... not now of all times, he didn’t know. But he felt like he couldn’t stop, there was just so much that had happened to him and not a single tear had fallen out then. Everything came back to him in a flood and it was coming out of his eyes.

Tea felt droplets fall on her shoulder and Kaiba squeezing her closer. It was ok though, she didn’t mind that the two of them were crushing each other, she’d been so close to loosing someone she loved. Stop! Rewind! Love? Whoa! Since when did that word match up with Kaiba? It took her a few seconds to process, but yeah, she did...

She stopped hugging him and looked at the red streaming eyes staring back at her. They seemed so full of sorrow. Before they had just been these walls, these flat concrete walls that no one on earth could penetrate, but as the tears flowed out of them it seemed liked you could go back inside his mind forever. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned her forehead against his. She smiled and rubbed noses with him before whispering, “Don’t worry Seto.”

For some reason those words hit him like a brick bringing him back to reality. He shoved himself away from Tea and hurriedly backed up rubbing his eyes with the backs of his sleeves. What are you doing? You just hugged Tea! Do you LIKE pain?! Just run away Seto, run away. Go back to your computer, that’s where you’re safe.

Kaiba got off the floor and walked out of his office just like nothing had happened leaving Tea, again, sitting there bewildered in his bedroom. Mokuba was standing at the top of the stairwell and looked at his brother, “Are you ok Seto?” Kaiba just walked past him and slammed the door to his office.

He looked at his laptop sitting on the table and sat down in front of it. He started typing something, ANY thing, random computer formulas, hacking codes, passwords, just anything that came into his mind to get away from the thoughts he was having. He clicked on his e-mail box and looked though all of them. Meetings on Monday, meetings on Wednesday, meetings on Thursday, Mechanic at two today, meetings on Friday... He stopped, and went back to the later, mechanic at two? Another mental brick fell on his head. Oh yeah, the car... He glanced over at the clock, one thirty. Leaning back in his chair he stared at the computer screen. Every letter ‘T’ that he had typed seemed to add onto itself the letters ‘ea’. He smacked his computer screen. ‘Now you’re turning on me too? Great...just great...’ he got up and went back into his bedroom where Tea had moved to sit on the couch.

Kaiba pointed towards the door, “The guy is coming for your car at two. You’d better get down there.”

Tea opened her mouth to speak but he stopped her, “You don’t want to miss him...” and then he walked over to his bed and fell on it. Tea got up and walked out the door looking back one last time to see Kaiba spread out face down on top of his bed. She sighed and walked straight out of the house.

It took her about ten minutes to get to the car and there was the guy hooking it up to a tow truck. The rain had finally stopped, and the sun had started to dry to soaked ground. The mechanic gave Tea a ride to the shop where he fixed the car and left her on her way. She drove over to Yugi’s shop to hang out with the gang and report that the car was all back to normal. They hung out in the shop and basically had a good time as things started to go back to normal for Tea.

Kaiba on the other hand spent the rest of the day sulking in his office. He made more work for himself, typing up programs, trying to fix problems... he just needed something to do. Once it got kind of late he plopped down on his bed and went to sleep.

((Ok, ok, so it’s kinda short... Next one will be longer, dun worry, be happy.))

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