Sleeping Kaiba

That afternoon Tea ran over to her house and grabbed a suitcase which she filled with cloths and all that other stuff you need when going on a week or more long vacation. She then went back to Kaiba’s house and dumped all the stuff into the room she had stayed in that one night prior the car accident.

Tea didn’t know why she felt like she had to take care of Kaiba. He hadn’t really shown that much kindness to her in the past, but she still wanted to make sure he was alright.

Once she had put all her things into her new room she went back into Kaiba’s room to check up on him. While she had been gone it seemed that he had fallen asleep. She smiled, he looked so helpless when he was sleeping, not the same person who was out to get you all the time like he normally acted. Tea walked over to his bed and pulled the blankets up over him. She smiled and placed her hand on his forehead, he felt a little hot so she went and got a wet washcloth out of the bathroom. She put it on top of his head and looked down upon Kaiba, why did she feel so comfortable around him? She never felt like she could be this close to him when he was awake, but when he was asleep... she didn’t mind it at all, she actually kinda liked it...

She was leaning inches away from his face when his eyes started to flicker open. Tea pulled herself away and glanced around the room idly as Kaiba’s eyes popped open. He looked up at her, “Hello Tea...” He put a hand on his forehead and felt the washcloth. He took it off and stared at it, then Tea, “Did you get this?”

Tea peered down at Kaiba and smirked, “Yeah, you seemed a little warm so I thought it might be a good idea to cool you down a bit.”

Kaiba smiled slightly and closed his eyes again, “Thanks...” ‘Tea is sure being nice to me. I wonder why. It is kind of nice though...’ And so Kaiba drifted off into sleep...

Tea patted the cloth down onto Kaiba’s forehead again before she went into her room to get a book. She went back to Kaiba’s room after that and sat down to read on the couch. She sat there reading for about half and hour when she started hearing noises from across the room. Tea looked over and saw Kaiba kicking in his bed. He was writhing in his sheets and she saw that he had started sweating. She got up and on her way over to him she heard him start talking...

“Mom! Dad! Stop!”

Tea stopped walking and watched Kaiba as he continued kicking and clawing at the air.

“Mom! Dad! Come back! Don’t go!”

Tea didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know whether to wake him up or let him continue with his dream, or nightmare the way it seemed to be going...

“Wake up Dad! Come on! Mom?! Don‘t die! Don‘t leave me!”

Kaiba had grabbed the blankets and was pulling at them as he groaned and whined in his dreams. His breath had started getting faster as his dream continued and Tea decided that it was time to wake him up. She sat down next to him on his bed and grabbing his shoulders she started shaking him.

“Kaiba? Kaiba, it’s time to get up...”

But Kaiba continued squirming and his body started quivering. Tea started to panic a little bit, “Kaiba, wake up.”

He started shaking his head, “No. NO. NO! NO!!!”

Tea pulled him up and shook him again. “Kaiba, get up!”

He didn’t wake up though, he just kept shaking as his breathed rapidly.

Tea was worried. She shook Kaiba harder and hugged him to her. “Come on Kaiba, you can get up...”

Kaiba woke up in Tea’s arms. He felt her soft hair against his cheek and took a deep breath as his system started to calm itself down. He reached his arms around Tea’s body and squeezed her close to him. He needed to be close to somebody right now, he’d dreamed that his parents had died in front of him again. He’d tried to wake them up, but it didn’t work, they were gone, he couldn’t save them. He hugged Tea even closer to him as if she could somehow make it all go away, as if she could somehow make it all better...

Tea felt Kaiba clinging to her and smiled. This was the softer side of Kaiba, she liked it. Taking his head in her hands she pulled him away so she was looking into his deep blue eyes. Stroking the sides of his head gently she stared into his glossy pools. The two of them sat there on the bed for several minutes just staring and clinging to each other until Kaiba looked away. Tea dropped her arms and started fiddling with he hands agitatedly. “Um... well... I’d better be going... Got homework to do...” She started backing up and walking out the door. ‘I’ve done something wrong. I’ve SO done something wrong. What was I thinking? You’re such an idiot Tea!’ She went into her room mentally beating herself as she pulled out her back pack and busily worked on her homework.


The next day Tea dragged through the next day of school. She didn’t talk that much with Yugi or the rest of the gang. Her thoughts were too distracted, thinking about Kaiba in fact, and as the bell rang she went up to the teacher and asked for two copies of the homework for the next month. The teacher looked at her and asked why. She simply explained how she was going to be taking care of Kaiba until his legs got better and the doctors had said it would be a month. The teacher shrugged and gave her a bunch of papers and also handed her another paper with a list of pages to read. Then Tea ran to her locker and grabbed all the books she was going to need before she went over to Kaiba’s house.

Peeking into Kaiba’s room she smiled slightly. He was sleeping again. ‘I guess healing takes a lot of energy out of you...’ She walked in unafraid knowing that the almighty Kaiba wouldn’t bite her head off when he was asleep. She pulled his covers off and looked at the bandages she had put on yesterday. By now they had been stained with blood. Tea cringed a little and started unraveling the bloodied wrappings. She picked up the first aid kit and started another bandage for the sleeping Kaiba’s legs. It only took her a couple of minutes until she was finished. As soon as she was done she went and got a book before coming back and plopping down on the other side of Kaiba’s bed waiting for him to wake up...

Several hours passed and Tea found herself feeling tired so she placed the book on her lap and closed her eyes for a little rest. Big surprise... she fell asleep...

Kaiba woke up and looked around the room. He then closed his eyes and rolled over onto his side. He felt his arm rest against something warm. His eyes popped open and he looked over to see Tea lying underneath his arm. He smiled slightly and pulled her close to him with a happy sigh. In her slumber Tea cuddled up to him. Kaiba’s smile widened and he closed his eyes again about to go back to sleep when... Bang! ‘What am I doing?’ He shoved himself away from her and fell onto the floor with a thud. He moaned slightly as the pained came back into his legs and arms as his head began to feel light and he clutched at it with his hands. Kaiba lay down on the floor and let the blood flow back into his brain as images of him and Tea on the bed flickered into his mind. ‘Stop it Kaiba! Stop it! It’s Tea your talking about... Tea! But she’s so beautiful, and so warm, and... NO! Leave her be, you don’t want her, you don’t. Then why am I trying to convince myself? Do I want her? Oh, I do... I really do... Kaiba you fool, how could you let a thing like this happen...?’

Tea opened her eyes and glanced at the spot where Kaiba had been. She sat bolt upright. Where’d Kaiba go? She crawled over to his side of the bed and looked around the room. She didn’t see him, but after one scan of the room she heard a noise come from the floor.

“Hello Tea.”

She looked down and there was Kaiba lying on the floor. She smiled, the almighty Kaiba had fallen out of bed... Climbing down next to Kaiba she helped lift him back on top of the mattress.

“I see you woke up.”

He looked at her blankly, “When did you get here?”

Tea smiled, “Around three o’clock. I didn’t want to wake you so I grabbed a book and had started reading. I guess I kind of fell asleep...” She blushed slightly and giggled.

‘She looks so cute when she does that.’ Kaiba inwardly melted, but he kept a straight expression on his face.

Tea got up and started walking out the door before turning back to Kaiba, “I’m gonna go make you a sandwich... unless you’ve had something to eat today?”

He shook his head and she left. A few minutes later she returned carrying a tray with a turkey sandwich and a glass of tea on it. She laid it next to Kaiba and smiled before sitting down next to him. He smirked and picked up the glass of tea in his hands.

“Thanks...” And he started sipping at the liquid slowly.

Tea smiled at him again and picked up her book and started reading again. Still engrossed in her story she went and lay down on the other side of Kaiba’s bed.

Kaiba sat in silence and drank his tea and ate his sandwich. When he was done he looked over at Tea reading her story and smiled.

Something caught the edge of Tea’s eye and she peered over at Kaiba. She saw him smiling at her but he quickly glanced away. This caused her to smile herself and she started to think.

“Kaiba? Why don’t you let people help you?”

He looked over at her, “Where’d you get that idea?”

Tea rolled her eyes, “Oh come on Kaiba, it’s so obvious. Every time anyone even gets NEAR you, you become all coarse and stiff...”

“I don’t do that...”

“See? Your even doing it now. Just tell me one clean honest answer. Why don’t you let people help you?”

Kaiba looked away from her and muttered, “Because people are only good for pain...”

Tea reached over and stroked some of Kaiba’s hair out of his face, “Not everyone is out to get you Kaiba...”

His eyes locked into hers. “They might not be trying to, but they always do. They always do... Tea.”

This last statement somehow went straight through Tea’s heart. She recoiled from him and sat there blinking as a throbbing ache traveled through her chest. She felt as if she had hurt Kaiba somehow, but she didn’t know what she’d done...

“I’m sorry...” Then Tea got up and left the room. Kaiba watched her leave. ‘She doesn’t want you Kaiba. She wants Yugi... you’ve seen how she acts towards him... Just give it up Kaiba, this is why you weren’t supposed to care for her in the first place, it only hurts you...’ He glared at the floor and grabbed his head in his hands... ‘It’s all your fault Kaiba... it’s all your fault...’

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