Tea had been wandering around Kaiba’s mansion for quite some time now. She popped into door and was checking out what all the rooms were. Two of the doors that she passed through the particularly interested her were the library, and what could only be referred to as the ballroom. She had stumbled into the library first and was quite taken aback by the large assortment of books. It was huge! Filled to the highest dimensions of the possible building zone with books. When Tea entered the ballroom it had managed to surprise her even more than the library. She smiled and walked through the immense room with a smile. Across from the door next to the wall length windows there sat a grand piano. Tea walked over to it and sat down when she pushed a few of the keys in and sighed happily. ‘This would be the perfect place to relax if it was ever used...’ Tea had noticed that most of the rooms she went into were very blank and still. The only reason that they weren’t covered in dust was probably because of the maids who cleaned it.

Tea spent the next couple of days reading in the library. Every once in a while she stopped in on Kaiba just to give him food or do some odds and ends. Each time she walked into his room in silence and left again without saying a word. Tea started to enjoy her peace and quiet in the library. But as the days crawled by she started going into the ballroom more and more. She would practice her ballet peacefully and would play the piano. It was relaxing to spend so much time by herself, but she did want to spend time with someone after being isolated.

One time after spending the entire day dancing and reading she went downstairs and made some food for Kaiba like she always did so that he’d have some dinner. She carried the tray upstairs and placed it on the table next to Kaiba’s bed. She had been tempted of saying something to Kaiba over the past two weeks, but she was still slightly nervous as to how he’d react. She had noticed that Kaiba had been calming down as to her daily visits. He had relaxed but he still avoided most eye contact with her and he never said anything.

Kaiba was slowly getting better over the time Tea had been hanging around in the library and doing her own such things. He was able to move his legs again and the pain was only mild. Kaiba was afraid to say anything to Tea whenever she came into the room, he didn’t want to start having feelings for her. Even though he already did, but admitting it was a different story. He did want to talk to someone though. Without his computers to calm him Kaiba had finished the work for school quite easily during the two weeks he had basically spent in solitude. He craved for at least SOME social interaction, even though Kaiba was socially challenged he did like talking to somebody once in a while...

Tea turned around to leave and go back to reading or something like she always did when she heard a faint whisper from behind her.

“Do you want to stay...?”

Tea swung around in a circle, “Did you say something?”

He shook his head and she turned to leave when the faint whisper reached her ears again.

“I was wondering if you just wanted to talk with me... to just stay a while...”

She walked back over to Kaiba’s bed and sat down next to him, “Now I know you said something...”

“I just... I was wondering... Do you want... Would you like to... Would you like to stay and talk?”

Tea shrugged, “Sure... what about?”

“I... I wanted to say thank you for taking care of me and things... You really didn’t have to, and I know you must miss your friends... and Yugi...” As he spoke this last word his voice became hard and he clenched his fists.

Tea looked at him a little worried, “Um, it’s no problem Kaiba... and I do miss Yugi and everyone, but it’s ok, you need me more than they do.”

Kaiba smirked slightly, “Well thank you anyway...”

Tea cocked her head to the side and said somewhat excitedly, “Hey, would it be ok if I called Yugi?”

If Kaiba had had claws they would have shot right out of his hands and into his bed a good couple of inches. Tea couldn’t see this though since his hands were covered by the blanket and she listened as he talked to her again in as his ‘Kaiba tone‘, the cold, flat, indifferent to all pain voice, “Nobody’s stopping you...”

Tea left the room with a happy bounce in her step as Kaiba watched her leave. ‘See you idiot? It’s Yugi, it’s all Yugi... You are just some delusional idiot who thinks that he deserves feelings when all you deserve is nothing. Nothing! You might as well have gotten killed in that car crash, you should’ve had yourself killed in that car crash, you should kill yourself for not getting killed in that car crash...’

Kaiba swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up shakily. He took a few steps towards his desk when his shaky legs gave way underneath him. He pushed himself up again and took another couple of steps but his legs just wouldn’t cooperate. Growling agitatedly Kaiba gave up walking and just crawled the rest of the way there. It hurt his legs a little more than actually standing on them, but he got to his destination faster than he would of with walking. Opening the drawer he pulled out some scissors and smiled. Here he was again with an implement of destruction ready for pain, relief, an escape, a way to stop his frozen heart from beating blood through his pathetic body’s soul...


When Tea had called Yugi’s house nobody had been home. She sighed dejectedly, ‘Awe well... I’ll go tell Kaiba I’m off the phone...’

She marched up the stairs and knocked on Kaiba’s door a couple of seconds before she went in. Tea looked at his bed and saw no one was there. She scanned the room to see if she could find him anywhere. Sure enough, there he was leaning up against his desk. ‘What is he doing?’ She watch Kaiba for a second. He was hunched over with his legs curled up and seemed to be picking at... something.

She walked over and kneeled down in front of Kaiba. She peered at him to see what he was doing and saw a gleam of metal. Her eyes bugged out and she yanked his arm away.

“SHIT!” His eyes glared up at Tea as she saw the bleeding gash slit down the side of his arm.

Kaiba saw her staring at his arm and he got up and leaned against the desk so that he wouldn’t fall over again. “Can I help you?”

“We’re gonna go clean that up.“ She grabbed his arm and started yanking him towards the direction of the bathroom. He twisted his arm out of her grip and headed over towards the balcony shakily. Tea grabbed him again and started pulling, but again he twisted out of it and made his way out onto the balcony.

Tea hurriedly followed him out there, “Come on, let’s go back inside...”

Kaiba looked back at her blankly. “.....No.” He then started to jump up onto the railing when Tea’s arm whacked him across the chest and onto the stone floor.


Kaiba had the wind knocked out of his lungs and he gasped for breath as Tea pinned him against the floor so that he couldn’t get up again. He glared up at her and wheezed, “Get off me!”

Her stern gaze locked into his eyes, “You’re gonna jump, I know you are... I’m not letting you up!”

Kaiba sat there for a minute or two as the air returned to his lungs. Tea let up her grip on his as she felt his body relax, but all of a sudden he spun out from under her arm and launched himself over the railing.

Tea thrust her self at the railing and almost fell over herself as she tried to catch the falling Kaiba. But she was too late, when she looked down all the she saw was Kaiba’s beloved trench coat hanging off one of the jagged rocks on the cliff face.

Tears welled up in the bottom of Tea’s eyes and started trickling down her face. ‘He’s gone... He’s gone and I couldn’t do anything to stop him...’ She looked down the cliff face at the coat and whispered, “Seto................”

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