Tea walked inside and collapsed on top of Kaiba’s bed. “Why’d you do it Kaiba? Why? You seemed to be getting better, but then you jumped... oh Seto.....” She buried her head in his pillow as hot tears flowed down her face. She heard the door creak and turned around to see a small figure walking in.

“Where’s my brother?” Mokuba looked at Tea innocently. She hated to be the one to tell him that his brother had committed suicide. He was just so young, he shouldn’t have to deal with these kinds of things...

“He just went on a trip Mokuba... Don’t worry, he’s just on a little vacation...” She sobbed as the small blue eyes stared up at her and then down at the floor.

“Your lying...”

Tea wiped her eyes and tried to act like she was happy but she just couldn’t hide the sorrow in her voice, “No. No, he’s just on vacation... Nothing to worry about... He‘s just on vacation...”

Mokuba looked up at her on the verge of tears. “He’s dead isn’t he...”

Tea tried to say something but no words came out. She went over and hugged Mokuba. “I’m so sorry Mokuba...”

The smaller Kaiba hugged Tea and burst into tears. Tea tried to comfort the little one and patted his back, “It’s alright Mokuba, it’s alright, everything will get better, it’s alright...”


Tea sat with Mokuba until he eventually cried himself to sleep. Picking up the little Kaiba she went and tucked him into her bed. Trudging back into the older Kaiba’s room she lay down on his bed again and hugged one of his pillows tightly. More tears trickled down her face as she wept for the dearly departed...

“I’m so sorry Kaiba... I’m sorry I was ever mean to you... I’m sorry that I couldn’t stop you... and I’m sorry... I’m sorry... I’m sorry that I never told you that......I love you.................”

Curling up into a ball Tea cried until she was too tired and eventually fell asleep.


Kaiba had tumbled down the jagged cliff walls behind his mansion before plunging into the icy cold water. Becoming limp he opened his eyes and looked at the murky world of black surrounding him as the cold darkness enveloped him. ‘This is me... cold, dark, no escape... this is me...’ His lungs started to burst for air and his natural instinct to live took over his morbid thoughts of death.

He clawed for the surface as the blood poured out of the gashes in his legs and arms. The lightheaded feeling as if he were about to pass out flickered into Kaiba’s head as things started flashing light and dark. His head broke the surface and he gasped in the fresh air before a wave crashed over his head. As weak and bleeding as Kaiba was he started swimming towards the cliff face. When he reached it he clung onto the jagged outcrops of rock and he managed to drag himself up onto a ledge he lay there gasping for breath...

‘No matter what I do, I can’t die. I stab myself, I cut myself, I crash in my car, and I jump a couple hundred feet out of my window into the ocean and I still can’t die... Death isn’t even good enough for you Kaiba. Not even death... that just proves the point that you deserve nothing, nothing at all. You should just lie here where no one will find you, just lie here, no one will care, and no one will ever find you... Oh what’s the point. I won’t die. Death is just too good for me... I might as well just climb up this cliff and get back inside the house, that way I can at least cause myself more pain instead of lying here without anything to do...’

Pushing himself up with his aching limbs Kaiba started to scale the cliff face. It would’ve been easy had he not been ready to collapse, there were lots of footholds and handholds for him to grab onto. When he reached the top he shoved his hands in his pockets and slowly walked back inside the house and into his room...


Tea blinked slowly and opened her eyes as immediately more tears streamed down her face. She hugged the pillow close to her chest and rolled over. Her eyes widened as she stared at the sleeping form next to her... Kaiba. Very wet, very dirty, and very bloody... but Seto Kaiba none the less.

Tears started pouring down her face anew as she threw the pillow away and hugged Kaiba. ‘I’m going insane. I so going insane. Oh, but I don’t care. Seto is here right now and I’m not letting him go. Not for anything...’ She squeezed him close to her and nuzzled her head against his chest. Tea felt a hand rest on her shoulder and she looked up into the eyes of a smiling Kaiba. He slid down next to Tea and rested his forehead against hers as he let her hair slide through his fingers.

“Hello Tea...”

She sighed happily, “Hello Seto.”

Kaiba gave a little snicker, “You called me Seto.”

Tea smiled sweetly, “There’s a first time for everything...”

Seto’s eyes gleamed playfully, “There is a first time for everything.” And he leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips.

Tea wrapped her arms around Kaiba and joined in their peaceful moment of total bliss together.

Kaiba slowly broke the kiss and gently whispered into Tea’s ear, “I’m sorry...”

She pulled a little away from him, “Huh?”

Seto moved down to the end of the bed and started to leave the room when Tea got up and grabbed his arms and turned him around. “What are you doing?”

He shook his head and looked away from her, “I can’t Tea, I just can’t...”

Tea pressed her lips against his and was rewarded with his firm hands around her waist. Her leg pulled up and she clung onto his warm body, but this didn’t last long before he backed away from her shaking his head. “Tea... you don’t understand... You don’t want me, you deserve better... Please... I just can’t...”

A look of despair grew on his face as he walked out the door slowly. He continued down the hall and shut the door of his office.

Seto put a hand to his forehead and collapsed onto the couch. ‘You idiot. What do you keep telling yourself? People are pain, stay away from them. But do you listen? Nooooo. You have to go and fall in love, and with Tea of all people. You’re just a fool. A stupid, stupid fool who obviously likes to get hurt. You should give Tea a gun and have her shoot it at you. That would be easier than going through the torture of leading your delusional fantasies of having someone actually care for you...’

He got up and walked back into his room with a sullen expression pasted onto his face. He glanced over at Tea who was sitting on the couch and watching him. He stared back at the floor and opened up his desk drawer. With a smirk he pulled out a pistol and sat down next to Tea on the couch where he sat with it in his lap as she eyed him warily. He lifted the gun to the side of his head and led his finger towards the trigger. Kaiba slowly applied pressure to the trigger and............................BANG!

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