Welcome to the doujinshi gallery! Doujinshi is manga and art created and sold by fans! The art is different according to the artist's style and many of them are either very cute, or very pretty! Click on and take a look for yourself!

Seto has a Gun!
Seto and his pet Blue Eyes
Yami with a rose cape
It Seto's turn to play the guitar!
More Seto with his pet dragon!
A younger looking Seto
Jounouchi as his usual happy self
Yuugi looking at Anzu
Seto taking off his coat
Egyptian Seto
Yami and Anzu having cookies and cocoa!
Day Dreaming Seto
There's a time limit for everything, especially this!!
King Yami!
Jounouchi trying to be cool
Yami is about to duel!
Someone sure feels like a king...
Lets go round and round!
Something wrong Bakura?
Dark, Cool, Seto!!
Yami summons the Black Magician!
Seto summons the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!
Awww... Someone is tired!
The Black Magician
How sweet! Yami gave Anzu some candy! *laughs at Seto*
Kawaii chibi Seto!!
Malik is serious!
Yuugi with cute birdies!!
Jounouchi seems blue..
Yami with softer eyes
Pharoah Yami with Preist Seto in background
Jounouchi and his pet red eyes!
YuGiOh cast going to school!
How I envy Anzu!
Yami... *drool*
Pharoah Yami with a song of monster
Yami is making me like the game more than I should ^_^
Malik and his Phoneix!
Anzu is a wife?
What could Yami Malik be thinking about?
Anzu with a new hairstyle
Anzu and Yami!
Gee... what could Doctor Bakura be checking out here?
Looks like the Tomb Robber stole something different
Prince Yami and his Princess Anzu
YuGiOh as Trigun!!
YuGiOh as Kenshin!
Bakura and Anzu on a horsey!
Hot Seto with card!
Awww.. Is Malik confused?
Nice Priest Seto!
Nice CEO Seto!
Water Color Bakura!
Seto really is a black cherry isn't he?
Here's a thought... Seto with red hair!
Wow! A doujinshi of Noa!
Better not get in Yami's way!
Drool... Yami taking his coat off!

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