Welcome to the doujinshi gallery! Doujinshi is manga and art created and sold by fans! The art is different according to the artist's style and many of them are either very cute, or very pretty! Click on and take a look for yourself!

Sexy Seto
Gentel Jounouchi
Lets see Funimation sensor this!
Atemu and his friends
We all know that Seto is president
Looks like Bakura ate some bad fruit
Normal Bakura in deep-thought
Black Magician Girl
Seto has alot of work to do!
Seto breaking the chain
Atemu with alot of crows
Seto relaxing
Happy Yugi with the Yamis
Seto and his Blue Eyes White Dragon
Atemu with his fave card
Looks like someone is hungery
Look who's here for dinner!

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