Well here's the fanart! As you can see there isn't much at all, but we are looking for submitions. If you want to submit any non-yaoi fan art, send them to and I will post it up. All credit will be given to the respective artist. Click on an thumbnail to view a bigger version of the picture.

Note: Do NOT take any art without the artist's permission first!

Art by Chibi Neko (Thats Me ^_^)

Art by Dantegirl

Art by SykoPants<

Art by Lizeth

Art by Katchan

Art by Sensu

Art by Hikaru

Art by karlijn scholten

Art by Yami Kajita

Art by Yamigirl21

Art by CriCriChan

Art by CloudPow

Art by Mazalynn

Art by Sani

Art by Kitty-cat-angel