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Doujinshi Gallery
Screen-Cap Gallery

The YuGiOh Gang!
Everyone looking out a window....I think
Just another group Shot
Anzu wearing a...Wave Body shirt??
Jounouchi with a puppy! ^.^
Jounouchi and Yuugi are late for school
Jounouchi, Yuugi, and Anzu standing cool
Cute! Everyone is playing space commander!
Ha ha! Anzu really has to bend down to get by Yuugi!
Three great Duelists
Looks like someone is loosing to Yami
Wow did Yuugi grow a few inches?
YuGiOh tip #1: Never make Yuugi cry
YuGiOh tip #2: Never boost Jounouchi's ego
YuGiOh tip #3: Always make sure Bakura is paying attention
Yuugi and Anzu!
Pegases and Yami about to Duel
I think Yuugi and Anzu are in their own little world
Yami in the Dark
Yuugi beating Jounouchi at Duel Monsters
Magazine scan of Yami and Seto
Yuugi and Anzu riding down a waterslide! ^.^
Chibi Yuugi solving the Millennium Puzzle! Very adorable!
Forbbiden Memories Playstation Cover
Egyptian Anzu
Pharaoh Yami
Egyptian Jounouchi
High Priest Seto
Yami with his favorite card
Yuugi wants a hug!
Everyone hanging out in an arcade
Nice group shot
Everyone rideing camels! *Laughes at Jounouchi and Honda*
What's wrong Yuugi? Isn't this what you always wanted? :D
I think Yami got the good deal on Yuugi's study habbits
Yuugi, Jounouchi and Anzu walking from school
Cool magazine scan of Yami and his puzzle
I really like this pic of Yami
Yami in front of the ancient tablet
Calender image of Seto
Yami, Seto, and Obelisk
Cool black&white of Yami, Seto and Pegases
Yami pulls Exodia on a greened haired Seto!
The cutest pic of Yuugi Ever!
Yami being cool. Nothing new.
Yuugi getting weak in the shadow realm
Seto with his god card
Yami with his god card
I really like Seto and the Blue Eyes in this one
The 3 god card owners
Black Magician VS Blue Eyes!
Duelists of the Past
Everyone as game peices!
Yami, Seto, and Jounouchi!
Yami with his strongiest cards!
A little history of Yami
Screencap of Pharoah Yami
Pharoah Yami and the Gods
Yami and Seto compete
Pharoah Yami (A little pale dont you think?)
A little small, but everyone is in kimonos! (I really like Seto! ^_^)
Looks like Seto has alot on his mind
Time to let it go Jounouchi, Honda! ^_^
Kawaii Bakura!
Season 3 Bakura (comlete with thicker hair!)
Bakura again
Yami picking on Yuugi about Anzu
The classic light/dark sitution

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