Giga Gagagigo

Giga Gagagigo was once a wrongdoer,
Until someone showed him justice;
Soon thereafter, Giga Gagagigo was good,
And even fought evil.

Giga Gagagigo went through body reconstruction,
To gain superior strength;
At our laboratory we truly enhanced his strength,
Our group of geneticists did well.

Giga is still a marvel,
Of the work of us geneticists;
He fights evil and protects the innocent,
Better than any human being.

Giga was once a natural reptile,
Until we made him an artificial reptile;
Now he is more powerful than ever,
We are gaining more knowledge over time.

Giga Gagagigo, a unique ally,
Helps when the opportunity arises;
Hopefully he will always be like this,
And will never turn evil under genetic changes

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