Chapter 1-Shadow's Enemy

       Shadow, a young student of Domino High, lived in the most suburban part of Domino City.  Her friends were Yugi Motou, Yami (who she has a secret crush on), Tea Gardner, Alex Moutou (Yugi's sister), Joey and Serenity Wheeler, and Tristan Taylor. 

       Then there was Christiana Pegasus who Shadow despised  She was the daughter of the multibillionaire, Maximillion Pegasus.  Her mother, Cecelia, died when Christiana was younger, but she doesn't take after her evil father.  She's nice, caring, and Yugi and Yami worship the ground she walks on.  Christiana, her alter-ego, and Shadow all like Yugi and Yami, so Christiana and Shadow don't get along well at all. 

       Shadow and Christiana have the same homeroom and, as every day, they argued about Yugi and Yami.  Although today seemed different.  It was early, and school hadn't started yet.  Shadow and Christiana started their daily arguing when all of the sudden Shadow said something that Christiana didn't like.  Christiana, now pissed, punched Shadow in the face making her nose bleed.  Shadow hit back and they started fighting.  Their teacher stopped the fight and brought them both to the principal.  Their parents were called up and they were both suspended for a month.

       While they were both siting in the principal's office, Shadow noticed a very richly decorated, Egyptian box in the lost and found bin.  Christiana saw it too.  They both wondered what it held, why it was there, what they would be doing for a month alone and if this box had something to do with it.  Little did they know of how much trouble the box could put them in.

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