Chapter 2-The Keys

       Shadow walked over to the lost and found bin and picked up the magical box.  She opened it and found two keys inside with the names of Egyptian people on them.  One of them glowed and when Shadow  picked it up it gave her a power like no other.  There was a poem on the lid of the box, sort of like instructions and Shadow started to read:

Inside this box are two keys,
Don't worry there are no hidden fees.
If one glows, that key belongs to you,
For whom the other belongs, I have no clue.
Without these keys, all will die,
And soon the devil shall and will fly.
You must find the owner of the other key,
Or there will be no you or even me.

       Christiana just sat there memorized in the poem not having one answer to it.  Shadow took the box and as it pointed to Christiana it started to glow, but Shadow closed it and no one noticed what happened.  Besides Shadow didn't take her key out so if she did see light she was positive it was her key.  When she went home she planned to show the other key to everyone she knew and trusted to see who it belonged to.

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