Chapter 3-Dark Love

       Back at Christiana's mansion, her father was asleep and she was getting ready for bed.  All of the sudden she heard a knock at the door.  One of her servants answered it and lead the guest upstairs.  The guest knocked at her bedroom door and the servant left.  She answered it.  It was Yami.

       Christiana, surprised to see him at three in the morning, smiled and asked, "Yami, what brings you here?"  He looked at her and answered, "Oh,  I was around so I decided to stop by.  Can I come in?"  She opened the door all the way and he came in.  When he went to close the door, he locked it and Christiana wasn't sure why.  He turned around and his eyes turned dark which gave her the chills.

       Yami slowly walked over to her and pushed her on the bed.  He started to kiss her all over.  Although she enjoyed this a lot and she knew where he was going,  this wasn't like Yami at all.  Something didn't seem right and she wasn't going to wait to see what would happen.  Christiana pushed him off which angered Yami a lot.
       Yami pushed her back down as she tried to escape, he took off her clothes as she screamed for mercy.  To keep her quiet, he gave her sleeping pills and she was out like a light. He started to rape her and when he was done, Yugi came back from being lost in his head.  He screamed at Yami hoping nothing bad happened to Christiana.

       Yugi and Yami went home, and Yami didn't even remember what happened.  Something was definitely wrong and when Christiana woke up the next morning she was scared, throwing up, and panicking.  She didn't know what to do, but she had a feeling that Yami wasn't himself and that she had to find out.   

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