In celebration of our 10,000 hits, here is a small album of the little events that took place while the Card Closet was still new! Take a lookie!

We all know that Chiros has a unique point of view

Does anyone know what the mysterious duel cookie is?

Well isn't this a proud moment for me! I was the first female finalist at downtown comics! This was of course over a year ago, but I still gotta smile at this pic.

There is actually a story behind this. Two summers ago, Rabid^Duck, R'shrah Chiros, and me where learning how to play duel monsters! The great part is we stayed up the entire night playing the game. This pic is me about to fry an egg for a snack at 3 AM! Rabid^Duck and I did not go to sleep until 6 PM, however... Chiros said he 'passed out' when he went home around 4PM.

Rabid^Duck never did like cheaters in duel monsters. You will know if she caught you cheating when she gives you a look like this.

Of course, being the Neko that I am... I always like my milk after a good day in dueling!

Just keep in mind that I don't like to share what I earned.

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