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Is This Normal?!

"You'll be able to find your dorm-?"

"Yes ma'am," Ryou nodded enthusiastically, "Thanks again," and nigh well fled down the hall and out of sight, papers, ponytail and all.

Left standing alone in the hall, Hana shook her head.

*And to think, technically it's not even his first day yet.*

Chapter 3: Dorm is for Dormir... NOT

Sometime around 4 am the following morning, Ryou woke up to the sound of fervent pounding. Half-asleep, he groaned, tucking his blanket over his head in an utterly futile attempt to block the sound.



Well, that broke the pattern.

His Yami growled, obviously groggy, which his hikari had always found odd. If his Yami was a spirit, why did he need sleep?


"Stupid hunk of-!"


//Whoever the hell that is...// Bakura slurred, and Ryou found himself waking up in response to the threat in his other's tone.
Whoever it was didn't deserve to be sent to the Shadow Realm-


"Aw hell!"


Sighing, Ryou rolled slowly out of his surprisingly comfortable bed and ran a hand through his hair. He could only imagine how horrible it looked. He liked his hair, thank you very much, but that didn't stop it from becoming a veritable bird's nest during the night.



/I'm going, Yami, I'm going./

Shuffling sleepily to the door, he yelped as he almost tripped over a chair.


Finally, he stuck his head out and looked around, squinting as the brightly lit corridor brought tears to his mal-adjusted eyes.

Across the hall was a tall redhead, banging his head steadily against the oak wood door of his room.

"I don't think that's going to help any more than kicking did," a black haired boy pointed out wryly, dressed in loose sweatpants and a tee, glasses propped up above his forehead.

"Damn, damn, damn..." the redhead ignored the advice, each word punctuated by a dull *thump* as his head hit the wood.

"Kanto, you're gonna get brain damage, man," the blonde said lightly, eyes still partially closed as he leaned against the doorframe. Incidentally, he was the first to notice the mass of white hair sticking out of the door in front of him.

"Yo, this bastard wake you up too?"

Ryou grinned and stepped out into the neon-lit hall, rubbing his eyes.
"You could say that." He yawned. "What's going on?"

"The idiot locked himself out of his room," Glasses said flatly, whapping Kanto across the back of his head and stopping the other's self-punishment.

"Aw! Geez..."

"You don't have enough brain cells to spare, Kanto-kun. Just stop."

The white haired boy blinked. "What about the office?"

"Doesn't open until 6," the third replied, spreading his arms apart in a helpless gesture, blond bangs falling over his eyes. "You're the new kid, right? The one Kurokaze jumped on in the hall?"

The hikari blushed and nodded. Ah, the wonders of unwanted fame. "Boku no namae wa Bakura Ryou desu."

"My name's Taro," the blonde introduced himself in return. "I live beside Stupid," he jerked his thumb at the middle teen, who was rubbing at the red spot on his forehead.

The redhead growled, "My name's Kanzaki Kanto, and if anyone here is stupid, it's you," he retorted, glaring.

Taro just smirked.

"Saito," glasses introduced himself, stepping across the hallway to shake Ryou's hand. He grinned, "Enjoying your stay at Hokushin?"

The hikari smiled weakly and shot a worried glance at the redhead. "It's certainly been... interesting."

"Ah crap!" Kanto exclaimed throwing up his arms in frustration and giving his door another good kick.

Ryou winced as the door vibrated, but it still wouldn't budge.

"I said you're not doing any good, Kanto-kun," the bespectacled boy retorted. "Besides waking people who were perfectly content to be in bed, if you actually do manage to break down that door, you'll be fined for property damage. You'll just have to wait until the office opens."

"That's just great," Kanto drawled bitterly. "I'm not waiting out here that long!"

The redhead blinked as an idea hit him and Saito frowned as Kanto turned his gaze on him. The taller boy shot him a pleading look, grinning.

"No," was all the bespectacled boy said.

Kanto pouted at the refusal and turned, opening his eyes wide in an attempt to look guileless.
"Can I stay in your room, Taro-kun?" he said, voice dripping with saccharine.

Taro just raised an eyebrow cynically.

"Is that a yes?" the redhead asked hopefully, looking to his other friend.

"Hell, no," the blonde denied flatly.

Ryou's eyebrows threatened to join his hairline as Kanto finally pinned his pleading gaze on him. The redhead just copied his actions, his eyebrows raising as well. Fighting the urge to throw the arms up in the air, the hikari settled for rolling his eyes. Returning a few moments later, the hikari ushered the redhead to the side and knelt in front of the offending door.
Pulling out a set of wires of varying thickness and shapes out of what appeared to be a wide leather belt, he eyed the lock critically and selected his tools.

In layman's terms: it was a lock-pick set.

About half a minute later, three boys stood in varying degrees of shock as a *click* resounded in the hallway.

"...The heck?!" Kanto exclaimed, jumping around like a madman as the new student turned the knob and pushed, the door opening with a mocking creak.

Taro looked at the transfer as if he was seeing him for the first time.

Saito frowned, his glasses having slipped down to their proper place on the bridge of his nose. Try as he might, he couldn't quite keep the incredulity from his voice.
"Why didn't you just do that in the first place?"

Tucking back his picks into their proper slots, Ryou blinked innocently at the three and smiled his serene smile.

"You didn't ask."


Chapter 4 - Meet the Gang:
A familiar face pops up as Ryou runs into a local gang based in a rival school.

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