Chapter 1-The Invites

       Encantadora woke up to the sound of birds chirping.  It was 9am, and her boyfriend, Seto, was next to her in bed.  She had slept over his house because Mokuba was at a friend's house all weekend.  He wouldn't be home for three more hours.  She looked over at Seto, his arm was around her and he was sleeping peacefully.  His eyes slitted open and looked at her and he smiled.  She could tell he was exhausted after last night.  Seto asked, "What time is it?"  "Nine-o-clock," she answered.  They had three hours all alone.  Seto grabbed Encantadora and pulled her under the covers.  They only did this when Mokuba wasn't home, so he never knew what they were up to. 

       It was now 10am and Encantadora was making breakfast.  Seto was on his laptop making sure his bussiness was doing okay and Mokuba would be home in two hours.  Their plan for today was to do whatever Mokuba wanted to do.  Mokuba loved spending time with his big brother and he really loved Encantadora and was used to her being around.  Mokuba would always surprise them with new ideas, so no one knew what to expect.

       When Mokuba came home Encantadora and Seto were waiting for him outside and he hugged them both.  He decided that they would be going to the movies, to lunch, and then he wanted to go in the pool.  Seto gave Encantadora a look of 'he's going to kill me' and she laughed.  

       After the movie and lunch, they went back to Seto's and went in the pool.  Mokuba was playing in the pool while Encantadora and Seto were talking.  Encantadora said, "We should have a party.  You know, all of your friends and all of mine.  Like before, all of us party like we are still sixteen."  Seto looked at her, "A lot of things happened at sixteen.  But we're not sixteen.  It still a good idea to invite all of our friends to a party next weekend."  They got a list together of everyone to invite and it looked like this:

Shadow Moon
Yami Mouto
Joey Wheeler
Ryou Bakura
Mai Valentine
Tea Gardner
Triststan Taylor
Rex Raptor
Weevil Underwood
Lisabella Argentino

       The list went on and on and the invites were sent out immediately.  Everybody came because no one wanted to miss the chance to be at the richest mansion ever.

       Mokuba was planning to be at their cousin's house, so if anything happened at the party it was okay.  Little did anyone know that this party would be the party of a lifetime.

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