Chapter 2- Shadow Moon

       Encantadora and Seto were getting ready for the party that started in two hours. Mokuba had already left to the Kaiba's cousin's house and everything was going according to plan.

       The doorbell rang at nine-o-clock, and a lot of people started to come in. The DJ started to play some songs and everyone started dancing. Encantadora and Seto were the best at dancing and everyone watched in amazement at their moves.

       A little while later, as Encantadora and Seto were sitting at the bar, Encantadora's best friend, Shadow Moon, entered the party. To her, the house was huge. She looked around and she saw that some people were dancing, someone was making out in the far corner of the room, Encantadora and Seto flirting and drinking at the bar, and a lot of people were just hanging around. Then she noticed someone she had never met before. He had bright purple eyes, and tri-colored hair, he was short, but not too short, and he was talking to some friends. She had automatically fell in love with him and she couldn't keep her eyes off of him.

       Encantadora looked up and saw Shadow just standing there. She went up to Shadow to talk to her, but when she began to talk, she noticed that Shadow was in a complete daze. When she finally got through to Shadow's thick head, Shadow asked her, "Whose that cute guy with the tri-colored hair?" Encantadora looked around and immediately saw Yami. "Yami Mouto," Encantadora replied, "You two do look like a good couple, but be careful of Tea. She's had her eyes on Yami since they were kids. Luckily, they've never gone out." Shadow couldn't believe her eyes. She now truly believed in love at first sight.

       Yami, who was talking, looked over and saw Shadow. With her blonde hair and black streaks, and beautiful blue eyes he knew he had fallen in love. Joey saw her too, and the way Yami just gazed at her. Joey and Encantadora knew they had to get the couple together, but how?

       The party was going great but, but Tea noticed that Yami wasn't acting himself, and then she noticed Shadow and she knew why. She had to stop it. If it was the last thing she would ever do.

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