Chapter 3- Is it Love?

       Seto, who was talking to Yami, saw Encantadora and Shadow talking.  Shadow had left the room for a minute to find someone and Encantadora started to head over towards Seto.  She saw Yami and told him about Shadow.  Yami couldn't wait to meet her. 

       While all that was going on, Seto had his own plans.  He looked at Encantadora with her auburn hair, her slim body, and beautiful blue eyes.  He couldn't stop looking at her and he wasn't sure why.  Encantadora sat down next to him and smiled.  Surprisingly, he kissed her.  She gave in and if it wasn't for the fact that they were sitting at the bar, they would have lost control.

       All of the sudden the song, 'This I Promise You' came on.  Seto took Encantadora out to dance and they found Shadow and Yami dancing there.  Seto looked at Encantadora and asked, "How long have they been staring into each other's eyes?"  "Since they met," she replied,  "They really love each other, like we do."  Encantadora put her head on his shoulder and he couldn't help but pull her closer to him. He felt like he never wanted to ever let her go. 

       Yami looked over at them and smiled.  He was hoping that one day he could do that to Shadow.  He looked at her and said, "Shadow, you are so beautiful.  I think I love you, and don't want you to ever leave my sight."  Shadow smiled and decided to kiss him on the lips. They truly felt like they could trust each other forever.  Shadow started to think, 'I wonder by the end of the night if I'll get laid by him.  The way things are going it wouldn't surprise me.'

       When the song ended, Encantadora noticed that Shadow and Yami had that same look that Seto and Encantadora would have before they had sex.  She told Seto and he couldn't believe it. Tea saw it too, and as she reached for her purse, she also had a look in her eye.  It was revenge and no one could stop her now.

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