Chapter 4- Sweet Revenge

       Tea walked up to where Shadow and Yami were standing.  She grabbed Shadow and took a gun out of her purse.  She glared at Yami and snarled, "If I can't have Yami, no one will!"  She started to pull the trigger when Encantadora shouted to Shadow, "Duck!"  Shadow immediately ducked down and Encantadora kicked Tea, knocking her to the ground and making the gun fly in the air.  Seto caught it and Yami quickly went to Shadow's side.  Seto called security and they took Tea away, but before she left she cried, "You haven't seen the last of me Shadow.  I'll be back to reclaim what's rightfully mine!"

       Shadow from all the excitement, collapsed in Yami's arms.  Seto, Encantadora, and Yami took her to one of the guest rooms and laid her on the bed.  Seto and Encantadora left the room and Yami just sat there, looking at her still body.  He thought, 'She's even more beautiful when she sleeps.' 

       A few minutes later she woke up.  She was surprised to see what happened and she couldn't believe she was alone with Yami.  They both left the room and didn't say a word.  The look in their eyes showed each other how much they loved each other and how much they wished they had stayed in the room.

       Shadow and Yami found Encantadora and Seto sitting by the pool and they walked over to talk to them.  Encantadora whispered in Shadow's ear, "Did you do it?"  Shadow shook her head 'no' and Yami put his arm around her waist.  Encantadora who couldn't believe they did nothing, pushed the two of them in the pool.  Luckily, they both knew how to swim.  Seto said something to Encantadora that Shadow nor Yami could pick up.  Seto and Encantadora left the two, now wet, love birds and headed over to the bar.

       It was three in the morning, and most people were planning to go home soon.  Seto and Encantadora loved when this happened.  The real fun happens when there is only a few people left.

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