Chapter 5-Truth or Dare

       It was 3am and most people were starting to go home.  Seto left the room to pay the DJ and Encantadora figured out who would be staying.  Shadow, Yami, Lisabella, Joey, Serenity, Mai, Bakura, and Tristan decided to stay.  Seto came in and saw Joey sitting there.  He looked at Joey and asked' "What the hell are you still doing here?"  Joey replied, "Encantadora said I could stay."  Seto looked at Encantadora, trying to find out why she told him to stay.  She gave him a look that meant 'I'll make it up to you in bed, I promise.'  He sighed and looked at Joey, "Do you at least have a girlfriend?"  Mai came out of the backroom and said, "Yea he does, me."  He couldn't believe they were together.  Encantadora's friend Lisabella was going out with Tristan and Bakura and Serenity were now an item.

       They all decided to play 'Truth or Dare' and Lisabella had to ask first.  Lisabella asked Yami and he picked 'truth'.  He had to describe his dream girl.  He looked up into Shadow's eyes and described her perfectly.  Shadow blushed and it was Yami's turn.  He asked Seto and Seto picked 'dare'.  Seto had to feed Encantadora two strawberries, using his mouth to put them in her mouth.  He did the first one and then the second one. At the end he came in with a French kiss.  It was so romantic and Encantadora enjoyed every bit of it.  It was Seto's turn and he asked Serenity.

       A little while later someone asked Shadow and she picked 'dare'.  She had to kiss Yami.  She went up to Yami and started to kiss him.  She put her hands through his hair and his hands were searching her back and butt.  The kiss lasted 3 min. and then it was Shadow's turn and she picked the last person left, Encantadora.  Encantadora picked 'dare' and she had to kiss Seto, in the pool, underwater, naked.  Outside it was freezing cold which really turned the couple on.  They both jumped in and took off their swimsuits.  They went underwater and started kissing, but they didn't stop there.  They actually had sex in the pool.  Of course for that, Encantadora and Seto won the game.

       After that everyone went home except for Shadow and Yami.  It was 5am and no one was tired.  They started to think of another game to play.  They decided to play strip poker.  

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