Chapter 7-Sexual Love

       As Shadow closed the door to her and Yami's room, she noticed there was only one bed.  She walked to the bed and sat down on it next to Yami.  Yami started to put light kisses on her neck as he started to take off her shirt.  Shadow was pushed on the bed and she decided to take off Yami's pants.  In less than 5 minutes they were both naked.

       Yami was on top of her, holding her down as he started to kiss her all over. She kept pulling him closer and closer as she stared into his eyes.  He put himself in her and she melted in his arms. 

       By that time, Encantadora and Seto were just laying in bed chatting.  They were able to hear everything next door.  Seto looked into Encantadora's eyes and laughed, "Sounds like it was their first time."  "Most likely," Encantadora replied, "They're very old to start now though."  Seto started to play with Encantadora's hair as she lay in his arms.  She fell asleep and he thought 'I can't live without her.  She's so beautiful and sweet and well...Mokuba likes her too.  When she wakes up, I'll ask her to move in with me.  That way I'll never have to let her go.'   He fell asleep, his arms around her, holding her as close as he possibly could forever.

       Shadow and Yami finally fell asleep. They couldn't believe how much fun the party was and how much they really loved each other.  Little did anyone know, but this would be the beginning of something that would last forever.

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