Chapter 8- Parting is such Sweet Sorrow

       That morning, Seto, Encantadora, Shadow, and Yami were all eating breakfast.  Mokuba, who came home a half an hour ago, was watching TV in the other room.  He was pretty excited to hear that Encantadora would be moving in to their house and he couldn't wait for how much fun they would have.  Encantadora decided to give her house to Shadow and Yami.  So they were pretty happy too.

       As the two couples were talking, the mail came in and Seto started to flip through it.  He received a letter saying he won a contest for four tickets to the mountains.  It was a one week stay with skiing, sledding, tubing, and things just for couples.  Seto took out the four tickets and gave Encantadora, Shadow, and Yami one each.  He explained to them when it was, what they needed, where it was, and any other questions they had.  The best part was that Mokuba had camp that week, so he wouldn't know they were gone.  It seemed like the fun for these couples would never end.

       After everyone was done breakfast, they all went to get packed.  This was going to be great.  A week alone with the loves of their lives.  No one knew what would be in store for this group.  Everyone knew this would be a trip that no one could ever forget.

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