Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

The Saint Dragon of Osiris
The first rare card I'm gonna talk about is one of the 3 rarest cards in Duel a God Card! When a great Japanese tv show gets ruined by engish producers, I had a feeling that the card would suffer the same fate. Its only now that we have the english God Cards and when I look at this particullar card I have to say... Who's idea was this!!?? How did 'Slifer' come out of Osiris?? Anyone? Can anyone see it? I sure can't! If the translator is reading this send me an email and tell me how you messed this up! One of the main rules to translating Japanese is getting it right!

Anyway this card is REALLY called 'OSHIRISU No Tenkuu Ryu' which literally means The Saint Dragon of Osiris. The direct translation of the card description are as follows: "Every time the opponent summons creature into the field, the point of the player's card is cut by 2000 points. X stands for the number of the player's cards in hand. Whenever your opponent Summons or Special Summons a Monster, this Monster does 2000 damage to that Monster."

When it comes to playing God cards, there are certain guidelines that they all must abide by, which are: The God cards require you to sacrifice THREE Monsters to Summon them normally and Magic cards, Trap cards and other Effects that affect the God card last only until the end of the turn.

Osiris' first effect is the most obvious. X stands for the number of cards in the player's hand and is multiplied by 1000. So 5 cards would give Osiris 5000 ATK/DEF! The next effect is very useful. Every time your opponent summons or special summons a monster, Osiris uses its second mouth to do 2000 damage to that monster, however the con to this is if a Blue Eyes is summoned and is attacked by Osiris' second mouth, the player would lose 1000 LP.

The God cards are the hot item that many English duelists are after. Why? I'm not sure. The cards look really cool! However they cannot be played. On the back of each card they have a different color and no 'YuGiOh' logo. The English cards don't even have a description on what the monster does and they are banned from tourneys for the knowledge that they CAN"T be used at all. The only reason to get this card is for collector's value. But the price is high... even for the English ones.

In my opinion of anyone wants to snag a God card, get the Japanese ones. The English ones are duds filled with translation errors that donít even include the effects, just some description thatís supposed to 'wow' card collectors. The only thing that is true to the original cards is the artwork of the Gods. I guess it has to count for something.

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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