Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Red Eyes Black Dragon
Out of all the rare cards I have in my collection, this card is one of my faves! The Red Eyes Black Dragon. I used to have 8 of these! But this is the only Japanese one I have with this awesome artwork! The good news with this card is the translation is done very well! Its called 'Reds Eyes Black Dragon'!! Even the translators couldn't mess this up!

*Ahem* Seeing that this is a regular monster card, there isnít a whole lot to say about it. But it is still a real rare card right? So why is it so rare? The Red Eyes Black Dragon requires 2 tributes to summon it and it only has 2400 attack power. The Demon card (Summoned Skull) only requires 1 tribute for a 2500 attack power. Odd huh? Well not really on some cases, and that would be fusion monsters! Looks like the Red Eyes Black Dragon is more than just a pretty face ne? ^_^

Depending on what they are, fusion monsters are more powerful then the normal monsters used to fuse them. Red Eyes Black Dragon is a card that smart duelists never tribute to summon him, instead they use a Dragon flute, or....FUSION! The Red Eyes Black Dragon card is required in some of the most powerful fusions in the game! Two of the most common ones are: Black Skull Dragon, and Black Meteor Dragon. These cards have attack powers of 3200, and 3500!

There is also another effect that can be done with the Red Eyes Black Dragon! And that requires the wonderful Metal Morph card! If you equip the Red Eyes with it, and tribute it, you get to summon the Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon from your deck! But of course this is the only way to summon the card. If you get Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon in your hand, then the card is useless. That makes it very iffy.

The Red Eyes Black Dragon is a card that fusion duelist would get. However I have a dragon deck, and I had Red Eyes in it for a while, so itís ok to have. But right now I just have it for the sake of having it. I mean c'mon! Just look at the card!

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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