Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Lets talk about rare cards... and I mean RARE! Let's talk about the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Now Iím sure that there are a lot of these in Japan and soon in English, but how many are real? When I say 'real'.. I mean as in not replicas. Replica cards are rare too and are worth a lot too, but are nothing to the real thing. Lets take a lookie!

In terms of the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, there are only 2 real ones in the world! And they where given to the winner of the Duel Monster1 and 2 Tournament in Japan. A lot of the prizes given the place holders in those tourneys are one of a kinds too. 'Meteor Black Dragon' and 'Fire Winged Pegasus' are more examples of cards that will be made into replicas, but only a few 'real' ones. So seeing that Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is 'THE' rarest card in Duel Monsters, its worth $30,000 US! Iím not kidding! And there are 2 kids in Japan that has this card! Wonder what they are doing with it now?

Anyway when it comes the cards ability itself,it's really awesome! It's a fusion of three Blue Eyes Dragons and has a attack power of 4500 and DEF 3000! While this card is great for fusion decks, it's not one I would use in a dragon deck.

First of all, there are ways to power up a Blue Eyes Dragon easily! Power up cards can be used like Axes of Despair! With enough of those, a ordinary Blue Eyes Dragon and kill off a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Or some other dragon like Tyrant Dragon or Tri-Horned Dragon can kill a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon with a few Axes. Second of all it will require extra cards in your deck like Poly!

This is a card that I think a lot of people will be after! The replica ones anyway... there is no chance that ANYONE is gonna get the real ones. This card can fit into dragon decks if it done right. But I would use it in a fusion deck! Either way, Iím sure a lot of people out there can't wait for this card to become English! Just like me!

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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