Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Black Magician Girl
Seeing that Chiros did a review on the Black Magician Girl, I may as well do the same. It is a rare card after all, but lets take a closer look at it.

First of all, like the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, there are 'real' and 'replica' cards. The replica cards are just as hard to get as it is to get a ultra rare card in Japanese booster packs. Which is quite hard. In terms of the 'real' Black Magician Girl, only about 600 exist. These cards where given to the finalists of the Duel Monster 1 and 2 Tournaments. Other than that, only the boosters and premium packs have the replicas. The one I have is a replica of course, but if I had one of real cards, it would not take me long to sell it. The real Black Magician Girl card is worth over $800 US!

The only reason why I think this card is so rare and worth so much is due to fandom. This card shows up a lot in the anime/manga, and not to mention its a little girl with a big bust. So looks does have a lot to do with it cuz I cant see how the effect can.

Ok so everyone must know what this card does. Increase this Monster's attack strength by 300 for each [Black Magician] and [Magician of Black Chaos] in each player's Cemetery. Big deal! The only way this card can work is if both you and your opponent has a lot of Black Magicians in your graveyards! What are the chances of that happening!? If it does happen, this card can be powered up to 3800. Not to mention it takes a tribute to get this card out. Also donít forget soul release. If your opponent takes a few magicians out of a grave then its bye-bye power up!. I think its much easier to get a 7-colored fish out and equip it with a few axes!

So is this card really worth getting? Hell no! Only if you have a super powered Black Magician Deck and are planning to go against one will this card be useful. Other than that, its much more effective to use 1800 monsters with a lot of power up cards. At least they are more plentiful than the Black Magician Girl alone.

In terms of the English card, this is a secret rare that everyone (surprise surprise) wants so bad. Like all secret rare cards, this one is worth a lot, but it does not have the effect that deserves the 'secret rare' status. Again this is all fandom. However her bust is edited! C'mon! Like people can't go online and see the real thing.. geeze. Even though this card is now in English, it is still a replica. The only 'real' Black Magician Girls where the 600 passed out to the Duel Monster 1 and 2 Tournaments finalists in Japan.

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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