Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Kessoku - UNITY
Well lookie here. This is a little different for a rare card. A lot of these character cards are not as 'rare' as you think. Its actually a promo, but not a whole lot of people know about these cards, at least not many English duelist know.

Kessoku - UNITY is a card that is rarely seen on ebay... let alone online, so its no wonder its a little known card. There are three promos of the characters in all. The other 2 are 'YUJOU - YU-JYO' (Friendship) and 'Pharaoh's Judgment'. These cards where released in Japanese Jump Magazine issues 29, 30, and 31, so they where not overall hard to get, but that was during the time. It's a lot like the Blue Eyes White Dragon Promo in the first Shonen Jump magazine released in English. The card was common then, but now the price on the card has actually increased! Its the same story with Kessoku - UNITY. This card has now earned the rare stats.

So what does this card do? First off its a quick-play magic card. The translation are as follows: Choose 1 of your Monsters on the Field. Until the End Phase, the defense strength of the chosen Monster becomes the total of the base defense strengths of all of your face-up Monsters on the Field.

Well now... this card can be a good and bad thing. Bad if you have only one monster on your field, good if you have a lot, its that simple. However this card is used only for defense purposes. Obviously you use this card on your opponents turn. You then add the total defense power on your side of the field to one monster! Is would be great in my deck. If you have a Lord of D out and have 2 Blue Eyes White Dragons, lot of the people i face always try to pick off the Lord of D due to his low defense. No more now! I can keep him safe with Kessoku - UNITY and boost Lord of D's defense 5000 points more!

If Kessoku - UNITY comes out in English, its a card Iím really gonna want for my dragon deck! The effect is awesome and its also great for stall decks. Defense monsters can take a chunk out of your opponents when done right, and this card is one of the right ways! Iím a little doubtful that it will be released in a booster pack. Just like in Japan, this card will be a promo. Here it could be in Shonen Jump or a video game. Hard to tell. But I want it!

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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