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Pharaoh Judgment
Well lookie here. This is a little different for a rare card. A lot of these character cards are not as 'rare' as you think. Its actually a promo, but not a whole lot of people know about these cards, at least not many English duelist know.

Pharaoh's Judgment is a card that is rarely seen on ebay... let alone online, so its no wonder its a little known card. There are three promos of the characters in all. The other 2 are 'YUJOU - YU-JYO' (Friendship) and 'Kessoku - UNITY'. These cards where released in Japanese Jump Magazine issues 29, 30, and 31, so they where not overall hard to get, but that was during the time. It's a lot like the Blue Eyes White Dragon Promo in the first Shonen Jump magazine released in English. The card was common then, but now the price on the card has actually increased! Its the same story with Pharaoh's Judgment. This card has now earned the rare stats.

So what does this card do? The translation are as follows: Pay half your Life Points. Choose 1 of the following effects that you could satisfy the requirements for and activate it.

- If you have a [Yujou - YU-JYO] in your Cemetery, your opponent cannot Set, Summon, Reverse Summon, Special Summon or activate Effect Monsters until the end of the turn.

- If you have a [Kessoku - UNITY] in your Cemetery, until the end of the turn, negate the effects of your opponent's Magic and Trap cards on the Field, and your opponent can't activate or Set any Magic or Trap cards.

Wow.. a trap card with a choice, very nice. The first effect with Yujou - YU-JYO is great on your opponents turn so that they cannot set or summon ANYTHING, and the other effect with the Kessoku - UNITY card is great on your turn so you may attack at will without having to worry about traps that can take a toll on your monsters. The bad thing is that either of the magic cards have to be in the grave before this trap card can work. One good idea would be to have 2 Pharaoh's Judgments in your deck so that way you get the chance to take advantage of both effects.

If Pharaoh's Judgment comes out in English, its a card that I think a lot of people are going to want! Especially the full set of these character cards! Iím a little doubtful that it will be released in a booster pack. Just like in Japan, this card will be a promo. Here it could be in Shonen Jump or a video game. Hard to tell.

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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