Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Well lookie here. This is a little different for a rare card. A lot of these character cards are not as 'rare' as you think. Its actually a promo, but not a whole lot of people know about these cards, at least not many English duelist know.

YUJOU - YU-JYO is a card that is rarely seen on ebay... let alone online, so its no wonder its a little known card. There are three promos of the characters in all. The other 2 are 'Kessoku - UNITY' and 'Pharaoh's Judgment'. These cards where released in Japanese Jump Magazine issues 29, 30, and 31, so they where not overall hard to get, but that was during the time. It's a lot like the Blue Eyes White Dragon Promo in the first Shonen Jump magazine released in English. The card was common then, but now the price on the card has actually increased! Its the same story with YUJOU - YU-JYO. This card has now earned the rare stats.

The translation of the card are as follows: Offer a handshake to your opponent. If your opponent accepts, each player's Life Points become half the total of both player's Life Points. If you have a Kessoku - UNITY in your hand, you can show it to your opponent, and he or she must accept the handshake. The card's name 'YUJOU - YU-JYO' also means 'Friendship'. 'YU' is the two letters in Yugi, and 'JOU' is the first letters of Jounouchi. Kazuki Takahashi always wanted the main theme of the YuGiOh anime to be 'friendship' and so far it is sticking.

This card is um... different. First of all you offer a handshake. If your opponent can see this card in play wont they know better than to shake your hand!? However if you have Kessoku - UNITY in the grave, no problem! See how these three cards work together? (See previous rare cards) But the other effect is interesting... each player's Life Points become half the total of both player's Life Points! So that means (player 1 + player 2 / 2) due to my lack of math skills, I think I will avoid putting this card in my deck, but it can help you in a pinch! It may decrease or increase your life points depending how you use it!

Overall this card is great! If you are good at math... which I am not and well known for it! but if you want to give your deck an interesting twist, go with this card! Its also much better if you use the full promo set of the character cards! They really do work well together...hence the theme of friendship!

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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