Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Victory Dragon
Some of the great rare cards came from limited packs. Booster packs that contained only rare-cards for a obvious higher-price. The Victory Dragon came from Limited Pack 5: Kaiba. Of course it would be Kaiba to have a card like this! It has 'Victory' and 'Dragon' on the same card, so go figure.

Victory Dragon is a card that takes some effort to get out depending the type of deck you run. Its suited very well with my deck. Take a look.

The translation of the card are as follows: This card can't be Special Summoned. You must sacrifice 3 Dragon Sub-Type Monsters on your Field to Sacrifice Summon this card. If this card reduces your opponent's Life Points to 0 in a direct attack, this card's controller wins the match.

I put this card in my 'wow' category! However that's cuz I have a dragon deck! Other decks this card may not belong in. To get it out you need 3 dragons on the field. For me that's easy because of all my Dragon Flutes! Victory Dragon has 2400 ATK, which is a waist if I have to sac 3 Blue Eyes for it, but that's not the card's special gift. If I happen to pull this dragon out when you have nothing on the field, it's an instant victory for me! It doesn’t even matter if you have 8000 life points! A direct hit will reduce you life points to 0! Now if you have a monster in attack or defense, then its a different story.

They don't call this card 'Victory Dragon' for nothing! Its a must have for any dragon deck! I will definitely put it in my deck once I obtain it, but I'm not sure about everyone else. For its value it may be a 'fancard'. When I say fancard, I mean Black Magician Girl fan. People will 'like' this card, but may not use it.

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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