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Thousand Knives
I have been looking through all my cards recently and I began to sort which rare cards I should sell, I then came across this nifty card! If I remember correctly, I pulled this one from a Premium Pack 4, which means that I will be reviewing the others soon enough.

Now one thing I have noticed with the Premium Packs are they grouped into themes that fit a certain deck type. The Premium Pack 4 was made for the magician deck that no one has... at least not in my area. I'll be blunt, to build a magician deck during last year would mean your downfall... they sucked, but thatís until the newer booster series where released. Magician fans now have a chance to kick some butt with their decks! Cards like Thousand Knives are a great addition.

The translation of the card are as follows: You can use this card only if you have a face-up Black Magician on the Field. Destroy 1 of your opponent's Monsters.

This is one of those little cards that you can 'fit' into you deck only if you really want to. If you are one of those people to stick to having a strict number of cards in you r deck like 40-45, then don't bother putting this one in your deck, use a Thunder Bolt instead (Raigeki), but if you don't live by the card-number rule, then by-all means!

Thousand Knives is easy to use, get a Black Magician on the field, destroy a monster. There are a lot of cards out there that can destroy a monster and are not nearly as hard to get, guess fandom rules more than game itself these days. However if you are a Black Magician fan and want to throw off your opponent with another method to pop one of their monsters, then Thousand Knives is just for you! But three of them in you deck and you can get rid 3 of your opponent's monsters, but that will add more cards to your deck when you just need one Thunder Bolt to do the job.

So this card is very mixed in pros and cons. As a duelist, I would not use it. I just have the card by sheer luck I suppose... but any magician fans may like it and find it handy.

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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