Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Wicked Barrier Dark Force
The second rare card I'm gonna talk about is a close cousin of the Holy Barrier Mirror Force card... Wicked Barrier Dark Force! This is a little known card, and it's quite effective, much like the Anti-Raigeki and White Hole, but a little different.

The translation of this card are as follows: You can activate this card when your opponent's Monster declares an attack. Remove all of your opponent's Monsters on the Field from the game that are in defense mode.

So in a nutshell, instead of taking out all the monsters in attack mode, you take out the monsters in face-up or face-down defense mode! This card is ultra rare for a good reason! No more worries about Maneater Bugs, Cyber Jars, and other annoying flip effects that can take a toll on your monsters.

When it comes to certain rulings such as chains, I have no idea. A chain using both Mirror Force and Dark Force would work the same way as Thunder Bolt (Raigeki) except its in trap form and it has to be triggered by an attack. There could be many pros and cons to this, but that's Chiros' department.

Wicked Barrier Dark Force is from the latest set in Japan known as 'The One Who Rules the Chaos' or the 306 Series, which means it will take quite some time before we see this card with English text. However Upper Deck have done weirder things like re-releases in Tourney packs and release cards in wrong sets, (its been done with every set so far!) so I could be wrong. 'Struggle of Chaos' released earlier than I thought it would as 'Legacy of Darkness' with a new world of translation errors and wrong cards in a set... but I can't complain too much, I have my Tyrant Dragon so I'm a very happy Neko!

So what will happen when this card does reach English boosters? Will everyone go out of their way to grab it like they did with Holly Barrier Mirror Force? Who's knows? But I'm sure that I will be one of them. In a dragon deck, taking out face down defense monsters is a real big key in winning... so I will be waiting for this card like I have with the Tyrant Dragon.

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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