Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Toon Black Magician Girl
The fourth rare card I'm gonna talk about is a rare card that many will want. It's the Toon Black Magician Girl! You think the original Black Magician Girl is hard to get? How about getting its toon counterpart!

The translation of this card are as follows: Can only be summoned if you have a [Toon World] in play. If your [Toon World] is destroyed, so it this card. If your opponent controls no Toons, this card can attack your opponent directly, but if he or she controls a Toon, you must choose a Toon as an attack target. Increase this Monster's attack strength by 300 for each [Black Magician] and [Magician of Black Chaos] in each player's Cemetery.

So basically this card has the same effects and conditions that any toon card would have, but its also works the same way the original Black Magician Girl would too. I bet when this card comes out, some people will begin to make Black Magician/Toon decks. I dont see many toon decks now and it's a shame... toon decks are really good when made right!

The original Black Magician Girl is a promo. I believe some of them would be placed in random copies of the YuGiOh movie (I think so anyway!) which is why the original is so rare! The original card it worth over $800 US! The version of the Black Magician Girl I have is worth up to $100 US! So I'm not giving up mine anytime soon. Plus I have one of the only ones in the area, or tourney anyway ^_^

Right now the only way to get Toon Black Magician Girl in Japan would be to buy a copy of "DUEL MONSTERS 6: EXPERT 2". Other cards that come with this game are "GILFORD THE LIGHTNING ", "IGZARION UNIVERSE", and "DEATH VORSTAGALF" (Which I will do a review of soon ^_^)

One of the main questions I have about the Black Magician Girl cards are 'why' are they so rare? It's not like the effect is mind-blowing are anything. You increase her attack power by 300 points for every Black Magician in your and your opponent's graveyard! I don't know about you but I don't know anyone who plays a Black Magician deck! It's not really worth it either considering you only need to tribute one monster to get Summoned Skull out, and it has the same attack power. Maybe its the cards looks? A lot of guys are known to like this card, Gee... I wonder why? -_-' Iím getting a little tired of everyone asking to see my Black Magician Girl Card. Nerveless... Toon Black Magician Girl will be hard to get when it hits English boosters... if it does get released in a booster set that is.

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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