Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

The Winged Divine Dragon of Ra
The fifth rare card I'm gonna talk about is the 3rd and most powerful God card.... The Winged Divine Dragon of Ra! This Card is yet another victim of poor translation. This card is REALLY called RA No Yoku Shin Ryu, which literally means The Winged Divine Dragon of Ra. I said this while talking about Osiris and i'll say it again... One of the main rules to translating Japanese is getting it right! Sigh... where was I? Oh yes...

The translation of this card are as follows: This Monster's attack and defense strengths are equal to the total respective attack and defense strengths of the Monsters sacrificed to summon it. Pay all but 1 of your Life Points. Increase Ra's attack and defense strengths each by the number of Life Points you paid in this way. You may pay 1000 Life Points. Destroy 1 of your opponent's Monsters on the Field.

When it comes to playing God cards, there are certain guidelines that they all must abide by, which are: The God cards require you to sacrifice THREE Monsters to Summon them normally and Magic cards, Trap cards and other Effects that affect the God card last only until the end of the turn.

There are 2 abilities that Ra has that are only in the manga and anime, which are Those who can read and speak Hieratic can gain control of Ra. This Monster can be treated as a Quick Summon. This means that Malik controls Ra by chanting a Hieratic scripture on the card that only Egyptians can see. Mai stole Ra during a duel but could not read the scripture, however Seto studied the card and translated Ra effects. Quick Summoning is related to the comic's duel monsters rules. According to the rules in the manga, you cannot attack after special summoning a monster, but Ra bypasses this rule.

The attack and defense of Ra are '????'. When you sacrifice three Monsters to summon Ra, Ra's attack strength is equal to the total of those Monster's attack strengths, and Ra's defense strength is equal to the total of those Monster's defense strengths, so that means if you revive Ra from the graveyard, it will have an attack and defense strengths of 0! But here is where second effect can kick in! When you revive Ra, you can reduce your Life Points to 1, and increase Ra's attack and defense strengths by how many points your Life Points were reduced and inflict direct damage to your opponent! So in our ruling, Ra will can inflict 7999 direct damage to your opponent! This ability was called 'One Turn Kill' by Seto.

The last ability of Ra is one that many people would use in any duel. You can pay 1000 life point to destroy one monster. This ability is great because losing 1000 life points is nothing in a duel, especially if you have Solemn Wishes! After 2 turns you have your 1000 life points back!

Out of the three God Cards, Ra is my most fave. Mainly because he is the God of the Sun, and Iím a Leo! Plus it looks really cool and its the most powerful! However once again they cannot be played. On the back of each card they have a different color and no 'YuGiOh' logo. The English cards don't even have a description on what the monster does and they are banned from tourneys for the knowledge that they CAN"T be used at all. The only reason to get this card is for collector's value. But the price is high... even for the engish ones.

In my opinion of anyone wants to snag a God card, get the Japanese ones. The English ones are duds filled with translation errors that donít even include the effects, just some description thatís supposed to 'wow' card collectors. The only thing that is true to the original cards is the artwork of the Gods. I guess it has to count for something.

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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