Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Death Volstgulf
The sixth rare card I'm gonna talk about is a really cool dragon called Death Volstgulf! Not only does the dragon look cool! But its effects are a great addition to any dragon deck like moi! But I have no idea when It will be released in English. But lets just take a look at it in its Japanese glory!

The translation of this card are as follows: When this Monster destroys another Monster during Battle and it goes to the Cemetery, do 500 damage to your opponent. Also, whenever a player plays a Normal or Instant Magic card, increase this Monster's attack strength by 200 until the end of the turn.

When I read the effects, I was like... wow! Mainly because a lot of people use quick play magic cards at the tourney, like to use Space Storm (Mystical Space Typhoon) so that means I can increase this card's attack by 200 points during that turn! The fact when its sent to graveyard as a result of battle isn't that bad either. You can do 500 direct damage even when you attack a Blue Eyes with this card! This card isn't much when on its own, but if you use it right, it is really awesome!

Death Volstgulf is a promo from the game 'Duel Monsters 6: Expert 2' and Death Volstgulf was only available during the limited edition, first printing of the game, which made it a lot harder to get this card! Other cards that come with this game are "GILFORD THE LIGHTNING ", "IGZARION UNIVERSE", and "TOON BLACK MAGICIAN GIRL".

In the anime, Death Volstgulf is first seen in Yuugi's/Yami's deck. The effect used in the anime was a little different then the actual rulings. In the anime Death Volstgulf's attack would increase by 200 points for every magic and trap card activated in the duel and would remain that way until the end of the duel! I would like it a lot if the actual card said that, but I guess that would make it too powerful wouldn't it? But it would make sense seeing the card is so hard to get! Almost as hard as the Black Magician Girl!

Death Volstgulf will be card that I'm gonna get my hands on! But I would only put one in my dragon deck. The effect isn't too bad, but the 2200 attack with one tribute doesn’t hurt either! Other duelist may be after it just for its looks. A lot of people are after the God cards even though you can't use them, so I guess it will be the same with Death Volstgulf! A card that people want to look at, but not use.

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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