Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Chaos Emperor Dragon -Messenger of the End-
The rare card I'm gonna talk about is a real treat for all you dragon duelists out there! It is the Chaos Emperor Dragon: Messenger of the End! Not only does this card look good, but it has ATK and DEF of 3000/2500! That is the same as the Blue Eyes White Dragon! Cards with stats like that are rare alone!

The translation of this card are as follows: This card cannot be Normal Summoned. Remove 1 Light and Dark Main-Type Monster in your Cemetery from the game to Special Summon this Monster. Pay 1000 Life Points to place all cards in each player's hand and on the Field and in the Cemetery. Do 300 damage to your opponent for each card placed in the Cemetery by this effect.

This card is well suited for any dragon deck out there... well for my deck at least. Most dragon cards are 'Light' monsters. The most well known ones are the 'Blue Eyes White Dragon', and 'Seiyaryu' but there are also a few dark dragons out there. The most well known dark dragon is the 'Tri-Horned Dragon', but I donít think many of us would remove those cards from the graveyard considering there are ways to get those powerful monsters back in battle. So I would use minor monsters in my deck. There are ALOT of low level dark and light monsters out there that can make summoning this dragon a piece of cake!

The next effect is really hard to beat. Pay 1000 life points to send all cards in each player's hand and on the Field and in the graveyard! This effect is best used when you donít have much to work with in your hand, or if you just want to deliver the finishing blow to your opponent. Think about it! if you have your opponent down by 3000 life points or less, you can use the card's effect to wipe out any defense or Kuribohs your opponent may have and win the duel! Not to mention the extra 300 direct damage you will do for each card sent to the graveyard from both players!

Chaos Emperor Dragon is VERY hard to get in Japan! This card is considered a short-print secret rare, and we all know how hard it is to get a common short-print! This card will be a must in my dragon deck once it hits English boosters. The Japanese set is called 'Controller of Chaos', so I have no idea what the English one will be. I guess all we can do is sit and wait.

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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