Chibi Neko's Rare Card Showcase!

Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin
The rare card I'm gonna talk about is a card that a lot of English duelist's are waiting for! It is the Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin! This card has the perfect combo of the Black Magician and Buster Blader built in! Plus the effect of the Buster Blader side has improved for all of you people who use dragon decks! I'm sure dragon duelist may want to snag this card... read on!

The translation of this card are as follows: This Monster can only be Special Summoned by a Fusion. While this card is face-up on the Field, you may discard 1 card from your hand to negate and destroy a Magic activation. Increase this Monster's attack strength by 500 for each Dragon Sub-Type Monster on the Field and in each player's Cemetery.

As most of us know already, Black Paladin is a fusion of the Black Magician and Buster Blader cards, and the card has effects that would greatly help out my dragon deck! I can first protect my dragons from magic cards like Thunderbolt (Raigeki) and Black Hole (Dark Hole), in addition... even if my dragons are gone, Black Paladin's attack will increase by 500 for every dragon in both my and my opponentís grave! Itís like have a Buster Blader that gives the dragon dueler's effect! Black Paladin has 2900 attack, and I have about 10 dragons in my deck! If all dragons are in my grave, Black Paladin's attack power will be 7900!! Not to mention if my opponent has dragons in their grave too! Yes the Buster Blader is now no longer a threat to me anymore! I now have a reason not to hate this card! I may get Buster Blader just to use this fusion card!

However the wait for this card in English boosters could take a while. How long? I have no idea. A lot of people thought it would be in the Pharaonic Guardian English boosters, but they where wrong. The set that Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin is acquired in is 'Champion of Black Magicians', or the 303 series. I'll admit that the English names of the booster packs remained close to the Japanese names, but I am really beginning to wonder about Champion of Black Magicians. Most likely the name will be changed into some wowful title that is supposed to impress us. Oh well what can we do.

I got a feeling this card may become a secret rare in English boosters, which will give the classic value of about 30-40 Us dollars. But the Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin is actually Ultra Rare in Japanese boosters, but that makes it just as hard to get as a secret rare. Japanese boosters do not have a rare card in every pack like the English ones, so I'd say the Japanese Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin may have as much or more value then what the English one will have. Who knows, but I am sure that a lot of English duelists out there will be out to get it! This is a card that stand great in both a dragon and non-dragon deck!

This is Chibi Neko signing off! ^_^

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