Tag-Team Rules
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Ever watched the YuGiOh episode where Jounouchi and Yami team up against the Paradox Brothers? Rabid^Duck, R'shrah Chiros and I thought that the whole concept of a Tag-Team Duel was a great idea. We got into teams and faced each other! Thanks to our friend Umbra's Light (Who was on my team!) We where able to pull off a successful Tag-Team Duel! However we came across some rules that would have to be followed, it doesn't work quite like the show. Read on to learn how to play a Tag-Team Duel!

The Basics:
Before you start the game you need to partner up with someone. There has to be two people on a team. When it comes to the gameplay, not much is different, the whole Duel Monsters concept is still there, but there are some key differences. Read on.

The Rules:
The winning team of a Tag-Team duel is determined when one opponent on the other team loses all their life points. So no matter how healthy your partner is... if you lose all your life points, your partner loses too. This is where strategy is brought to a whole new level cuz in order to win, you and your partner have to look out for each other and use card combos against the opposing team and protect your own team.

Before the duel starts, you and your partner are permitted to view each other's cards and add any to each other's decks to help one another during the duel. Turns must alternate between teams. When the duel starts, no attacks can be made to anyone who has not had a turn. When it comes to tributes, you are able to tribute a monster your partner has, but you must ask for permission! For example if you have a Blue Eyes White that you want to play and you and your partner has one monster on the field, you can tribute both of those monsters to do so, but ask your partner if you can tribute thier monster first. On the side note you can also bring out the Blue Eyes if your partner has a Lord of D and you have a Flute of Summoning Dragon!

Magic and Trap Cards: Magic and Trap cards are a great way to defend each other, but even they have restrictions. If you have a magic card that can be used in a combo with a card your partner has, your partner's card has to be either face up or in thier hand. Trap cards CAN be used to assist your partner. If the opposing team attacks your partner, you can use trap cards like Mirror Force, Castle Walls and Waboku to raise your partner's attack, defence, or reflect the attack and Magic cards like Fissure are great too cuz they can take the lowest monster from the entire team. Magic and Trap Cards can be used as normal for your partner as they would on yourself on a normal duel. Just be sure to pay attention to any face up Magic and Trap cards your partner has so that a combo may be played with your own cards.

Helpful Cards:
Here are some helpful cards to have in your decks when you play Tag-Team!

1. Ring of Magnetism - this is one of the best cards to have. If your partner has no cards to defend with, you can use this card to draw the opposing team to attack only you until your partner can get a monster card up.

2. Mirror Force - Another great card to have. This has the same effect in a Tag-Team duel, but better! If your partner is about to get attacked, you can use the card to defend him/her and reflect the attack to the opposing team! All face up monsters that the team has up will be sent to the graveyard! Pretty nifty huh!

3. Power Up Cards - Rabid^Duck and Chibi Neko (me) are a good example for this strategy. My deck has a dragon theme and Rabid^Duck has a fiend/shadow theme. If we teamed up, I would put a few Yami cards in my deck and Rabid^Duck would put a few dragon power ups in her deck. If you and your partner have themed decks like us, then its a good idea to have a few power up cards in your deck that can power up each other's cards. Some power up cards like Sword of Deep Seated and Horn of the Unicorn, are good additions to any Tag-Team deck.

4. Ritual - One neat thing about Tag-Team duels is if you have any ritual cards in your deck, your partner can have the magic card required to preform the ritual. But keep in mind that the odds of doing this with sucess is kinda slim.

5. Just Desserts - This is a nice card. When flipped it can take out life points from both members of the opposing team!

6. Monster Reborn - I dont think I need to explain the goodness of this card, but in addition to Tag-Team, if you revive your partner's monster, your partner can have control over it again.

7. Magician of Faith - If you flip this card up, you can your partner can discuss who on your team should get get a magic card from the graveyard. A good combo for this is if a really good card was send to the graveyard, you can flip Magician of Faith and have your partner bring back a Monster Reborn card and revive your monster.

8. Mask of Darkness - This work very much the same way as Magician of Faith. You can use the same combo for this card except its for Trap cards.

9. Fusion Cards - This one is alot like the Ritual cards. If you have Polymerization, and your partner has the monsters needed to complete the fusion, you can fuse the monsters. You can do the same thing if you have a required monster and your partner dose too, however the person who has Polymerization is the one who controls the fused monster.

10. Trap Hole - Trap Hole is a good defence for you and your partner. If any member of the opposing team summons a monster, whoever on your own team has the Trap Card can pull it out and destroy the monster.

Well that just about sums it up! Have fun playing Tag-Team duels! If you have any questions, email either
Chibi Neko, Rabid^Duck or R'shrah Chiros and we will explain all!

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