Welcome to the Screen-Cap gallery! These are screen-caps that I have taken from my Japanese YuGiOh DVD collection! I'm still getting the rest of the series comming in the mail! So there are many more to come! I have made these scree-caps myself, so if you wish to use them on your own site, please email me for permission first!

Yami is about to duel Raphael
This is why clothing stores have dressing rooms
Why is Honda always the wuss?!
Seto and Yami are about to duel Dartz
Dartz on a good day
Seto on a good day ^_^
Giving the 3 Musketeers a new image!
Atem on a good day
Lurking in the shadows
Hey! Where's Malik?
For the fangirls... need I say more?
Someone has their eye on Malik
Its a Bird! Its a plane! Its Jounouchi!
Mai Again
Mai yet again
This is new! Mai and Jounouchi!
Seto watching the Comedy Network
Boy or Girl?
Seto is praying for a girl *But he's not that lucky ^_^*
Grampa isnt that lucky either
Yami: Im gonna tell your secret Yuugi!
Yuugi: I do not wear panties!
Yuugi's secret is out! :D
Seto in a tux
I dont think Seto tries hard enough
*Snickers* I'll leave this up to you all
Varon seems to be having a good time
Mai Dueling
Stay away form the light Mai!
We'll assume that Mai is winning
This is how you hitch-hike in the USA
Who fart? Mokuba's on the case!
Dammit where is my coffee!?
Giddyup Yami!
I told Yami not to eat that fish...
I also told Yami and Anzu not to drink all that vodka ^_^
Dog cooties!
Yami Muto wants YOU!
No one messes with Mai
Someone's confused!
Target: Jounouchi
Jounouchi as Red Eyes Black Dragon!
Seto and his reckless spending!
Rebecca the hacker

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