Yami: I want off NOW!

*11/01/15* Wow... 4 years! Where has the time gone? Well... it has been a lot, because I have completed the MP3 section to YuGiOh Zexal, it's only the Opening and Ending themes mind you, but from what I have experienced, that is what most people are after anyway. In that time, ANOTHER YuGiOh series has come out... I should just give up counting, this one is called YuGiOh Arc-V... not sure what that stands for, but a company has to sell cards somehow, I have not played Duel Monsters in a while, but I still do get the itch to play sometimes. So I have made a new entry to the MP3 section to include the Opening and Ending themes to that series so far. Remember... the Card Closet is not dead, just poke me by my email I am not sure if I will replace the guestbook, I may look into that. Enjoy!

*09/14/11* To the people who still check this site... you deserve a award! Seriously! I have added MORE MP3s, firstly I completed the YuGiOh 5D's collection, so all the Opening and Ending themes are ready for download, so are all the insert songs. Also I have uploaded the opening and ending theme to the NEW YuGiOh anime.... YES there is another anime! This one is called Zexal, not sure what it means, but I have more info on the mp3 page. Remember... the Card Closet is not dead, just poke me by my email or guestbook if you want something updated, I ALWAYS check up on this site. Enjoy!

*05/02/08* For those of you who still check on this site.... WOW! I know that I have ended the updates a year ago, I found one of those things that I HAD to update! There is a new YuGiOh anime airing in Japan called YuGiOh 5Ds. Bascially it is Duel Monsters played on a motorcycle called a "D-Wheel". All I can say about that is that is a awefully complicated way to play a card game... the abridged series is going to have a grand time with that one. Anyway the update that I present to you is new MP3s! They are the opening and ending songs from YuGiOh 5Ds. Enjoy and thanks for contiuneing to visit! I told you that I still check up on the site.